Tuesday, June 22, 2021

CrossWalk is the childrens ministry at Harvest Christian Church that teaches biblical foundation and practical application of the Word regarding their identity, purpose and impact in the world, as disciples of Christ.

Classes start with preschool children, ages 3 to Kindergarten, Grades 1st-4th and Grades 5th-7th.  We meet each Sunday morning after Praise and Worship.



We believe that teaching children who God is and who they are in relation to Him, establishes purpose, gives direction and stability, setting them up to fulfill their destiny in Christ.  Psalm 139.13-16, Ephesians 2.10, 1 Peter 2.9, Ephesians 1.4-5


We believe that teaching children to encounter God through His word, through prayer and prophetic encounters will empower them to impact the world around them.  John 1.14, John 4.39-42, John 14.12


We believe children have a significant place in the Body of Christ and that the Holy Spirit desires to move through children in extraordinary and powerful ways to increase His Kingdom on earth.  James 2.5, 2 Kings 22.1-2, 1 Samuel 1.3


We are establishing children in the transforming power of Christ.


We are equipping each generation to carry the presence of God and manifest the greater works Jesus spoke of when He said, "Greater things will you do".

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