Monday, June 24, 2019
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Look What The Lord Has Done


He healed my body, He healed my mind, He saved me just in time..................

He did it again, as usual. We asked for help and He came through - just like the awesome Father that He is. We've all witnessed God's touch upon people - conversions, healings, restored relationships, addictions broken and people set free. There are many reports about what He has done, here are just a few.

What He Did in June

In our church service on Sunday, June 19 we prayed over Jana's parents and the State of Texas for rain. Here's their testimony of God's goodness. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness & provision!

Jana writes: My parents just got home yesterday late afternoon.  We were watching the Texas weather forecast last night (because we were EXPECTING rain), it said there was only a 20% chance.  But we know our God is bigger than any forecast given.

We praise and glorify our great and wonderful God!!!

Here's the report from Mom & Dad in Texas - Just wanted to let you know that Apostle Bob and your congregation's power of prayer is a testimony to your faith.  About 2:30 a.m. (Wednesday) God opened the heavens and blessed us with 1 1/2 inches of rain. The thunder and lightning was awesome.  Thank you, God!  We don't want to be greedy, but we ask that Apostle Bob and your congregation continue to keep Texas and us in your prayers for more of this wonderful gift from God.

Thank you - THANK YOU JESUS!


What He Did in October

To my Harvest Christian family - thank you for your prayers.  My granddaughter's husband was killed Tuesday, October 19, 2010.  He had no life insurance, but people came together and provided a service, a plat, flowers and a very nice lunch and after the service.  My granddaughter, Michelle, is 29 years old with a 7 year old daughter.

Kay B


What He Did in February

Here is a Praise Report from Yvonne M

We are home from the hospital!!! We have been truly blessed through everything - couldn't have gone smoother! Praise God and thanks for your prayers - Duane is doing great, feels normal and is already chomping at the bit. Can't drive for a week!! Sounds normal, right?

Love you all.... Yvonne


What He Did in January

Natalie W started college at OCC this semester. The cost of her required books for one class was close to $300, and they were not available for a discounted price online. Natalie went to the  OCC bookstore and bought the wrong book the first time she went. When she went back to exchange it for the correct book, a man in line with her said that he had already taken the class she was taking and he would just give her both books for free!

God is our Provider!!


What He Did in December

Prayer Request in the morning - pay raise and a promotion after lunch!

Jackie C went in for a review at her new job - nervous and concerned.  Her Prayer Request was for grace, wisdom and peace.

By the time lunch was over, she was calm & cool and newly promoted and with a pay raise, too.



What He Did in November

Suzi A's knee surgury was a SUCCESS! On Thursday (11/20) morning the surgury was completed by 10am and she was on her way home by noon.

Her doctor gave a very positive report - the knee should be better than new.

Next comes a few weeks of exercise and physical tharapy, then she'll be back in top shape jumping and dancing...

THANKS to everybody for your prayers.



About a year ago, I began looking to purchase a home of my own. I had enough money saved up & felt that my time of living in this apartment had ended. Long story short, in August I finally found a place that I (as well as my realtor & my parents) felt peace about, a condo that is only a mile away from where I live now. It had been on the market in February for only a week, but by August, the bank denied the person who had made an offer on it, so it was placed back on the market. The condo was a great price because it is a short sale, is in a prime location, and the seller is a Christian and a teacher, just like me.

When I made my offer in August & the seller accepted, I was then told that since it was a short sale, it could take anywhere from 2-6 months for the 3rd party lender to approve everything. Over the past few months I have told just a handful of people about the short sale -- a few people at Harvest, a few of my personal close friends, and the girls in a small group that I belong to. I have also been standing on a verse I felt the Lord gave me, Ps. 37:34, "Wait on the Lord, and keep His way, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land."

In all honesty, I had not told many people about the short sale process I was in because I wasn't 100% sure about how everything would turn out and also because sometimes everyone is not willing to agree in faith for something when you tell them...they want to cut you down to all of the negative things that could happen.

Anyway, during the month of December I had 2 opportunities to ask large groups of believers to stand in agreement with me regarding this short sale. The first was at a combined young adult small group Christmas party. The second was at the worship team Christmas party. I felt like I was supposed to share it in both instances, and felt my faith increase both times when I shared.
Well, now here comes the praise report! Just after I told the worship team this past Sunday about believing for a speedy short sale, I received a phone call from my realtor on Wednesday evening that my offer had been approved by the 3rd party lender! I will be able to close soon and am just awaiting more details from my realtor & my lender.

I thought it was very fitting that the topic of the Keepin' It Real class this session is "Living In the Body." This shows me that there truly is power when we come together in agreement with one another. I am so thankful for everyone coming together and standing with me in faith.



Thank You with Love


On Saturday, August 7, 2010, I sat in a restaurant, Rocky's of Northville, having dinner with Bob. It was several months since our last date night and so we enjoyed talking about the week and months ahead of us. We were so blessed, and I couldn’t love him any more. We also saw the movie Toy Story 3 and shared all the way home how the theme of family and covenant relationships was the core to our walk with God and each other. We were truly blessed. Little did I know that 2 days later, my precious husband, Bob, would go home to be with the Lord.

My life and the lives of his sons, grandkids, mom, brothers, sisters, and so many precious friends would be changed forever, in an instant. So remember to never take your spouse and/or family for granted. Love them unconditionally, as Bob loved me. I have no regrets and I’m thankful that he suffered no pain as he left this world.

I would like to thank you, as my Harvest family and dear friends, for all the love, prayers and support. I appreciate your sincere words of encouragement and the many cards and emails. The food that kept coming to the house each day, the feast that you supplied at the funeral home, and the beautiful funeral luncheon was wonderful. Words cannot express the love and appreciation that I feel for you.

I know that each of you are grieving the loss of your friend and brother, too.  I would love to talk to you about your memories of Bob and hope to do that in months and years to come. He will always be alive in our hearts. Bob has not died, he is not dead, but has passed on to the next world of Heaven with our Lord. He is now one of the saints playing, singing and dancing around the throne. So let's join him in our corporate worship each Sunday.

I know he heard the sweet words of our Lord, "well done, good and faithful servant".

I love you,
Debbie D


Jobs and Better Jobs

Over 20 years ago I went to school to get a Master’s degree in Education and Teaching Certificate. I had to quit when it came time to student teach because I would not get paid for it and I couldn’t afford to quit my full-time job to do it.

About a year and a half ago, I felt God wanted me to go back to school, even though I had to start over. I was worried about student teaching, but my husband and I believed that if God wanted me to do this, He would take care of student teaching. God gave me great favor at both the university and the school where I had been working. The university approved that school for my student teaching placement, however I would have to give up my role as a paraprofessional. My supervising teacher at the school offered to switch roles and do my job during my student teaching so that I could still get paid. The principal and management company agreed to this arrangement.

Praise God! I have continued to receive my pay and benefits during student teaching and I have been offered a full-time teaching position for the fall.


And He Did It Again

One Sunday in December, I went up for prayer concerning pain in my legs (I have dealt with some heavy varicose veins for the past 20 years and one area near my ankle was aggravated and causing me much pain this past week, so much so, that I couldn't do much of anything except keep it elevated and lay on the couch). On Tuesday, my husband, Steve, took the day off to take me to the Doctor, referred to us by Steve's Dad who had just been to this Dr. for vein & circulation problems himself. This, in itself was an answer to prayer on even what Dr. to go to.

We had to explain that we had no insurance and asked how much the office visit charges were. The Dr. told us to come in, he wasn't going to charge us to talk to him. After his exam, he spent time talking with us, answering all our questions. He felt I needed to have X-rays, or ultra-sound and also to see a specialist. He went to make a phone call, came back and told us he had a friend that "owed him a favor", wrote another Dr. office address & number down for us and told us that Dr. was waiting for us to come over. He said "Merry Christmas" – NO office charge. We thanked him and drove to the specialist. That Dr. came in and examined my leg, saying it was blood clots, told us that I needed an ultrasound right away. He told us he understood that we had no insurance and wanted to cover it for us! He walked me across the hall and handed me off to the ultra-sound person. As she was finishing, the Dr. came to check on me. After he left, she asked how I was related or knew him. When I said we just met him, she smiled as I said "Praise God for His favor". Not only did God put it on the hearts of 2 Dr.s' to help us out, He also protected me physically. The blood clots are only surface, not the serious, deep vein kind. Thank You Father!

The Dr. spent at least 1/2 hour talking with me about the test results and also answering my questions. One thing he prescribed, he said was only available at certain pharmacy and gave us the address. When we got there, we had to purchase a heat pad and 2 special type (very expensive!) support hose. The total (before taxes) came to $68. While we were walking to register area, Steve recognized the pharmacist. A parent of one of Russell's soccer team mates. He came out to shake hands and say Hi. The cashier that was helping us, told us he was the owner of the store, and told her to only charge us $45. Praise God again! This was very meaningful to me because I have heard The Lord tell me over & over that He wanted to use us (as a family) in the Dearborn area, even with the Muslim families that we know from Russell's school and sports activities.

We are so thankful for God's protection and provision. As I was giving Him praise and telling my son Russell all about it, Russell just smiled and said "God answered my prayers over you this morning"!

So, keep on praising Him, keep on praying and believing
Cheryl G


Ongoing Faith

I had been taking care of Janie for a while, off and on. Today she came into the hospital hardly breathing and a tube had to be inserted into her lungs to help her breathe. Janie had been on life support before, but she was getting progressively worse and the doctors did not give much hope for her young life. Janie, a mother of a teenage daughter, had much more living to do, but she was a victim of chronic severe asthma which gave way to COPD and eventual dependency to a ventilator to stay alive.

I was present when they brought her into the ICU and was, as usual, praying for whatever was needed; God always gives me what is needed to speak in a time of crisis. Janie and I had developed a rapport due to her persistent illness and we only had to look at each other and know that I was praying and she was receiving in Jesus Name. Janie, a devout Born Again Christian, had many times evaded the plight she was again in, through faith and prayer. I will never know her hell that she personally when through, but I was present for much of her nine month ordeal in the intensive care unit. Janie struggled daily to breathe and I would daily try to wean her from the machine that kept her alive.

She couldn't speak because of the tube in her lungs and, later, a tracheostomy tube, but she became very good at carefully expressing each word so that I could understand her easily. We would sing and praise God together when I came into her room (her silently, of course) and we would just have church whenever possible.

During our Harvest Christian Women's Convocation, God spoke to me about healing with articles of clothing - garments that carried an anointing because they were in the presence of God. I approached Janie with this word and with Bible verses of support. I gave her my garment of praise from Convocation and she devoured it into her bosom as if it was Christ himself. She began to cry. Of course I was extremely touched and began weeping with her and praying for her continued healing. It was March 2009.

Through the long haul of healing we battled pneumonia, rare lung infections, fungus infections, myriads of drugs, and the trial and error of doctors set on weaning her from life support as her insurance was running out. Like I said, I will never know her hell, but through faith, prayer and hard work that Janie was finally weaned from the life support equipment and only had to use her ventilator at night. Now it was November, and plans were made to send her to another facility to help her thrive and get back to a normal life, as much as possible. We again prayed for a facility that would accommodate her and her young teen daughter. The naysayers all agreed that it could not be done. They counted Janie dead after her first bout of pneumonia. They said she would never get off her ventilator and they said she would never leave the hospital.

Believe me, I developed a new level of faith while attending and praying for her. I let her know how I had placed her name on the altar during a 3rd Friday Blowout Celebration and she said she felt the power of many prayers. As I worked with this woman, God showed me the POWER of faith, prayer and obedience to do what He says (even if you feel stupid). He showed me what HE CAN DO. He is a can-do God. Janie and I kissed and cried over each other when she received her paperwork to move to an excellent care facility in Grand Rapids. Our Father answered every single one of our prayers. He is so good!

It's too early to know how Janie is progressing at this time, but I have every bit of faith that she is going to be just fine. Our God is an awesome GOD.

Until later or when Jesus comes
Gwen S


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