Saturday, December 07, 2019
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Prophetic Perspectives


These prophetic words are from October 13, after Cross Immersion.  At Cross Immersion there was a very strong impartation and encounter with God.  These prophesies reflect that.  They are fresh, strong and for NOW.  Read them slowly and out loud – allowing the words to penetrate into your soul and heart. Let these words form new thinking patterns.

Prophetic Words:

This is a season of great penetration for I am penetrating your very core to work out that that needs to be removed to pour in that which is needed to live as a dominion people, to live as a kingdom people that breaks through the enemies ranks.  For I am stripping away the veils.  I am taking away every veil of religiosity.  I am causing you to enter into a greater intimacy, a greater hearing, a greater seeing.  You will walk in dominion and will be gatekeepers.

  • God speaks of dominion several times in this word.  Dominion is power, strength and might.  That dominion comes through Jesus Christ in us, the hope of glory.  It is not strength or might in our own flesh but by the Spirit.
  • Colossians 1.11 says to be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might…
  • This is a place to stop and meditate on what God is speaking.  What He is imparting.  Conscientiously receive His provision and thank Him for strengthening you.  He is equipping us for the time we are living in.
  • When you come up against challenges in your life, remember this word and God’s promise – He will strengthen us by the power of His might.  The battle belongs to the Lord.  Allow courage and strength to fill you by the Spirit of God.  Walking in dominion is also walking in victory.  The enemy has been defeated by the work of the cross.  Allow God to lead you in victory.
  • In the following words you will hear God continuing to speak to you about His power in you.

Yes, I am great and mighty in power.  But I call you great.  I am making you My great ones.  Because I live inside of you – I call you great.  I call you mighty in power.  My power lives in you.  So you are My great ones.  You might not see it or feel it right now.  But I see you as great.  You are created in My image – in My likeness.  You are great!!

Open up the doors and reign.  For I am in you My sons and daughters.  I have called you for such a time as this.  I have placed you in this earth so open up your heart to Me.  Open up your heart to Me and reign.  For I have warred for you.  Declare you reign in Me.  Open up your heart and reign for this is My desire for you.  Healing is upon your lips and prosperity is upon your heart.  So open up your door and reign in Me.  Declare with a loud voice that I am your King!  Declare with a loud voice that you are free!  Open up the door and reign with Me.

He is on the inside of you.  And out of your belly will flow rivers of living water as you acknowledge Him.  He not only fills you but out of your belly flows the life of God.  Christ in you the hope of glory.  He is King right now.  Let the peace of God well up inside of you.  Let Holy Spirit take over and be stabilized on the Rock.  The Rock cannot be shaken.  He is a firm foundation.  Let the familiar cycles of religion be broken off.  Let freedom bubble up inside of you.  A freedom to move into this dimension of the Spirit that is opened up to us.  The Spirit of the Lord is moving – let Him come in.  Your identity is a new creation in Christ.  Receive your new identity.  The Father says that He is good and so you are good.  Receive right now.  Let it go deep.  Believe and receive.  God is breaking the chains of bondage right now.  Every stronghold broken.  Allow the alignment of the Spirit of God come in and bring you into alignment.  It is a supernatural work of the Spirit.  Release the sound of freedom.  The sound of glory and the sound of victory.

Prophetic decrees and words released by those attending Cross Immersion.  They are releasing what they received so everyone can join in.

  • Declaring and decreeing right now healing of all digestive issues.  No more delay.  All food intolerance removed.  This is our inheritance in Jesus.
  • No matter if your digestive issue is big or small – healing is yours to take hold of it.  The blessing is already there so receive it.  Take hold of it.  Healing is released.
  • God is perfecting us as sons and daughters to take giants in the land.  To take back what the enemy has stolen.
  • The Lord says that you are the seed of Abraham.  It is through you that God will bring His inheritance.  I have put My power in you and I have put My authority in you.  I will have you speak into nations and into families – you will see turn around and you will see breakthrough.  My kingdom will expand through you.
  • Thank you Lord for apprehending us and our families like you apprehended Abraham for Your purposes.
  • The Lord says, adorn yourself in My wisdom.  I am releasing wisdom to you.  God says that I want to lavish all that I am on you and I am stripping away the veils of separation.  We no longer sit at the table of mediocre.
  • God is not a perfectionist but a perfecter of our faith.
  • God says you began by the work of My Spirit and you will continue by the work of My Spirit.  Do not move into reasoning or conceptualization.  Stay in the flow of My Spirit where there is great power.
  • Remember the promise of God – He will perform it no matter what comes your way.
  • You are good through the power of God.

The prophetic word is given to us by God as an encouragement about our future.  Jeremiah 29.11, says God KNOWS the plans He has for us.  They are plans to prosper us, not to harm us; they are plans God has made to give us a hope and future.  In the prophetic word God reveals His plans for us.  He starts to describe and detail what our future will be through the prophetic.  The prophetic word is like looking through binoculars at the future.  What an advantage the prophetic word gives us as we advance.

If we look at our future through the lens of current events it can bring discouragement and disillusionment.  This view says our future depends on the world, rather than on God.  The prophetic word is seed that sows our future, and it is the plow.  In the prophetic word are the dimensions of God that will bring that word into reality.  When that word is spoken and goes into the fertile soil of our heart, it will produce.  That is an amazing dynamic that we need to understand.  We can take that same word and as we speak it that word becomes a plow or a threshing instrument that breaks any resistance to that word becoming reality!

As you review some of the prophetic words spoken to us over the last month, I encourage you to drink deeply of Holy Spirit.  When we drink deep of the Spirit of God it becomes a gushing fountain springing up and flooding us with life.  Wisdom comes.  Creativity, new ideas and strategy comes.  We become energized to advance into our future that God has for us.  It creates a propulsive force within us and around us.  This is a great advantage.  Seize the prophetic word for yourself and your family.  Let the prophetic word be building blocks of your future.  Let the supply of God fill your heart and thoughts.

Prophetic Words:

These are the days of a fresh prophetic wind.  Fresh apostolic establishment.  There are dimensions yet to be revealed.  There are aspects that you are not aware of.  I am driving My stake into the very heart of your soul.  I want your identities to be secure in Me.  This is a season of saturation in preparation for the release of My glory.

And what is this revelation that you have sought after?  What is this inner peace that you seek?  You know My voice and have cried out for clarity.  You have sought after Me.  Declaring, proposing and seeking My word.  You carry My strength as warriors and worshippers.  I have given you abundance of life and joy and peace.  Step into and grab hold of what I have prepared for you.  Release My word as ones who are filled with My presence.  Release My joy as ones who have overcome.  Release My healing as ones who are whole.  Release My peace as ones who are free.  My word is truth.  You are My chosen ones.  You are My mouthpiece.  You are My chosen generation, My royal priesthood.  You are My sons and daughters and I love you.  Know that your voices are interlinked with mine.  Release My word and see.  I have called you into this place.  Be obedient.

God says, I am stirring up My roar.  I am stirring up My roar deep inside of you.  My authority, release My authority through the roar.  I am stirring up My roar deep inside of you.  Release My roar.  Release My roar.  And chains will fall and lives will change.  And people will run into My kingdom life.  They will see Jesus walking down the street and touch Him.  Release My roar.

For My kingdom is a now kingdom.  As I put My sound inside of you, look at those things that are circumstances and situations.  Look at what is being shaken.  I have put My kingdom inside of you to release My sound.  The dimensions of My kingdom are in My sound.  As you go about your daily business you will see – you will see places My kingdom needs to come.  So release My kingdom into those places.  I have put My kingdom in you so that you would release My kingdom into the earth.  The answer is in My kingdom.  My supply is in My kingdom.  Miracles are in My kingdom.  Do not hold back – today is the day to release My kingdom.  My kingdom is a now kingdom.

I have come to fill you with My Light.  This is not a place that I am passing through.  This is a place of My habitation.  I abide in you.  I am here for you.  Feel My presence right here, right now.  I am here.  I am here.  I am all you need.



In August there was a new sound in the  prophetic word being released.  It was the sound of war.  What does that mean and what do we do?  It means to have the attitude and mindset that Jesus did.  That attitude is the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.  God has given us an assignment to pray and declare His kingdom come and His will be done.  We are speaking His word into the atmosphere, into the city, into our families, into situations and circumstances.  That “word” has power and authority when it is the word of God.  He watches over His word to make sure it accomplishes what He wants.  God uses us to speak His word!  We are His voice and His mouth.  In Christ we have been given power and authority over the enemy.  When we speak His word it releases the kingdom of God!  Wow!

This is how we fight -- by believing God and standing firm in that faith.  Not backing down or allowing intimidation or popular cultural beliefs to shut our mouth so as to not speak the word of God.  By faith and the word of God we take back what the enemy has stolen.  This makes the enemy a footstool under the feet of Jesus.  Jesus defeated Satan, stripping him of his power and making a public spectacle of him.  This is the work of the cross.  When the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, to intimidate and oppress we can release the word of God to establish truth and righteousness.  This is war.  It is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of the air – a war that is fought in the heavenlies.

Prophetic Perspectives - 09-2019Prophetic Word:
Hear the sound of war that is in the heavens.  The Lord says, do not fear the sound of war.  But join with Me.  You will be My demonstration and you will be My war club.  I will shield you.  I am named the Captain of the Army of Hosts.  There is a sound of war and I am releasing that sound of war in you.  Come into My cadence and come with Me into a new place.  I have opened the heavens to a place that you have not been to yet, a place you have not experienced.  I am equipping you for war, says the Lord.

Our response back to the Lord:
We are making war in the heavenlies. Tearing down principalities.  Standing firm in Jesus' victory!  Casting down everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ!

Prophetic Word:
There is a sound of war!!

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  Put on the full armor of God that you might stand against the schemes of the devil.  Your struggle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.  Take up the full armor of God so you will be able to resist in the evil day.  Take up the shield of faith that quenches every fiery dart of the evil one.

These are like the days of Gideon.  The Lord says, I am separating out the remnant.  Those not afraid of confrontation.  This is day to be proactive.  Be part of the remnant.  Choose this day.  Are you part of the assembly of the fearful or part of the remnant that will engage the enemy in war?

I have called you to make war at home.  I have called you to make war at work.  I have called you to make war.  I have called you to make war everywhere you go.  I have told you that darkness will cover the earth.  But you are My light that dispels the darkness.  As you give thanks to Me, My joy and strength is released in you.  As you praise Me more you will see your strength increase mightily in this hour.

Pursue Me.  Come after Me.  You ask what is this new passion and strength you have put into me?  This new capacity?  Greater vision and insight?  The Lord says, it is My clarity; it is My grace for you.  For you are My sons and daughters, My chosen ones.  My priesthood, My family, My congregation.  You are the ones who declare My word and My truth.  I have chosen you.  I am saying this to you – the weapons of your war are not carnal, for the weapons are internal.  For I have drawn you to Me.  I have built your spirit.  I have lifted you up from where you were.  This is My provision for you.

I am your peace.  I am your grace.  I am your joy.  I am your love.  Come be restored.  Come be healed.  Come to Me.  I am your amazing grace.  Come to Me.  Come to Me. 


The prophetic is designed by God to call us up into a whole new relationship, whole new understanding and whole a new reality based upon the promise of God.  The prophetic word tells you what God is making available to you.  The prophetic word enables you to begin to see what you could not previously see.  God uses the prophetic to unlock and open up His promises over our lives, over our families, our nation and over the earth.

The prophetic points to our identity – how God sees us and how God has positioned Himself in our lives.  The Lord speaks to us prophetically to bless us.  The prophetic word activates the promises of God in our lives.  This is a powerful dynamic that only God can orchestrate.

The Lord has been speaking to us prophetically at Harvest on a regular basis.  I want to talk about two specifics prophetic words God has spoken to us multiple times.  I want to teach you how to enter into and benefit from the prophetic words spoken during services.

The two prophetic words that God has spoken again and again are “step in, step in, step in” and the other one is; “I am, I am your strength, I am your healer, I am your provider…”

How do you “step in”.  How do you receive the provision of God.  How do you receive the promises God says He is for you?

John 15 tells us that God is the vine and we are the branches.  This says that He is the supply and we are the receivers of what He supplies – so stay connected to Him to receive.  John 15.4 puts it this way “Abide in Me and I will abide in you”.  Colossians 1.27 says, “Christ in you the hope [or promise] of glory.”  How do we do that?  How does it work?

We enter into the promises of God by faith – just like when you were born again, you believed by faith Jesus died on the cross for you.  When you believed you entered into the promise of God and it became real for you.  Access opened up and you entered in.  This is how you receive the prophetic word – the same way!  Believe and receive!

Prophetic Perspectives - August 2019NOW abide in that provision, which means you continue to BELIEVE what God said is true – Jesus Christ is your strength, your peace, your healer, your provider and you are what He says you are.  This is how you continue to draw on the provision of the prophetic promise.

Doubts and questioning may come in your mind and emotions.  This is not from God!  God says to abide and stay in His promises; He is the vine and we are the branches.  Look at your emotions, evaluate your thoughts.  Where are the doubts and questioning coming from?  2 Corinthians 10 tells us that to stay in the place of tangible benefit that we are to bring every thought captive to Jesus.  This means believe God’s promise over circumstances; speak to your doubts in your mind and say to yourself “I believe the promise of God”.  Colossians 2.8 states it this way – “Beware that no one distracts you or intimidates you in their attempt to lead you away from Christ’s fullness by pretending to be full of wisdom when they’re filled with endless arguments of human logic.”

So…step in, step in, step in, do not hesitate, do not wait, do not put off what God is making available to you NOW.  Step in and receive the tangible benefit.  Allow the favor of God and the goodness of God to rise up and be visible in your life.

In Isaiah 46 God speaks this prophetic promise that is still a promise for us today: “I am God and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me.  I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times what is still to come.  I say; My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.  Think about this promise in a personal way.

This is the Sovereign Lord speaking!  He is saying to you, I am God and there is nothing and no one above Me.  No one else is like Me or even comes close.  I chose you and I chose your beginning and end.  I give you purpose and I provide all that you need to accomplish the purpose I gave you.  I will work My promises in your life to bring about My intended purpose.  Nothing can stop My purposes or cancel out My promises.  My promises are yes and amen to you.

Wow!!  How much the prophetic imparts into our lives.  Feel the strength of His promise inside your spirit.  Hear how it resonates that God is speaking to YOU!

The prophetic word builds us up and makes us stronger.  It gives us understanding and focus.  It builds our confidence.  Paul talks about the prophecies spoken over Timothy’s life and how powerful those prophecies are.  Paul says to Timothy, your prophecies are a strength in your life.  Use them as encouragement.  You can even use your prophecies as a weapon as you wage warfare by faith.  What does that mean?  Paul is telling Timothy keep your heart set on what God has spoken to you.  Use that to destroy other thoughts and arguments that come to take away or dilute the promises God has spoken t you.  Use your prophetic words to stay focused and on track.

Listen carefully to what is spoken prophetically during service at Harvest.  These are prophetic words and promises that God is speaking to you!  He wants you to have them and is making them available.

I encourage you to step in and receive.  Write down key words and phrases and repeat them to yourself, sending the prophetic word deep into your heart.  The prophetic word is God’s provision to you!  Even ask God to speak to you prophetically in your times with Him and in your everyday life – HE WILL!!


Do you need a miracle?  Are you believing for a miracle?  Do you want God’s miracles to flow through you?  Do you want to pray for people and see the miraculous for their lives and situations?


I don’t know of anyone who is not believing for a miracle for themselves or someone else, or their work place or the city or this nation. 


The miraculous surpasses understanding and knowledge.  Do not try to figure out the miraculous.  Do not lean on your own understanding.  Nothing is impossible with God.  He is the God of miracles.  Believe.  Stir your faith. 

The prophetic words that were released in the last few weeks are all about miracles.  Here is the summation of what God is speaking to us (personally) about miracles:

"I long to do miracles in you, and miracles for you and through you.  Those around you are looking for miracles.  I am raising you up and you will be known as a people of miracles.  Everywhere you go you will release miracles.  This is the hour of My miracle working power.  My miracle working power is resident within you."

WOW!!  WOW!!  WOW!!

Devour these prophetic words.  Come into agreement with them.  Receive them into your heart.  Confess them with mouth.  Step into the place of receiving and releasing the place of miracles that God has opened up to us.  Be brave and bold. 

Here are the prophetic words:

As you welcome My glory and sing about My glory, I hear it as ones who are yielding themselves to Me.  I hear it as ones who are opening themselves up and saying, "Lord have Your glory".  Is that what you are declaring?  That is what I hear.  You are a people saying, “Lord come and reside in us.  Speak through us.  Use us.  Lord, thank You for transforming us.”  This is what I hear.  And you ARE a transformed people.  Now I will have My glory.  My glory is in you.  My glory is being manifested in you as a FirstFruits.  It is being manifested in signs, wonders and miracles.  I am pouring out My Spirit in a fresh and new way.  My glory will manifest.  Receive your miracle.  Receive healing in your body right now. 

Put your hands on your heart and declare My goodness and My love.  Put your hands on your heart and receive your healing.  Put your hands on your heart for I have made you pure.

(Our response to what God just spoke to us) Pour out Your Spirit Mighty God.  We put our hand on our hearts.  You are my healing.  We declare, "GLORY". 

God says, I am your glory and there is no one like Me.  All that you need and all that you are – I am.  You are my precious ones.  I am pleased with you; so go forth in all of My glory.

You are My chosen ones.  A chosen generation.  NOW is My season.  NOW is My word.  NOW is My glory.  NOW is My release.  NOW is My healing.  NOW is My grace.  NOW is My strength.  Step into My glory.  Step into My word.  Step into My healing.  Step into My strength.  Step into My grace.  You are My sons and daughters. 

Even as you sing that I am the God of miracles, I say to you – I am the God of miracles.  I, the God of miracles, live on the inside of you.  I long to do miracles in you, and miracles for you and through you.  Those around you are looking for miracles.  I am raising you up, and you will be known as a people of miracles.  Everywhere you go you will release miracles.  This is the hour of My miracle working power.  My miracle working power is resident within you.  Christ in you.  As you cooperate with My working on the inside of you, you will begin to see that that you long to see.  All of creation is waiting for My miracle working power to come through you in this hour.

I have predestined you and set you apart, putting you in place.  This is the season.  This is the hour.  This is My word.  This is My life in you.  For I have ordained you to be a chosen people, a chosen generation, full of force.  Full of fury.  Full of grace.  Full of power.  My word abides in you.  My glory resounds in you.  This is My hour and this is My time.  I am strong in you.  I glory in you.  I am for you and not against you.  I am your King.  I am your Lord, and I am your God.  For what I have said will be, will be.  Whether it is in healing or it is in glory – this is your NOW time and your season.  So go forth in Me.


What is the Spirit of God speaking over your life?  What direction and insight is He giving you?

Below are amazing decrees and declarations spoken over you in the last month as part of Harvest Christian Church.  They are directional and encouraging.  Holy Spirit is speaking about our identity and what God is imparting in this season.  It is important to receive the provision of God.  What He puts in us and activates in us shifts us out of natural limitations and restrictions.  The Lord has brought us into a new place of freedom.  God’s delight is in us.  He calls you the apple of His eye.  He looks on us with favor.  We are His, and He is our God.  We are in a season of amazing grace where God is enabling His body (that is you and me) to do exploits that we only dreamed of in the last season.

Can you believe it?  Do you believe that miracles will flow through your hands in your spheres of influence?  The Lord has said that to us, to you, multiple times recently.  The Bible says that God puts HIS WORD in your heart and in your mouth.  His word has power and authority to shift, change, breakthrough and create the new.  Our God leads us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.  Meaning that what He empowers us to do glorifies Him.  Wow!  Only the Lord’s power can accomplish these things and He wants to work His power through us!

Be encouraged and built up and refocused by the following prophetic words spoken to us over the last month:

I have called you to live a life of celebration.  Celebrate the benefits of your life in Me, and celebrate that which has not even been revealed to you and provided that you have not even seen yet.  Call out what you need of for I have provided for you.  Call it forth and call it out to manifest.

Prophetic Perspectives - June 2019And the walls are coming down, yes the walls are coming down through the work of the Lamb.  No more delay.

Do not be distracted by what is being exposed of the enemy.  For I want you to see what I am revealing in the depth of My eternal wisdom.  Deep is calling to deep.  These are days of the discovery of the wisdom of God.  There is so much for you to discover and to incorporate into your lives.  There are wisdom nuggets that will set you free.

I have given you grace to overcome and grace to see.  I have filed you with My comfort and My peace.  Know that this is the day that I had made and you will rejoice.  You are more than conquerors in Me.  Know that I am for you and not against you.  Know that I war over you and through you.  I have established My peace in you even in the most of strife.  Fear not for I am with you.  Know that I am the King of kings and Lord of lords no matter what.  Be all that I have called you to be.  This is a new day and time.  Smell the aroma of My worship and peace.  You will release My word in authority.

Love is before love does.  The Lord says, My love is the portal that establishes My love in your life.  God is love.  You are growing in the full stature of My love, the dimensions of My love and the actions of My love.  For I call you to live continuously in My love.  I have challenged you by saying to you, how can you love a God that you have never seen and not love your brother and sister that you can see everyday?  The antidote to fear is My love.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  I call you to be fearless.  These are days you will do many exploits.  You have been set free from fear.  This is the day that love is established in your heart.

When you move when I move, says the Lord, that is what activates more of Me in your life.  When you move with Me, I move even more.  When you speak, I speak.  Start that flow by moving with Me.  Start the flow of My Spirit by hearing and receiving and giving.  And I will pour much into you.

I am making a way in the wilderness.  As you ask for more I am giving you more of who I am.  I am giving you more now.  You have received breakthrough in every part of your life.  Everyday you are in Me you have the river of life.  My glory is with you forever.  I am bringing you into a new standard and you will have a new frequency.  See My river flowing – receive it.


One of the key prophetic words that the Lord is speaking today is "limitless".  God is wanting us to see that He is limitless and because we are in Him and He is in us, we too are limitless.  The Lord is pushing us beyond the boundaries of old to see fresh and new.  He has opened our eyes and ears to a new sound.

EW Kenyon writes in his book Advanced Bible Course:

If you do not limit Him then you are limitless.  If you let the Limitless One dominate you and rule you, if you let His will be carried out in you, it would mean you are taking responsibilities and privileges that you have never assumed before, if you dare to say, "I can do all things.  His ability is mine.  His wisdom is mine.  Therefore I am what He says I am"

God is stretching and expanding our thinking.  He is expanding our capacity to think bigger, believe bigger, expect bigger because He is the God of ALL THINGS.  He is Supreme and Sovereign – He rules and He reigns.  And He wants us to step into the authority we have been given in Christ.  It is A BRAND NEW DAY; we are living in a NEW ERA, a new time in history!  We need new understanding and new knowledge.  We need insight and wisdom.  The Lord gives us all of those things through Holy Spirit so that we are not confined to the limitations of the world and its ways.  So we can be ones that bring heaven into the earth.

Prophetic Perspectives - May 2019Be encouraged and built up and refocused by the following prophetic words spoken to us over the last month:

For I say to you this day that I am a God that is relentless in My pursuit of you.  I have called you to be a relentless people.  For I have given you a brave heart.  Stepping back and falling away is never an option.  Be relentless as I am relentless and you shall know complete victory.

The Lord says, I have put Christ on the inside of you, and He is seated in heavenly places.  He is seated not only in the heavenly places but in you.  So I have put heaven in you.  I am forming Christ in you so heaven can fill the earth.  I am filling you with Myself. The fullness of who I am I have placed on the inside of you.  Your life is hidden in Him.  Receive My fullness, for heaven is in you.

For I want to have dominion, absolute dominion.  And there is to be an exchange.  Are you willing to give up what is precious to you for the supernatural power that I have for you?  That I have appointed for you, that I have reserved for you?  This is the day that I call you to surrender what is precious to you.  Take on the holy exchange of all that is precious to Me.  Do I have dominion in your life?  You must lay it all down before Me to rise up in My authority.  Rise up in My Kingship.  Do not resist My word.  This is the hour and time to lay it all down.

Step into the harvest, step into the harvest for the harvest is plentiful.  I have called you for such a time as this.  For this plentiful harvest is before you.  You are ones who have labored and I have prepared you.  The harvest is abundant, so step into the harvest.

Know that I am the One that set the heavens and the earth in place.  I am the One that put the stars in their place.  So know that there are no boundaries or limitations in Me.  For I am the great I Am.  And you are in Me.  Step beyond the limitations you see in this natural world.  Step beyond the limitations of rhetoric you hear spoken today.  For I am not confined, says the Lord.  I am not confined nor am I defined by the powers and principals of the air.  So I say, lift up your eyes and see who I am.  For I Am that I Am.  The earth is Mine and everything in it.  And I have put you in My earth and I have set new boundaries around you.  Fear not as I send you into new places.  Fear not change.  Fear not as I cause you to open your mouth and speak My words.  For the I Am that I Am is in you.

Call out to Me and I will show you great and mighty things.  I am ready to show you, are you ready to see?  Call out to Me.  You will begin to hear and see Me like you never have before.

I call you to a limitless place of harvest.  I have not called you to the routine.  I have not called you to the shallow water.  I have not called you to places that are familiar.  The deep is a place where you are led by My Spirit.  It is a place you will come to know as more forward in forceful advance and sensitivity to My Spirit.

Deep unto deep.  Fresh unto fresh.  New unto new.  This My desire, newness in you.  Declare that I am King and Lord.  Declare that I am healing.  Declare that I am glory.  See, see that this is a new time and a new release.  There is new authority and new grace. Step into My word.  Step into my strength and anointing.  Speak into your circumstances and say who I am.  Say that I am your peace.  Say that I am your victory.  Say that I am your healing.

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