Monday, June 24, 2019
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Prophetic Perspectives


What is the Spirit of God speaking over your life?  What direction and insight is He giving you?

Below are amazing decrees and declarations spoken over you in the last month as part of Harvest Christian Church.  They are directional and encouraging.  Holy Spirit is speaking about our identity and what God is imparting in this season.  It is important to receive the provision of God.  What He puts in us and activates in us shifts us out of natural limitations and restrictions.  The Lord has brought us into a new place of freedom.  God’s delight is in us.  He calls you the apple of His eye.  He looks on us with favor.  We are His, and He is our God.  We are in a season of amazing grace where God is enabling His body (that is you and me) to do exploits that we only dreamed of in the last season.

Can you believe it?  Do you believe that miracles will flow through your hands in your spheres of influence?  The Lord has said that to us, to you, multiple times recently.  The Bible says that God puts HIS WORD in your heart and in your mouth.  His word has power and authority to shift, change, breakthrough and create the new.  Our God leads us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.  Meaning that what He empowers us to do glorifies Him.  Wow!  Only the Lord’s power can accomplish these things and He wants to work His power through us!

Be encouraged and built up and refocused by the following prophetic words spoken to us over the last month:

I have called you to live a life of celebration.  Celebrate the benefits of your life in Me, and celebrate that which has not even been revealed to you and provided that you have not even seen yet.  Call out what you need of for I have provided for you.  Call it forth and call it out to manifest.

Prophetic Perspectives - June 2019And the walls are coming down, yes the walls are coming down through the work of the Lamb.  No more delay.

Do not be distracted by what is being exposed of the enemy.  For I want you to see what I am revealing in the depth of My eternal wisdom.  Deep is calling to deep.  These are days of the discovery of the wisdom of God.  There is so much for you to discover and to incorporate into your lives.  There are wisdom nuggets that will set you free.

I have given you grace to overcome and grace to see.  I have filed you with My comfort and My peace.  Know that this is the day that I had made and you will rejoice.  You are more than conquerors in Me.  Know that I am for you and not against you.  Know that I war over you and through you.  I have established My peace in you even in the most of strife.  Fear not for I am with you.  Know that I am the King of kings and Lord of lords no matter what.  Be all that I have called you to be.  This is a new day and time.  Smell the aroma of My worship and peace.  You will release My word in authority.

Love is before love does.  The Lord says, My love is the portal that establishes My love in your life.  God is love.  You are growing in the full stature of My love, the dimensions of My love and the actions of My love.  For I call you to live continuously in My love.  I have challenged you by saying to you, how can you love a God that you have never seen and not love your brother and sister that you can see everyday?  The antidote to fear is My love.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  I call you to be fearless.  These are days you will do many exploits.  You have been set free from fear.  This is the day that love is established in your heart.

When you move when I move, says the Lord, that is what activates more of Me in your life.  When you move with Me, I move even more.  When you speak, I speak.  Start that flow by moving with Me.  Start the flow of My Spirit by hearing and receiving and giving.  And I will pour much into you.

I am making a way in the wilderness.  As you ask for more I am giving you more of who I am.  I am giving you more now.  You have received breakthrough in every part of your life.  Everyday you are in Me you have the river of life.  My glory is with you forever.  I am bringing you into a new standard and you will have a new frequency.  See My river flowing – receive it.


One of the key prophetic words that the Lord is speaking today is "limitless".  God is wanting us to see that He is limitless and because we are in Him and He is in us, we too are limitless.  The Lord is pushing us beyond the boundaries of old to see fresh and new.  He has opened our eyes and ears to a new sound.

EW Kenyon writes in his book Advanced Bible Course:

If you do not limit Him then you are limitless.  If you let the Limitless One dominate you and rule you, if you let His will be carried out in you, it would mean you are taking responsibilities and privileges that you have never assumed before, if you dare to say, "I can do all things.  His ability is mine.  His wisdom is mine.  Therefore I am what He says I am"

God is stretching and expanding our thinking.  He is expanding our capacity to think bigger, believe bigger, expect bigger because He is the God of ALL THINGS.  He is Supreme and Sovereign – He rules and He reigns.  And He wants us to step into the authority we have been given in Christ.  It is A BRAND NEW DAY; we are living in a NEW ERA, a new time in history!  We need new understanding and new knowledge.  We need insight and wisdom.  The Lord gives us all of those things through Holy Spirit so that we are not confined to the limitations of the world and its ways.  So we can be ones that bring heaven into the earth.

Prophetic Perspectives - May 2019Be encouraged and built up and refocused by the following prophetic words spoken to us over the last month:

For I say to you this day that I am a God that is relentless in My pursuit of you.  I have called you to be a relentless people.  For I have given you a brave heart.  Stepping back and falling away is never an option.  Be relentless as I am relentless and you shall know complete victory.

The Lord says, I have put Christ on the inside of you, and He is seated in heavenly places.  He is seated not only in the heavenly places but in you.  So I have put heaven in you.  I am forming Christ in you so heaven can fill the earth.  I am filling you with Myself. The fullness of who I am I have placed on the inside of you.  Your life is hidden in Him.  Receive My fullness, for heaven is in you.

For I want to have dominion, absolute dominion.  And there is to be an exchange.  Are you willing to give up what is precious to you for the supernatural power that I have for you?  That I have appointed for you, that I have reserved for you?  This is the day that I call you to surrender what is precious to you.  Take on the holy exchange of all that is precious to Me.  Do I have dominion in your life?  You must lay it all down before Me to rise up in My authority.  Rise up in My Kingship.  Do not resist My word.  This is the hour and time to lay it all down.

Step into the harvest, step into the harvest for the harvest is plentiful.  I have called you for such a time as this.  For this plentiful harvest is before you.  You are ones who have labored and I have prepared you.  The harvest is abundant, so step into the harvest.

Know that I am the One that set the heavens and the earth in place.  I am the One that put the stars in their place.  So know that there are no boundaries or limitations in Me.  For I am the great I Am.  And you are in Me.  Step beyond the limitations you see in this natural world.  Step beyond the limitations of rhetoric you hear spoken today.  For I am not confined, says the Lord.  I am not confined nor am I defined by the powers and principals of the air.  So I say, lift up your eyes and see who I am.  For I Am that I Am.  The earth is Mine and everything in it.  And I have put you in My earth and I have set new boundaries around you.  Fear not as I send you into new places.  Fear not change.  Fear not as I cause you to open your mouth and speak My words.  For the I Am that I Am is in you.

Call out to Me and I will show you great and mighty things.  I am ready to show you, are you ready to see?  Call out to Me.  You will begin to hear and see Me like you never have before.

I call you to a limitless place of harvest.  I have not called you to the routine.  I have not called you to the shallow water.  I have not called you to places that are familiar.  The deep is a place where you are led by My Spirit.  It is a place you will come to know as more forward in forceful advance and sensitivity to My Spirit.

Deep unto deep.  Fresh unto fresh.  New unto new.  This My desire, newness in you.  Declare that I am King and Lord.  Declare that I am healing.  Declare that I am glory.  See, see that this is a new time and a new release.  There is new authority and new grace. Step into My word.  Step into my strength and anointing.  Speak into your circumstances and say who I am.  Say that I am your peace.  Say that I am your victory.  Say that I am your healing.


Prophetic Words Released Over Us At Harvest:

Look around you.  What do you see in the people around you?  They have a desire for what I have put in you.  Demonstrate who I am.   Reveal who I am. Walk in the fullness of who I am.  I have been increasing your experience of Me daily so that you might trust and enjoy Me.  Walk in the power and glory of who I am.  Boldly pour out My love and share My word.  Boldly demonstrate who I am.  For you are the manifestation of who I am on the earth.  You are the ones who will bring truth to a lost and dying world.  Know this, they are hungry.

I am showing you My glory and giving to you My unconditional love.  Love for Me.  Love for each other.  And love for this world.  Give My love to others.  Receive My love.

Prophetic Perspectives - April 2019You have waited, searching for Me, searching for My face.  Searching for wisdom.  Searching for My desires.  Searching for understanding.  You have anticipated My presence, longing desiring wanting more of Me.  Anticipate no more but step into My grace.  Step into My wisdom.  Step into My glory.  For I have called you and set you apart for such a time as this.  My longing and My desire has always been for you My sons and daughters.  Draw near to Me.  Step into My comfort and My peace.  Step into My anointing.  I am restoring that which has been lost and broken.  Release My words of peace and joy.  Know that you are more than a conqueror.  You are My chosen ones, the ones I have sought after.  You are the carriers of My word and My glory.

To the Lord we say: We hear Your voice.  We respond You are our choice.  We will make a joyful noise.  For You are our choice.  You are our reward.

The Lord says, My glory is for advancing My kingdom.  Utilize all that I have given you as you come into the fullness of all that I am.  As you continue to pursue My fullness, My glory shall manifest through you.  The most glorious days lie ahead.  Be prepared.  Be about My business.  Occupy until I come.  Endure the hardness until I come.  There is much I shall do in you and through you.  Go where I send you.

The Lord says, My sound is resonate in you.  As you go about your day and release My sound it cause liberty to come into that place.  For you carry liberty.  This sound is not just for Sunday morning but this sound is IN you.  It resonates in your DNA.  It resonates in your heart.  So open your mouth and release My sound.  My sound carries victory.  My sound carries My power.  And My power is in you.  So do not hold back but enter into My sound.

You are My sons and daughters and as you go you release My life.  As you go,  I am with you and you are with Me.  Together as one you will see My kingdom manifest in My fullness.  My courage is rising up within you.  Do not stifle it.

I have placed upon your feet my word of peace.  Wherever you go you carry My peace.  My peace is with you, and My peace shall sustain you.

This is a time of accelerated breakthrough.  You are making a forceful advancement.  And you carry the weapons of warfare.  You will see great harvest.  You will see the captives set free.  So go forth.

There is victory in the camp says the Lord.  So go forth My chosen ones.  Go forth My warriors.  Go forth My worshippers, My sons and daughters.  I have released you.  My victory is in your voice.  You will be strong.  You will be victorious.

The Lord says the heavens are open.  The heavens are open.  My children, I have OPENED WIDE the gates.  So that you might come in; so that you might walk out of whatever is holding you back.  There are no more limitations.  Out of your belly will flow My river.

The Lord says to Harvest, make Me the dominate image when you worship, so that when you go out you know how to find me.  I will put My word in your heart so that when you are out you can release My word out into the world.

The Lord says I have caused an underground river to be released here at Harvest.  Allow that river to flow inside of you.  And it will flow out into all of your environment.  There are resources and health in this river.

To this house the Lord says you carry the same DNA that is upon your Apostles.  You carry a dimension of life.  You are a company of people who carry into the city and region the manifestation of the pattern God has given to this house.  You move as a team with synergy.  You ignite the atmosphere with the frequency of your spirit making it conducive for God to move.  You know how to move in the spirit.  Don't be a spectator.  Give your portion in worship.  The Lord says to Harvest, keep on getting out in aisle and dancing.


An ERA is defined as A NEW PERIOD OF HISTORY.  In a NEW ERA everything is refined.  Our thinking and perspective need to change so we can succeed and progress in what we have to do.  Our culture has much to say about this NEW ERA and how things are gong to operate.  God has even more to say.  His order is above or supersedes the world’s order.  God sets time and seasons into place.  This NEW ERA is here because it is God’s timing.

God speaks to us His prophetic word to help us understand the times and seasons He sets in place.  This way we can live and move and have our being connected to heaven, not the world.  Our source is God – not man or culture.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. God always provides a way; God’s way is the way of holiness.  He promises us He will make the way and enable us to walk in it.

Psalm 24.7 NIV
Lift up your heads, O you gates, be lifted up you ancient doors that the King of Glory might come in.  Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord mighty in battle.


We must lift our heads out of circumstances, out of the old scenery.  God enlightens the eyes of our heart so we can LOOK and SEE the REALM of VICTORY that we have entered.  This is what the prophetic words bring to our attention.  What is God doing?  What is He speaking?  What is He saying to me?  How do we TAKE THE SPOILS?

We are in a NEW ERA, a new time in history.  We have not been this way before.  We are not fighting battles like we used to fight.  Our weaponry is new.  We are NOT fighting to survive (that was the old season).  We are engaging in battle to take back, to plunder, to annihilate everything about the enemy.

Take back our families, take back cities, lop off the heads of giants, take the harvest of souls.  We advance in VICTORY.  EVERYTHING is in place.  NOW is the time to advance.

Below are excerpts of prophetic words spoken to us as a congregation over the last few weeks.  Giving us instruction and understanding.  Giving us keys in this NEW ERA, this new period of history.

Prophetic words:

For there is a holiness arising in you.  Literally, holiness is arising in this place.  For there is a holiness that is arising as the standard, the standard of truth.  For the Lord says, I AM that I AM.  I AM that standard.  I AM that truth.  I AM that holiness.  I AM that I AM.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  For I AM that I AM.  Revival and truth shall be declared. For I AM that I AM.  My wisdom, My glory shall abound for you.  For I AM that I AM.  Release My truth, release My word, release My voice, release My glory – declare that I AM that I AM.

As you begin to believe My word, even the very words that you sing, you will begin to see My manifestation everywhere you go.  Because as I am in you, you are in Me.  And as I move, you move.  And as you move, I move.  And together we will see My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Together we will see the powers of darkness overthrown.  My joy will emanate from you.  As you go know that I am sending you.  Together we are one.

Prophetic Perspectives - March 2019And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, then He who raised Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal body.  My Spirit lives in you.  This is not a question but a declaration.  Since the Spirit of God lives in you no longer shall you be  limited, no longer shall you be in restraints.  You are FREE in Me!  My destiny is upon you.  My life is within you.  My word glorifies you.  I have set you apart for such a time as this – to restore the broken hearted, to heal the sick, bring forth My word and truth.  This you shall know: none is greater than Me!  None goes before Me.  I am King of kings.  I am Lord of lords.

So fully enter into My victory.  Don't just look at My victory, but enter in!  Step into the victory that I have provided for you.  Step into the victory that I have given to you.  For I have opened the door and said, “Come into this place.”  In this place is My fullness.  In this place is the fullness of My victory.  In this place things are different, circumstances and situations will look different.  You will hear things differently.  You will speak differently.  When you are fully enveloped in My victory you will no longer be intimidated.  You will no longer stand in fear.  There will be no confusion in your heart or mind.  You will not be perplexed.  You will have clarity of purpose and clarity of what I am speaking, clarity of how I am moving.  Step fully into My victory realm.  I have opened up the door for you to enter into My victory realm.  I am inviting you in.  I say to you, this is My time for you to enter into this place.  It is a new dimension and a new realm.  It is a realm that I am introducing to you in this NEW ERA.  So step into My victory realm.


We have entered 2019 with expectation and the promises of God.  Our spirits are alive.  Nothing is impossible with God.  2019 will be a year of miracles and a year of birthing.  The kingdom of God is advancing, and we are moving forward.

There was much insight and direction given at the joint service New Year’s Eve with MDCC.  Apostle Bob released a word sharing that Holy Spirit will teach us to run with endurance this year.  To keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and to endure even when the going gets tough.  Holy Spirit is going to disciple us individually revealing every hindrance that is holding us back.  We are to lay aside every encumbrance as we are being trained in righteousness.  As a church we are starting the year with a time of consecration, fasting for 21 days.  Seeking God; allowing Him to search our hearts.

Apostle Linda shared that a key scripture for 2019 is Titus 2.11-12, “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in this present age.”  We are to establish the culture of heaven.
Prophetic Perspectives - 2019-02

Through the prophetic word God reveals His heart to us giving us insight and understanding of how to move with Him.

Here are some of the prophetic words from January:

In this time of consecration you will revelate My glory.  I am strengthening you.  Shaping you.  We responded: The time is here.  The time is now!  With one voice we make Your sound.  We take our place.

The miracles of God have already been released from heaven.  The miracles must be received by faith.  They are apprehended by believing.  Your faith will remove what has blocked you from receiving what I have already provided.  Have I not said that by the stripes of Jesus you have been healed?  But what are you saying?  What do you believe?  Whose report do you really  believe?  No longer say someday miracles will come.  Rather say, TODAY miracles have come!  TODAY when you hear My voice do not harden your heart.  Believe.

If you will press into My Spirit this season I will press out of your soul that which has hindered you from the fullness of all that I have called you to be.  I have called you to be more than a conqueror.  I have called over to be an overcomer.  I have given you My Spirit and My word.  This is a season of grace for change, a season of great breakthrough.  It is a season that your expectations will arise.  Bubbling up inside of you is a supernatural hope, a new hope.  A supernatural joy and a supernatural strength.  Miracles are here.

I am the God of the impossible.  Is there anything too hard for Me?  There is nothing too hard for Me!  All you have to do is respond in faith.  Miracles are your portion and miracles are your inheritance.  Believe.  Look to see.  Receive.  Do not say, I cannot be healed because of this or that.  Breathe Me in.  I am here to heal you and restore you.

You say to Me, Lord this world has become so fearful and anxious.  But I say to you, you have never been this way before.  I am dealing with familiarity and tradition.  I am saying to you that this is a season you will not find security in things.  I want to be your complete security.  You are walking into newness of life.  You are being led by My Spirit into new dimensions that you have not entered before.  The old securities are crumbling and a new security in Me is coming forth.

For what is it that perplexes you and causes you to reason?  Am I not with you?  I will never leave you.  If you turn to the left or to the right, am I not there?  If you look to the left or to the right am I not with you?  For even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil.  I am your rod and your shield.  I am your protector.  I am your comforter and strength.  The surety of the Lord goes before you.  My grace is with you.  My word is with you.  Do not hide yourself.  You have been set apart and chosen.  I am your God and you are mine, so go forth.  Rejoice and know that I am with you.

As you look around, you see your own government is shut down.  And many are fearful and perplexed because they have put their trust in the government.  But My government of peace, says the Lord, is standing.  I have called you to work and cooperate with Me.  You will shift and rise up as you put your trust Me.


The presence of God, powerful prophetic words and preaching is taking us beyond where we have been.  Our Farther continues to pour out His Spirit upon us.  We are being enlarged and expanded.  Everything has changed – we are a new creation in Christ.

Finish 2018 strong so that you can enter 2019 strong.  Be filled with faith.  Stand strong and be filled with courage.  Do not shrink back.  Trust in the Lord with all of your heart.

Hebrews 10.23  Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Walk in partnership with God.  It has always been God's intention to have us partner with Him.  He wants to walk with us.  He wants to equip us.  He wants to give us understanding so that we know what to do and when to do it.  God is NOT REACTIONARY.

Recent Prophetic Words: Be strengthened.  Be focused.  Receive.

Where My Spirit dwells, the I AM will be revealed.  I AM the MIRACLE WORKER.  I AM the PROMISE KEEPER.  I AM the God that extends His hand towards you.  Do not hold back this move of the Spirit.  I will invite you into who I AM.  I will abound in you.

I am pouring My power into you.  Do not resist.  Surrender and receive My power.  I am imparting My power into you.  You carry My kingdom.  You carry the dimensions of My Spirit.  And I am bringing enlargement in you.  This is a day of the miraculous.  This is the demonstration of My power to astound the earth, to bring glory to My name.  So do not fear and do not hold back.  Do not say, I am not qualified or who am I to carry such a thing.  I say you are Mine, and I have called you for such a time and place as this.  Surrender, surrender to My power and My glory.  I am filling you.  As you surrender to My power and to My name – My glory will fill you.  There will be a newness in your thinking and your speaking.  It is because My kingdom has come to you.

Prophetic Perspectives - 2019-01You have said what about my circumstances, what about my situations and problems?  I say unto you, who do you say that I am?  Am I not your God and King?  Am I not your glory?  So begin to step into My word.  Step into My reign.  Step into My arena.  Release My kingdom and release My strength.  Release My healing.  Who do you say that I am?  Glorify My name in your circumstances and in this world.  Release My word with authority.  You are My chosen generation.  Stand firm in Me.

Give yourself to Me and you will begin to see your circumstances and those things around you differently.  I am with you.  Give yourself to My workings and it will push out the doubt.  It will push out the fear that you cannot do it.  As you give yourself to Me understanding will come.

I want you to become a miracle worker with Me.  I want you to be the light in the darkness with Me.  Give yourself to Me.  Where is the wise man?  Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?  God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the strong.  Do not be afraid to look foolish to the world; the foolish things of the Lord are wiser than the wisdom of the world.  For what sets you apart?  What makes you unique?  What is it that makes you My sons and daughters, My watchmen, My warriors?  What is it that makes you a chosen generation, a royal priesthood?  It is because you are willing to be set apart, willing to do My battle.  The things that I say will be, will be.  This is the hour and the time, this is the minute – this is literally the NOW!  So step into My glory.  Step into My wisdom.  Step into My anointing.  "This I will do" shall be your declaration.

I am bringing you into My presence and My anointing and My power.  I am removing everything that blocks you.  I am purifying you.  I am releasing a spirit of courage.  Courage to face your giants.  Begin to run toward your giants.  I have put a word in your mouth, even as you go you will start to release the word.  You will see the giants begin to fall in front of you.  This is a time that I am releasing My presence in all of its fullness.

Welcome the Holy Spirit.  The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you giving life.  This is your portion and your inheritance.  Thank God for what He is doing.  Thanksgiving opens the door for His presence.

God says, I am releasing a spirit of understanding in My people.  For My Spirit is wisdom.  Clarity is coming where there is confusion.  Receive.  Receive.

Receive My words.  They are a fresh running brook.  Walk in them.  Speak My words they are Spirit and truth; they are real.  I am giving you My word and My authority – take it.

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