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Build It Detroit LogoAll of you who are reading this article are probably fully aware of some very significant truths. We have an incredible Church with an incredible congregation. We are blessed with having a very giving, sacrificing, loyal group of people who can be called upon whenever the church has a specific need or task to perform.

I am referring to the outpouring of support that we felt on a Sunday in January when over 80 people volunteered to assist in this major project that Build It Detroit is embarking on. First, thank you to those over 80 people. You are aware that this is a big job ahead of us and we need your help. We hope nothing stands in your way of attending all of the meetings and accepting the responsibilities that will be divided among you. But secondly we need to give a big hearty thank you to those men and women who are always there to assist any way they can. We want to recognize them by name, knowing full well that we will probably overlook some names of people who helped in some way but escape our memory at this time. When you get a chance just say thank you to these wonderful people.

Our church can always count on Jim Berger, Chris Brown, Tanehesi Bean, Perry Perrault, Forrest Ward, Ralph Alcala, and numerous others who put together the AHP Project Expo that allowed so many of you to express your interest and volunteer your support. The women are always ready to help: Tracy Ward, Michelle Brown, Anne Berger, Linda King, Diana Glaab, Anna Alcala, Jazna Ealy, and a bunch of others who just jump in and help. All of them deserve a huge thank you.

For our third year, we will be participating in some neighborhood cleanup activities. In the past, we have clean streets cut wood, collect garbage, boarded houses, painted and anything else we can do to make the neighborhood look better. This year we will not be able to coordinate our activity with the city of Detroit Motor City Makeover, but we will be doing our own clean up most likely early in June. Also we will again do some neighborhood activity in August a week or two before our annual church picnic. The exact dates and times will be available soon, but we just wanted you to be aware of some future activities.

Build It Detroit LogoThe big news for January is that our forgivable loan request has been approved!!!

Congratulations are in order for the Build It Detroit Team and particularly Nathan Stull as he worked many long hours alongside the leadership of Capital for Compassion who made the connections which resulted in PNC Bank approving the loan in excess of $650,000.

Because of this success, work will immediately begin on the complete renovation of more houses. These spectacular renovations will do much for improving the overall appearance of our neighborhood as well as providing additional housing for a number of families who will be able to take pride in the condition of their homes. There is much work to be done, but this is just one more step in the efforts of Harvest Christian Church and Build it Detroit to positively impact our neighborhood.

Build it Detroit is beginning a new vital partnership with the Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League). We have met with the leadership of PAL exploring the common interests we have with them. We are both very excited about the possibility of bringing increased recreational and athletic opportunities to the youth of Northwest Detroit. We will be updating you regularly on the benefits that our new partnership will provide for our neighborhood.


Build It Detroit LogoBuild It Detroit hosted a work day on Saturday August 13. A special thanks to all those that came out to volunteer. Especially the 60 plus workers that came from Metro Detroit Christian Church. Your help and support was greatly appreciated.

Build It Detroit LogoOnce again a big THANK YOU is in order for the congregation of Harvest Christian Church as you turned out in great numbers to volunteer your time and sweat to participate in Motor City Makeover for the second year. We had a total of about 100 people who spent some time during Saturday, May 21 contributing to the big effort.

We were helped by volunteers from the Motor City Blight Busters, representatives from 5 different area churches, networks of friends and church members, plus all of you from HCC.

A SPECIAL THANKS is in order for Apostle Bob King, Don Armstrong, Don Donnelley, and David Hurley Sr and Jr for work above and beyond the call of duty. We say THANK YOU on behalf of the neighborhood for a job well done.

The first phase of the beautification of our neighborhood park has been completed. Make sure you drive north on Lenore to see the results. This completes our work as part of the grant received from Detroit Future City. Our neighborhood is a brighter place because of our efforts.

Our work continues in raising funds to complete renovation projects in the neighborhood. Thank you to the many members of the congregation of HCC who have contributed funds to Build It Detroit.

Build It Detroit LogoBuild It Detroit has been awarded a grant from Detroit Future City, which will allow us to begin work on the proposed Park and Recreation area on Lenore Avenue. The Park will provide a picnic area which will include tables, grills, a children's playscape and eventually will have a walking / jogging path. If our plans are fulfilled with additional funding, we might see a full size basketball court plus open space for soccer or flag football. Hopefully we will see adequate lighting for safety and evening visibility.

Our first step in the project is the demolition of two structures on the property in March.  And then the beautification process starts with the planting of ornamental trees and perennial flowers.

Our vision is that the neighborhood will use this facility regularly. We see people using the picnic benches for board games and other activities that will allow neighborhood residents to congregate and recreate.
Please feel free to pick up the newest brochure outlining the activities of Build It Detroit. They are in the church lobby.



Build It Detroit LogoBuild It Detroit is very appreciative of the HCC congregation's response for volunteer help. As a result of your volunteer help, our neighborhood has seen a definite improvement, not only in appearance, but we have seen more and more residents showing a greater involvement in their own property.

For our 3rd year, Build It Detroit will conduct two neighborhood clean-ups. Mark you calendars for Saturdays June 3 and August 12. More info will follow.

Build It Detroit LogoAs you know, the congregation is buzzing about the fact that Build It Detroit and Harvest Christian Church were successful in obtaining the forgivable loan from PNC Bank and is in the process of receiving funding to continue the work of renovating the homes in the neighborhood. This is quite remarkable in that none of the loans granted exceeded the amount awarded to Build It Detroit, and many of the applications came from organizations much larger than Build It Detroit with a greater track record of accomplishments than we have.

All of this is consistent with our vision of possessing the land for the Glory of God. This work is being done to provide housing for low income families. It is our vision that this is part of our commitment. We will be educating renters in the process of home ownership.

It does seem that we may need to correct some misinformation regarding this loan. This amount of money is to be used exclusively for the exterior and interior renovations of 6 houses that Build It Detroit and Harvest Christian Church currently own. It is that exclusivity of purpose that is sometimes being asked about. This is not money that is available for any other purpose than for the renovation of this housing. Some might think that this is money that is added to the general fund of the Church. That is not the case. This money can only be used for the purposes outlined in the application for the loan. We hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

On another note – if you have any special skills that could lend to helping with this project, please let members of the Executive Team know of your interest. Since the completion deadline for the grant is early December of 2017, much, much work must be completed. To those of you who have already volunteered your time and expertise, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Build It Detroit LogoGreetings from the Team at Build It Detroit!

First, a great big THANK YOU to the many members of the HCC congregation and our friends who so unselfishly gave to the Detroit Challenge fundraising competition. Over $9,000 was contributed to our blight removal efforts. A special THANKS goes to our friends at Metro Detroit Christian Church, Word of Truth and One Spirit Ministries, as well as those friends of our mission outside these congregations. All of the funds donated will be used for demolition and blight removal in our neighborhood

We are still anxiously waiting for word from PNC Bank concerning our application for our loan. To refresh your memory, this forgivable loan assures our neighborhood that Harvest Christian Church and Build It Detroit are committed to continue our work on these streets for at least the next 15 years. We will receive the bank's response in mid-December.

Build It Detroit is currently working on a project that will result in a greater Metropolitan Detroit awareness of the positive work we are doing. This is an ongoing process and will result in many collaborative efforts with other charitable organizations and churches in the greater Detroit area. Stay tuned for more...


Build It Detroit LogoFor those present at HCC on Sunday July 10, you heard Apostle Bob share our vision of a loan for Build It Detroit. An organization called Capital For Compassion is spearheading our efforts to obtain this forgivable 15 year loan. Capital For Compassion has assisted many non-profit organizations like Build It Detroit in obtaining over $120 million in the last 10 years.

With this loan we plan to renovate 9 of the properties currently owned by Build It Detroit, in order to provide quality living space for low-income individuals and families.  For us, a forgivable loan means that when we maintain these properties for 15 years we do not have to pay the loan back!

The vision of HCC and Build It Detroit stretches far beyond 15 years into the future as we continue to "possess the land" and transform Detroit "one neighborhood at a time".

Apostle Bob has called us all to be a part of the process. Individuals with particular talents will be contacted to assist us in completing the application for this loan. Please stand in prayer that this loan will be forthcoming, and remember Scott Storteboom of Capital For Compassion and Jason Paulateer, a Vice President at PNC Bank, who will be key in approving the loan.

Also - check out the progress which has been made on the Park on Lenore Avenue. Thank David & Robin Hurley and their family for the tremendous work they accomplished.

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