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Nerd Don

The HCC Technical Team is better known as the NerdHerd. No, being called a Nerd does not hurt our feelings - it is a badge of honor for us. We know that somewhere deep inside, you would like to be a Nerd, too. We do all sorts of geeky stuff and have lots of fun doing it - serving God and the HCC Family. Don Armstrong is the NerdHerd Leader - not a task to be taken lightly!




Nerd Steve

EasyWorship is the computer program we use every Sunday to help communication with the worshippers. Nerd Steve Noble is our Master of EasyWorship. He uses the software to display song lyrics during praise & worship, to display graphics, announcements and scripture text.

Steve works to keep his presentations fresh and current - he's always ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to help.




We use various media sources to support and enhance our Worship services. We have photos, videos, motion backgrounds sound files and other media that we can add to what's happening at any time.

There are folks involved in organizing all the stuff we have as well as constantly looking for new things.

Steve Noble keeps his eyes on this area of ministry.




What's the WebTeam do? Well, you're looking at it right now! We're the group responsible for the HCC Website - from top to bottom. The site, it's technical details, it's construction and layout, it's look and feel, and it's content. And we sure could use your help.

OK, so you don't know much about computers - that's cool - we have plenty of space for you. There are content folks who are artists with words and paragraphs. We could use some graphic artists. We always need proofreaders and people with a good eye for layout - the look and balance of things.


Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts


Sound & Recording


Live Sound and Audio Recording is a key area at HCC.  And it's fun, too.  During each Sunday service and every other sort of event, we manage 40, or so, different audio inputs thru our mixing consoles to make things sound just right in the sanctuary. We're there to handle voices, musical instruments and other signals. We also need to keep an eye (or two) on various other processors and devices. There's also analog and digital recorders operating in this area, too.

All of our audio equipment is well known to our Sound Team - keeping it all in best operating shape is also part of the deal. We know, we're amazing!


Audio Processing


Once we get the messages recorded they need to be processed, converted, stored and otherwise handled and made available for listening. Our message audio files are made available as CDs and MP3 files. You can get them in our Celebrate! Bookstore or you can listen and download on this website.

Check out our Podcasts page to find out what's available.


Digital Photography


WOW! do we have a lot of pictures. Thousands or maybe zillions, I'm not sure. Our Digital Photography department loves to take photos of everything and anything - so be on the lookout.

What happens to all those pictures? Many of them end up right here on this website so you can look at them anytime. Did you know that you can tell other folks about a photo you especially enjoyed so they can look too? Just direct them to the Family Photos page where you saw it - or maybe even e-mail the photo to them. Yes, we have those features right here for you to use - just Click the box!

Do you like to take pictures - we'd love to have you help us. See Don Armstrong if you want to join the Photo Team.


Video & Webcasting


Video and Webcasting is a valuable area at HCC. We have produced Webcasts that have been viewed around the world!

We are making plans right now to expand that area to provide more content and serve more people.




Did you know that Harvest has about a dozen computers that are part of everything from daily administration to e-mail management to multi-media and website development. It's true, and more are on the way as we expand into new areas.

If you own or use a personal computer then you know that they require some proper care and feeding. That's where the HCC Computer Team comes in.

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