Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Prophetic Perspectives


We have entered 2019 with expectation and the promises of God.  Our spirits are alive.  Nothing is impossible with God.  2019 will be a year of miracles and a year of birthing.  The kingdom of God is advancing, and we are moving forward.

There was much insight and direction given at the joint service New Year’s Eve with MDCC.  Apostle Bob released a word sharing that Holy Spirit will teach us to run with endurance this year.  To keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and to endure even when the going gets tough.  Holy Spirit is going to disciple us individually revealing every hindrance that is holding us back.  We are to lay aside every encumbrance as we are being trained in righteousness.  As a church we are starting the year with a time of consecration, fasting for 21 days.  Seeking God; allowing Him to search our hearts.

Apostle Linda shared that a key scripture for 2019 is Titus 2.11-12, “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in this present age.”  We are to establish the culture of heaven.
Prophetic Perspectives - 2019-02

Through the prophetic word God reveals His heart to us giving us insight and understanding of how to move with Him.  Here are some of the prophetic words from January:

In this time of consecration you will revelate My glory.  I am strengthening you.  Shaping you.  We responded: The time is here.  The time is now!  With one voice we make Your sound.  We take our place.

The miracles of God have already been released from heaven.  The miracles must be received by faith.  They are apprehended by believing.  Your faith will remove what has blocked you from receiving what I have already provided.  Have I not said that by the stripes of Jesus you have been healed?  But what are you saying?  What do you believe?  Whose report do you really  believe?  No longer say someday miracles will come.  Rather say, TODAY miracles have come!  TODAY when you hear My voice do not harden your heart.  Believe.

If you will press into My Spirit this season I will press out of your soul that which has hindered you from the fullness of all that I have called you to be.  I have called you to be more than a conqueror.  I have called over to be an overcomer.  I have given you My Spirit and My word.  This is a season of grace for change, a season of great breakthrough.  It is a season that your expectations will arise.  Bubbling up inside of you is a supernatural hope, a new hope.  A supernatural joy and a supernatural strength.  Miracles are here.

I am the God of the impossible.  Is there anything too hard for Me?  There is nothing too hard for Me!  All you have to do is respond in faith.  Miracles are your portion and miracles are your inheritance.  Believe.  Look to see.  Receive.  Do not say, I cannot be healed because of this or that.  Breathe Me in.  I am here to heal you and restore you.

You say to Me, Lord this world has become so fearful and anxious.  But I say to you, you have never been this way before.  I am dealing with familiarity and tradition.  I am saying to you that this is a season you will not find security in things.  I want to be your complete security.  You are walking into newness of life.  You are being led by My Spirit into new dimensions that you have not entered before.  The old securities are crumbling and a new security in Me is coming forth.

For what is it that perplexes you and causes you to reason?  Am I not with you?  I will never leave you.  If you turn to the left or to the right, am I not there?  If you look to the left or to the right am I not with you?  For even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil.  I am your rod and your shield.  I am your protector.  I am your comforter and strength.  The surety of the Lord goes before you.  My grace is with you.  My word is with you.  Do not hide yourself.  You have been set apart and chosen.  I am your God and you are mine, so go forth.  Rejoice and know that I am with you.

As you look around, you see your own government is shut down.  And many are fearful and perplexed because they have put their trust in the government.  But My government of peace, says the Lord, is standing.  I have called you to work and cooperate with Me.  You will shift and rise up as you put your trust Me.


The presence of God, powerful prophetic words and preaching is taking us beyond where we have been.  Our Farther continues to pour out His Spirit upon us.  We are being enlarged and expanded.  Everything has changed – we are a new creation in Christ.

Finish 2018 strong so that you can enter 2019 strong.  Be filled with faith.  Stand strong and be filled with courage.  Do not shrink back.  Trust in the Lord with all of your heart.

Hebrews 10.23  Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Walk in partnership with God.  It has always been God's intention to have us partner with Him.  He wants to walk with us.  He wants to equip us.  He wants to give us understanding so that we know what to do and when to do it.  God is NOT REACTIONARY.

Recent Prophetic Words: Be strengthened.  Be focused.  Receive.

Where My Spirit dwells, the I AM will be revealed.  I AM the MIRACLE WORKER.  I AM the PROMISE KEEPER.  I AM the God that extends His hand towards you.  Do not hold back this move of the Spirit.  I will invite you into who I AM.  I will abound in you.

I am pouring My power into you.  Do not resist.  Surrender and receive My power.  I am imparting My power into you.  You carry My kingdom.  You carry the dimensions of My Spirit.  And I am bringing enlargement in you.  This is a day of the miraculous.  This is the demonstration of My power to astound the earth, to bring glory to My name.  So do not fear and do not hold back.  Do not say, I am not qualified or who am I to carry such a thing.  I say you are Mine, and I have called you for such a time and place as this.  Surrender, surrender to My power and My glory.  I am filling you.  As you surrender to My power and to My name – My glory will fill you.  There will be a newness in your thinking and your speaking.  It is because My kingdom has come to you.

Prophetic Perspectives - 2019-01You have said what about my circumstances, what about my situations and problems?  I say unto you, who do you say that I am?  Am I not your God and King?  Am I not your glory?  So begin to step into My word.  Step into My reign.  Step into My arena.  Release My kingdom and release My strength.  Release My healing.  Who do you say that I am?  Glorify My name in your circumstances and in this world.  Release My word with authority.  You are My chosen generation.  Stand firm in Me.

Give yourself to Me and you will begin to see your circumstances and those things around you differently.  I am with you.  Give yourself to My workings and it will push out the doubt.  It will push out the fear that you cannot do it.  As you give yourself to Me understanding will come.

I want you to become a miracle worker with Me.  I want you to be the light in the darkness with Me.  Give yourself to Me.  Where is the wise man?  Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?  God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the strong.  Do not be afraid to look foolish to the world; the foolish things of the Lord are wiser than the wisdom of the world.  For what sets you apart?  What makes you unique?  What is it that makes you My sons and daughters, My watchmen, My warriors?  What is it that makes you a chosen generation, a royal priesthood?  It is because you are willing to be set apart, willing to do My battle.  The things that I say will be, will be.  This is the hour and the time, this is the minute – this is literally the NOW!  So step into My glory.  Step into My wisdom.  Step into My anointing.  "This I will do" shall be your declaration.

I am bringing you into My presence and My anointing and My power.  I am removing everything that blocks you.  I am purifying you.  I am releasing a spirit of courage.  Courage to face your giants.  Begin to run toward your giants.  I have put a word in your mouth, even as you go you will start to release the word.  You will see the giants begin to fall in front of you.  This is a time that I am releasing My presence in all of its fullness.

Welcome the Holy Spirit.  The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you giving life.  This is your portion and your inheritance.  Thank God for what He is doing.  Thanksgiving opens the door for His presence.

God says, I am releasing a spirit of understanding in My people.  For My Spirit is wisdom.  Clarity is coming where there is confusion.  Receive.  Receive.

Receive My words.  They are a fresh running brook.  Walk in them.  Speak My words they are Spirit and truth; they are real.  I am giving you My word and My authority – take it.


Do you need a miracle?  Are you believing for a miracle?  Do you want God’s miracles to flow through you?  Do you want to pray for people and see the miraculous for their lives and situations?


I don’t know of anyone who is not believing for a miracle for themselves or someone else, or their work place or the city or this nation. 


The miraculous surpasses understanding and knowledge.  Do not try to figure out the miraculous.  Do not lean on your own understanding.  Nothing is impossible with God.  He is the God of miracles.  Believe.  Stir your faith. 

The prophetic words that were released in the last few weeks are all about miracles.  Here is the summation of what God is speaking to us (personally) about miracles:

"I long to do miracles in you, and miracles for you and through you.  Those around you are looking for miracles.  I am raising you up and you will be known as a people of miracles.  Everywhere you go you will release miracles.  This is the hour of My miracle working power.  My miracle working power is resident within you."

WOW!!  WOW!!  WOW!!

Devour these prophetic words.  Come into agreement with them.  Receive them into your heart.  Confess them with mouth.  Step into the place of receiving and releasing the place of miracles that God has opened up to us.  Be brave and bold. 

Here are the prophetic words:

As you welcome My glory and sing about My glory, I hear it as ones who are yielding themselves to Me.  I hear it as ones who are opening themselves up and saying, "Lord have Your glory".  Is that what you are declaring?  That is what I hear.  You are a people saying, “Lord come and reside in us.  Speak through us.  Use us.  Lord, thank You for transforming us.”  This is what I hear.  And you ARE a transformed people.  Now I will have My glory.  My glory is in you.  My glory is being manifested in you as a FirstFruits.  It is being manifested in signs, wonders and miracles.  I am pouring out My Spirit in a fresh and new way.  My glory will manifest.  Receive your miracle.  Receive healing in your body right now. 

Put your hands on your heart and declare My goodness and My love.  Put your hands on your heart and receive your healing.  Put your hands on your heart for I have made you pure.

(Our response to what God just spoke to us) Pour out Your Spirit Mighty God.  We put our hand on our hearts.  You are my healing.  We declare, "GLORY". 

God says, I am your glory and there is no one like Me.  All that you need and all that you are – I am.  You are my precious ones.  I am pleased with you; so go forth in all of My glory.

You are My chosen ones.  A chosen generation.  NOW is My season.  NOW is My word.  NOW is My glory.  NOW is My release.  NOW is My healing.  NOW is My grace.  NOW is My strength.  Step into My glory.  Step into My word.  Step into My healing.  Step into My strength.  Step into My grace.  You are My sons and daughters. 

Even as you sing that I am the God of miracles, I say to you – I am the God of miracles.  I, the God of miracles, live on the inside of you.  I long to do miracles in you, and miracles for you and through you.  Those around you are looking for miracles.  I am raising you up, and you will be known as a people of miracles.  Everywhere you go you will release miracles.  This is the hour of My miracle working power.  My miracle working power is resident within you.  Christ in you.  As you cooperate with My working on the inside of you, you will begin to see that that you long to see.  All of creation is waiting for My miracle working power to come through you in this hour.

I have predestined you and set you apart, putting you in place.  This is the season.  This is the hour.  This is My word.  This is My life in you.  For I have ordained you to be a chosen people, a chosen generation, full of force.  Full of fury.  Full of grace.  Full of power.  My word abides in you.  My glory resounds in you.  This is My hour and this is My time.  I am strong in you.  I glory in you.  I am for you and not against you.  I am your King.  I am your Lord, and I am your God.  For what I have said will be, will be.  Whether it is in healing or it is in glory – this is your NOW time and your season.  So go forth in Me.


The prophetic atmosphere was very strong at Harvest the Sunday after many had attended Cross Immersion.  At Cross Immersion there was fresh and deep revelation of the full gospel message.  The presence and power of the Spirit of God was very tangible.  In your heart you could sense that the Holy Spirit was doing a deep work in our lives.

The Lord is strengthening our spiritual foundation.  Faith is being refined in our hearts.  We are not in a fight with the devil.  He has been defeated.  This is a FAITH FIGHT.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Only believe.  Lawlessness is coming down.  Sin is becoming weak and feeble.  It is becoming easier to walk in the light of God and righteousness.

God sets the times and seasons.  And every time and season has governing dynamics that are important to understand and discern.  The prophetic helps us to see and understand how God is moving – what are the governing dynamics at work.  God’s word is the foundation of all of His creation.  The Lord is shifting us out of futile thoughts – thoughts that do nothing and have no power – into a kingdom atmosphere filled with miracles, signs and wonders.

Here is an excerpt of the prophetic words released at our October 14 Sunday service.  Read these prophetic words out loud to yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to bring deeper impartation and revelation in your heart.

"You have entered into the cry of heaven and earth for the revealing of the sons of God.  You have accelerated that process.  As I reveal Jesus to you, then your life is also being revealed.  My glory is in you.  I am bringing together the external and internal hearing of My word in your heart.  There is an increase of acceleration in the earth.  And you can feel that tension.  I am shaking everything out that is not of Me.  I am bringing it to an end.  I am revealing Christ in you.  Enter into My hope."

"I have penetrated your atmosphere and penetrated your destiny.  What I have said will be, will be.  For this is My reign.  This is My destiny.  This is My glory in you.  Reflect Me.  Reflect who I am.  This is the day that I have made; rejoice and be glad in it.  Spread My joy.  Spread My peace.  Spread My word.  Spread My strength.  Spread My glory.  Spread My courageousness.  Spread My boldness.  For you are one as a people."

We are Christ revealed.  Break down the walls.  Push back the dark.  Light of the world.  There is a stirring in the spirit, heaven.  Something holy, can you feel it heaven.

"I am flooding you.  I am flooding you with My majesty and power so that you will go forth as My word to the earth.  The earth will not be flooded unless you are flooded with Me.  Be flooded with Me for I am your God and I am with you."

Let a mighty flood come from us and flow through us.  And flood the earth.

"You have stepped into a place of holiness and righteousness.  I created the earth, then I put man in the earth.  I gave it to you to rule and dominate.  I have positioned you and given you the authority.  And I am doing the very thing that you have asked.  You have the authority to declare that “FEAR HAS TO GO!”  “DARKNESS HAS TO RETREAT!”  Release your voice of authority this day.  Flood the earth with My word.  Wherever you go I will breakforth in brightness.  I am drawing you together in unity and causing you to rise up.  I am glorified in your midst."

Prophetic Perspectives - 2018-11"You are young.  You are old.  You come from this nation and that one.  But I say that you are one.  You come from here and you come from there.  I say that you are one.  I have made you one.  There is no longer division or separation about you.  Whether you come from this place or that place – I say that you are one.  I have made you one.  You will go forth in My power.  And go forth in My might.  For I the Lord have made you one.  This is a NEW DAY and this is a NEW TIME – this is a day of unity.  This is a special time.  This is My appointed time.  The former and the later rain – I have made you one.  Yes, I the Lord have made you one."

The strong reoccurring word in this prophetic flow is that God Himself declares that HE HAS MADE US ONE.  It is by His hand and His strength.  It is for His purposes and for this time.  Let go of all thoughts of any kind of separation among us.  God has MADE US ONE!  This is His appointed time for us to be unified by His power and Spirit.  It is not the working of man but the hand of God.  It does not matter that our background, culture, experiences may be different, we have been made one for this time for His purposes.


Scripture tells us that God lets us know what He is going to do by giving us prophetic words and giving us prophetic revelation.

Prophetic words reveal what is to come, giving vision.  They strengthen, give courage, build us up to accomplish and set into motion God’s purpose and plan.

Prophetic Perspectives - 2018-10 - Picture 2WOW!  Prophetic words are ALIVE.  There is power in the prophetic word spoken – power to create, power to connect, power to bring to completion what God spoke.

Sometimes prophetic words have no connection to what we know or see in the natural.  That is because the prophetic word being released is going to birth something.  This is true in the building of the park that Harvest has been involved in.

In the 1990's a prophetic word was spoken that Harvest would build a park in the neighborhood.  This was a word that did not make sense in the natural.  There was no plan or vision to build a park.  There was no ownership of property in the community.  There was nothing that could be thought of in your mind that would give credibility to this prophetic word.  BUT there was a “witness” in the heart of Apostle Linda that this word was from God.  A “witness” is when your heart says to you, “This is God” even when nothing else makes sense.

Time went on from the 1990’s forward.  Then SUDDENLY a connection was made in the late spring of this year to a company that builds parks.  The prophetic word from the 1990’s was about to QUICKLY manifest and become a reality.  Remember that this prophetic word was spoken roughly 20 years prior to ANY natural action.

I am illustrating this here to say to you that whatever prophetic words that the Lord has spoken over your life, over your family, over our church, and our city that have not come about yet; those words are still ALIVE.  God has a timing for all things to come into place.  Don’t stop believing.  Do not become discouraged by what you have not yet seen.  But be encouraged that what God speaks is real.

The fulfillment of the prophetic word not only brought about a park – it touched the community and people’s hearts and lives on many levels.  I had the opportunity to interview non-Harvest people during the build day at the park and get their thoughts on the manifestation of a prophetic word spoken to us at Harvest more than 20 years prior.

A prophetic word starts with someone being bold enough to speak it.  Those in the hearing of the prophetic word choose to believe it.  Then there is a partnering with God (seizing the opportunity, scripture says) in the outworking of the prophetic word.  In God’s timing the word comes into being.

Here are some quotes from community people interviewed.  As you read the quotes allow the Holy Spirit to expand your understanding of the creating and fulfilling power of the prophetic word.  Glory to God for this beautiful park – the fulfillment of His prophetic word!

Responses from the community to the fulfillment of the prophetic word:

"Transformation is happening in northwest Detroit."
"This is a pattern, the blueprint, to touch communities."
"This is a neighborhood of astounding resilience.  I have learned more about this community in the last three months of being involved than all of my years living here."
"This is a fun place for children to play."
"I am seeing a community building a community.  It is like an ant farm – everyone is laboring."
"I have been watching from the beginning to the end – this is amazing!"
"This is good for the community."
"People coming together and working together."

The park is the REALITY of God’s heart for a community.  He spoke this word to a small church at the corner of 7 Mile and Lenore in Detroit.  Why?  One reason is that God loves Detroit.  The Bible says multiple times that God will rebuild devastated cities.  You see, this prophetic word was not even for Harvest – it was for the rebuilding of a city, our city.  Bringing life and vibrancy back into a community.

How exciting and fulfilling it was to be part of the transformation work of the Lord in our city.  God is good and His mercies endure forever!!

Prophetic Perspectives - 2018-10 - Picture 1

God is pouring out His Spirit on us during worship and through the messages that are being preached.  The atmosphere is thick with the presence of God.  His glory is manifesting in our services and He is speaking to us through the prophetic.  We are being strengthened and positioned to live our lives confident of our identity in Christ in a world of chaos and polarization.  How do we respond to God and all that He is pouring out?  God wants us to open our hearts and receive. He is asking us to believe Him and trust Him.  Our faith pleases God.  He is building our inner man – our spirit.  It is in our spirit that we experience the joy of the Lord, peace and wholeness.  Our spirit is being strengthened and built up.  We will speak God’s word with confidence and authority.  And God will confirm His word with signs, wonders and miracles - where you live, in your work place where you do business, the restaurants you eat in.  There is a new boldness rising in our hearts and a new confidence to speak the word of the Lord in the spheres of our influence.

Here is an excerpt from a prophetic word from an internationally known prophet that is published on the Elijah list.  I added this as a confirming word for what we are experiencing at Harvest and what God is speaking to us.

Prophetic word by Lana Vawser
"My people do not try and work out what I am doing, do not try and 'calculate' in the natural what I am doing.  Rest and trust Me and know that I am working FOR you and working something THROUGH you that is greater than you could imagine.  KNOW that the plans that I have FOR YOU are better than you could imagine.  KNOW that I am going to show up FOR you and THROUGH you in ways that you never thought possible.  I am going to show Myself strong in and through you in this season, but there must be a level of surrender to Me."  Lana goes on to give prophetic insight saying, "There is a great recalibration taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is aligning hearts in surrender to His ways and His timing.  Such a deep level of trust to really throw everything upon Him and know that what He is doing is far greater than anything we could imagine."

The next prophetic words were transcribed from our August 12 Harvest service.  You can listen to the full service on our website:

Prophetic-Perspectives-2018-09"I am breaking old foundations and I am breaking old forms.  But DO NOT FEAR because I AM YOUR SURE FOUNDATION.  I am your confidence.  So set your eyes upon Me and I will continue to lead you into a NEW form and into a NEW structure.  There is life in the NEW.  What you are looking for is in the NEW that I am doing, that I am leading you into.  Be strong and courageous as I continue to shift and change the environment around you.  How you speak, how you think and even how you interact will change.  DO NOT FEAR.  BE OF GREAT COURAGE.  My grace is upon you.  I am building you, and I am shifting you."

"The fresh outpouring is in My river.  STAY IN MY RIVER.  STAY IN MY RIVER.  Listen to Me and see Me.  Seek Me even more.  In My river you are strengthened, refreshed and renewed.  STAY IN THE RIVER."

God is saying, "Allow Me to tear open the fabric of your heart.  And I will form a new wine skin, a wine skin and a womb for revival.  Allow Me to tear open the fabric of your heart and lay My foundation.  Allow Me to expose the faulty areas in the foundation that you have built upon in your Christian walk.  This is a time I AM EXPANDING YOU.  There is much I want to pour in to you, not only now but in the future.  IT IS A TIME OF EXPANSION.  Allow My Spirit to shape and form this new wine skin.  I will pour out My former and later rain.  It will no longer be just a concept in your mind but you will experience My fullness for this time.  ALLOW ME TO DO A WORK IN YOUR HEART.  Even though for a season it seems painful and you might ask where are we going?  But I say TRUST ME.  I am expanding you for My purposes.  I am expanding you for this time and season.  This is a time to allow Me to come in - DO NOT HOLD BACK.  Allow Me to come in and out of your belly will flow rivers of living waters.  You will begin to see the manifestation of My promises and what I have said.  Those things that you have dreamed about and even prophesied about.  You will be the manifestation of My presence in the earth.  This is a time of great growth and acceleration.  I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh once again.  You will prophesy, and you will walk in the dimension of the supernatural.  ALLOW ME TO COME IN, to come in and tear open the fabric of your heart and form the new wine skin of My presence."


Proverbs 4.25-27 NASB  "Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.  Watch the path of your feet.  And all of your ways will be established.  Do not turn to the right nor to the left; turn your foot from evil."

Proverbs 3.5-6 NASB  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your path."

God has a path for us to walk; that path is connected to our purpose and destiny.  When we lose sight of the path God has for us confusion, distraction, discouragement and lethargy can set in and keep us from advancing.  This can be a very frustrating situation.

The Bible tells us to watch the path of our feet.  Our path is so important that God will illuminate it so that we can see and know where to walk.  God speaks to us prophetically to illuminate our path helping us to "see" where to go.  If we get off of our path somehow or stop advancing down the path, God will bring us full circle to get us back on track and moving forward.

Prophetic-Perspectives-2018-08The prophetic word not only helps to show us the path God has for us, it also encourages us along the path.  The prophetic word will confirm that we are going the right direction and walking on the right path.  The prophetic word will direct us to God’s path, what He is saying to us on the path and giving us to make our journey down the path successful.  What an advantage God gives us through speaking to our hearts prophetically.

John 16.13 NIV  "But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.  He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come."

The Gospel of John goes on to say that the Spirit of truth is Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit speaks to us prophetically leading us on the path that our Father God has marked out for us.  Not only that, but Holy Spirit will TELL US WHAT IS YET TO COME!

Read the excerpts below that were taken from corporate prophetic words that were released in June and July services at Harvest.  Hear Holy Spirit speak of things yet to come and illuminate the path that Father God has for us to walk on.  Listen to the full messages on our website:

Prophetic words released:  Come in, come into the place of intimacy that I have opened up to you.  Come into the deep.  I have made a path for you to come.  I am calling you in.  So do not hesitate, but come.  As you unite with Me in intimacy I will impart into you the very nature of who I am.  Do not hesitate but come in, come in.

The Lord says, everything about Me is limitless.  My grace and love for you are limitless.  Do not take for granted that which I offer you.  Take advantage of what I am offering you.  I am completely open to you.  I am a Father of amazing miraculous provision and love.

Everything that has been holding you back has been broken.  So move forward in My path for you.  You are My sons and daughters and I have set you free.  So advance in Me.

Pursue Me like you have pursued no other.  My love is unconditional.  I called you before the beginning of time.  You are My chosen ones.  My glory is without restraint towards you.  My arm is not too short.  My grace is poured out on you, so come after Me.

No more entrapments, no more snares.  Today what has trapped you in the past has been broken.  Know that this day you are free of whatever has bound you in the past.  My shout is upon you.  My shout is in you.  Make it loud!  You cannot be cursed!

You have cried out for more of Me.  I have released within you an abundance of joy, an abundance of peace.  You are My vessel so reach out to the world and release My word, release My presence.  You are strong and courageous.

The Lord continues to speak to us prophetically during service about how much He loves us.  He is wooing us, inviting us into deeper intimacy with Him.  Our Father continues to reinforce that we belong to Him and that He is our provider.  We have been made sons and daughters through Christ.

God so loves us that He wants our life to be swallowed up in His life.  He wants us so dominated by His nature, His wisdom and insight that Satan can gain no advantage over us.  The enemy has been eternally defeated and publically stripped.  The victory has been won by Jesus Christ on the cross.

The Lord wants us to keep our ears tuned to hear His voice. He wants to fill our hearts with His love.  A tender heart can see what God sees.  A tender heart can expand and receive more.  A tender heart is filled with compassion and believes that God is able. God is love.  In His love hope and life abounds.  Our Father is pouring His compassion out upon us! Receive His love and compassion.  Be filled with the substance of His love.  Be equipped and strengthened.  Be refreshed in His love.

The following prophetic release is from the June 10, Sunday service.  The entire service can be downloaded from our website:

As you read through this prophetic exchange be immersed in God’s love:

The Lord says, "Come into a new place of intimacy.  I have opened the door for you to come.  Come, come into the deep place of intimacy that I have opened for you.  There is a new dimension of My presence that I have opened to you.  I am beckoning you to come.  Do not hesitate.  Come into a deeper place of uniting with Me.  And I will impart in to you the very nature of who I am.  I am calling you into a new place of union and communion with Me.  Come into this place.  Come. Come."

We responded by singing, "We come deeper.  We are not holding back.  We come higher.  We come before You."

The Lord responds by giving us greater insight into who He is.  He says, "Everything about Me is limitless.  My grace and love for you is limitless.  Do not take for granted what I am offering you.  Take advantage of what I am offering to you.  I am completely open to you.  I am a Father of miraculous provision and love."

We responded by singing, "We do not take for granted who You are or the work that You are doing in us.  We receive."

The Lord says, "That through this open door I have heard your voice today.  And I am speaking to you and telling you that everything that would hold you back has been broken.  Move forward in My love and My will for you.  You are My children and you are free in Christ."

Then the Lord says, "Pursue Me like you pursue no other.  Pursue Me with the deep desire that I have placed within you.  For My love is unconditional.  My love is limitless.  I called you before the beginning of time.  For you are My chosen ones.  My glory will be without restraint.  My arm is not too short.  My grace is there for you so come after Me."

We responded in song, "We come after You Lord.  Freely You give.  And we will take.  We open ourselves to You and let You in.  With the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom."

The Lord says, "I have opened the door to a new and lasting covenant.  I am the mediator of a new covenant.  How much more intimate can it be as I cover you with My blood?  Step through, I say, step through.  I love you.  There is nothing about you that I turn away from.  You are cleansed.  Step through and receive all that I give you.  Step through.  Enter into greater intimacy, enter into greater knowing and being sure of who I am and who you are in Me, be filled with My strength."


When the Lord speaks to us, we call that a prophetic word.  Often during our corporate worship the Lord will begin to stir and speak a prophetic word to us as His people.  The heart of God, what He is speaking, is then articulated by those who go to the microphone during worship.  Often the worship leader will respond on behalf of the congregation to what the Lord has  spoken.  It is a marvelous exchange.  Many times you will find that we had an entire conversation with the Lord.  He spoke and we responded.  WOW!  There is a back and forth exchange - it is a real conversation!  In spiritual language we call that the song of the Bride and the Bridegroom.  The Church is the Bride and Jesus is the Bridegroom.

We hear and receive instructions, encouragement, strengthening, enlargement, revelation knowledge and understanding.  Our Father lavishes His love upon us, reinforcing His acceptance of us.  He declares His intentions for our future.  This is the incredible dynamic of flowing in the prophetic in our services.  We follow as Holy Spirit leads.  There is progression in the conversation - it makes sense.

This beautiful conversation between the Lord and us was during our May 6th service.  I have transcribed portions of this prophetic conversation below.  As you read it allow your spiritual ears to be open to hear and go deeper still in intimacy with our Father.  Allow the words being spoken to be absorbed into your heart.  Listen to the full prophetic release on our website:

The Lord speaks to us: I am the risen Lord and I am rising up in you, in My full power and strength.  Live in My love.  Move forward as I am rising up in you.  Feel My power.  The Holy Spirit living in you is the power.  As you cry out for more, My Spirit is activated in you.  As you give place to My Spirit you will see Me moving in and through you.  The new wine skin is forming in you.

These are the days and season that I am calling you to a greater accountability.  Live in the conscious reality of the light of My presence, says the Lord.  These are days of divine alignment.  Be in the place that I have set you in: be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing as you live and move and have your being in Me.  This is the safest place, dwelling under the shadow of the Almighty.  Do not hide, but step out in Me.

Give your all, be desperate for Me.  This is My honor and glory that you are desperate for Me.  And you have cried out for more of Me - this is the time, there is more, continue to be desperate for Me.

We sang this in response: "O, we’re living in the light of love, we’re living in the light of truth, we’re living in the light of You…"

The Lord then says to us: I’m responding to your cries.  For you are crying from the depth of My heart when you call for more.  For I am intending to do much more.  Continue to ask, continue to cry out.  I am your God and I am a God who gives.  I give with overflowing abundance.  I am pouring out lavishly upon your life, and those around you.  I want to fill you to overflowing over and over again.  Cry out, cry out and ask.  Knowing that you do not ask amiss but knowing that you ask because I have told you to ask and that I am eager to respond.  Cry out for more.  I am pouring out My Spirit says the Lord.

We responded to the Lord: You are our one true love and there is no one like You.  You are the One True God and we cry out.  We run after You.  Then we sang a song asking God to show us His glory.  Declaring, Jesus You change everything.  You make everything right.

God responds by saying: My hope is here.  My hope is in you.  For you are the hope and you hold My glory.  So release My hope and My glory.  My hope is in you.  Let hope rise in you.  You are the answer and the key to unlock – I have placed My answer and My keys in you.  Release My glory.  The answer is in My Name.

We responded by declaring we would release His hope and glory, saying "yes" to His Name.

God responds: I have been there for you and I am faithful.  Open up your heart and gain Me.  Enter in.  Enter in.  Don’t wait.  I have given you strength.

Church was saturated with a prophetic atmosphere on the Sunday after Cross Immersion.  The power and significance of the cross of Jesus Christ was fresh and strong in peoples' minds and hearts.  Many had encountered Jesus and the power of His resurrection in a real and personal way at Cross Immersion.

On the back of the Cross Immersion book Pastor Pete shared: "Paul was a pattern for every man and woman in Christ - believers who receive the death and resurrection of Christ by the same flooding experience of grace.  This grace is like a mighty River destroying the old man and manifesting the new man in the body and causing believers to continuously bear fruit for God."

The prophetic words are written out here so you can encounter once again God's heart and instruction to us as His people in this time.  The power of the prophetic words spoken brings transformation shifting us out of the old and into the new.  The Lord is changing us from the inside out making us new wine skins to hold the new wine.  We will be ones that bear much fruit for His name and His glory.

This prophetic release was on Resurrection Sunday.  Listen to the full prophetic release and message on our website:

The Lord says I am stirring the waters.  I am bringing you out of the old place and into the new, out of the old man and into the new.  I am turning the page of your life so move into newness of life.  There are new careers, new residences, new revelation, new anointings, new opportunities.  This is a season of transition.  There is favor on you to cross over into the new God has for you.

Resurrection is about making old things new.  Begin to encounter Jesus in His resurrection life.  Allow newness of life to overtake the old.  Allow the new to break you out of old mindsets and patterns of destruction.  Allow the new to begin to clothe you in His righteousness.  Allow the righteousness of God to swell up on the inside of you, filling you with His new life.  Receive newness of life in every cell and molecule in your body, even in the core of your being.  Receive new resurrection power.  This is a new time.  It is a time to receive the new.  So step into resurrection life for it is My life that is more abundant.  I am giving you new life, resurrection life - resurrection power.  Receive My breath from heaven for it will fill you with new resurrection life and energize you.  It will transform you.  Step into My transformation.  Step into My glory.  Let My presence come into you now and saturate you.  Let My new resurrection life fill you and begin to flow out of you.  As you offer your thanksgiving and worship to Me it will begin to release the new into you.  The old will be taken out and the new will be yours.  Receive the breath of Holy Spirit.  Let it go deep, as deep calls unto deep.  Receive My fullness.  Do not pull back.  Lift your hands and receive the surge of His glory.  Encounter the living word - let it cut off the flesh and rightly divide.  Let the river of living water begin to flow.

The prophetic word carries the life of God.  Meditate on these words.  Hear Holy Spirit speak to you further about resurrection life and the power of the cross of Jesus Christ in you.  Allow the truth of what God is saying to sink into your mind and heart bringing transformation.

The prophetic words spoken at Harvest are meant to speak into each one of our lives.  God is revealing something specific, giving us knowledge encouragement and strength through what is being spoken.  Revelation knowledge allows us to advance, going beyond where we are and where we have been.  Revelation knowledge opens our eyes to see in a new way, giving new perspective.  Revelation knowledge illuminates the path God has for us to walk.
Prophetic Perspectives
Here are some of the prophetic words spoken to us during our March 4th Sunday service.  You can listen to the full prophetic release and message on our website:

Prophetic words spoken to us at Harvest on March 4th
  The Lord says to us:
      I am your reward
      I am your deliverer
      This is your time
      I have given you greater freedom
      There is grace to let go of what holds you in bondage
      Be strong and courageous
      My glory abounds in you
      I am your provision for whatever you need
      Step out of bondage into freedom

Read over these words again, slowly, allowing Holy Spirit to bring revelation knowledge in that area to your heart and mind.  Allow the word to work in you and bring to you what God is speaking prophetically over us.  As you hear Holy Spirit speak in your heart take hold of what He is saying.  Believe it.  Confess it out loud.

The prophetic always links us to the new.  It takes us BEYOND where we currently are.  This is a season for us to GO BEYOND.  To "GO BEYOND" is to go into a place that you have not been before.  To go beyond breaks the limitations of the last season and the NOW.  It is outside of your experience and history.  It is a place of stretching and expansion.  There are new definitions, new vision and new expectations.  Strength, courage and boldness are needed.  It is breaking into a new identity not yet known or understood or available before. It is going "deeper still".

The prophetic words spoken to us on a Sunday during service create an environment for us to step into greater transformation.  The Lord says in Jeremiah 29, that He has a purpose and destiny for us, it is to prosper us and bring us into the fullness He has for us.  Prophetic words are part of His supply that brings us into the fullness of our destiny.  Do not let the prophetic words God speaks to us slip by without receiving their benefit.  Prophetic words are given for our benefit.

We are positioned in His presence to hear, absorb and release the prophetic word of the Lord.  I declare to you, you WILL hear clearly the word of the Lord.  You WILL persevere and break into your God-given identity and purpose for this season going beyond where you have been before.

Part of our prophetic word for 2018 from Dr. David is to be "positioned in prophetic precision".  That means that we are to lean in to hear what is being spoken by the Lord and then position ourselves in agreement, making any necessary shifts or adjustments.  This is a time to be aware of how we position ourselves.  Another way to say that is: consider what you are agreeing with and what you are speaking.  The Lord is saying to speak words of life.  We speak life to our city and our nation, life to ourselves and our families, life to our communities and workplaces.

During worship at our February 11 service there was a very strong and clear prophetic word that was released.  I have transcribed portions of this prophetic word.  As you read it allow your spiritual ears to be open to hear and receive what Holy Spirit is speaking.

"I am your Shepherd.  Hear My voice.  I am calling you higher and deeper, as deep cries out to deep I am calling you.  I am your great reward.  Stand.  Stand in the authority and promises that I have given you. Stand in stature."

The Lord asks, 'How deep do you want to go?'  Open the gates of your heart and allow Me to come in.  How deep you will go is up to you.  Open up your heart and allow Me to come in and let me reveal Myself.  I am filling My church with new wine and forming a new wine skin.  You have slowed up; there is a hesitation in some of you.  Let Me take you where you have never been before.  I am your reward and your recompense as you come deeper.  Choose to allow Me to be your reward then there will be no hesitancy.  Everyday, choose Me and make me your reward."

This is a specific word to us at Harvest.  Holy Spirit is directing us on what to do and how to do it.  The Lord is saying to us that He will take us deeper into Himself.  He is saying that the door is open and He is calling us deeper - into deeper relationship.  Deeper revelation.  Deeper understanding of who He is.  Deeper connection.  Deeper worship.  Increased wisdom and discernment of God will come in the deep.  In the deep God reveals His mysteries and gives us supernatural understanding of the times and how to stand.  In the deep there is increasing dependence upon the Lord as we lay down our lives and receive His.  We shift into greater alignment and become positioned in prophetic precision as we come deeper.  Do not hesitate or be afraid.  He is our reward.

How do you respond to prophetic words?  Paul tells Timothy that the prophetic words spoken over us are to be used to fight the good fight of faith.  We do that by believing the prophetic word and speaking it out loud as a prophetic declaration.  Declaring what is in the invisible realm until it becomes manifest in us.

Prophetic Declaration:

Lord, I step into deeper relationship with You.  You are my great reward.  I open my heart and say "yes".  I declare I am in the deep with You and I fully respond to Your call.  I receive the new wine skin to contain Your new wine.  I let go of hesitation and fear.  I choose to believe Your word to me.  I do not hesitate.  I align myself in prophetic precision - to be accurately positioned for the NOW and the future.

Be expecting.  Expect to encounter God in new ways.  Expect to see signs that confirm what God is speaking to you.  Look in the sky as you go about your day for many times God confirms His word with signs in the sky.  Stop and thank the Lord when He gives you signs of confirmation.  Acknowledge what you see.  If possible, take a picture and keep it as an encouragement.  This is how we advance in a practical way from the prophetic word being spoken to the prophetic word becoming real in our lives.

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