Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Part of our prophetic word for 2018 from Dr. David is to be “positioned in prophetic precision”. That means that we are to lean in to hear what is being spoken by the Lord and then position ourselves in agreement, making any necessary shifts or adjustments. This is a time to be aware of how we position ourselves. Another way to say that is: consider what you are agreeing with and what you are speaking. The Lord is saying to speak words of life. We speak life to our city and our nation, life to ourselves and our families, life to our communities and workplaces.

During worship at our February 11 service there was a very strong and clear prophetic word that was released. I have transcribed portions of this prophetic word. As you read it allow your spiritual ears to be open to hear and receive what Holy Spirit is speaking.

“I am your Shepheard. Hear My voice. I am calling you higher and deeper, as deep cries out to deep I am calling you. I am your great reward. Stand. Stand in the authority and promises that I have given you. Stand in stature.”

The Lord asks, ‘How deep do you want to go?’ Open the gates of your heart and allow Me to come in. How deep you will go is up to you. Open up your heart and allow Me to come in and let me reveal Myself. I am filling My church with new wine and forming a new wine skin. You have slowed up; there is a hesitation in some of you. Let Me take you where you have never been before. I am your reward and your recompense as you come deeper. Choose to allow Me to be your reward then there will be no hesitancy. Everyday, choose Me and make me your reward.”

This is a specific word to us at Harvest. Holy Spirit is directing us on what to do and how to do it. The Lord is saying to us that He will take us deeper into Himself. He is saying that the door is open and He is calling us deeper - into deeper relationship. Deeper revelation. Deeper understanding of who He is. Deeper connection. Deeper worship. Increased wisdom and discernment of God will come in the deep. In the deep God reveals His mysteries and gives us supernatural understanding of the times and how to stand. In the deep there is increasing dependence upon the Lord as we lay down our lives and receive His. We shift into greater alignment and become positioned in prophetic precision as we come deeper. Do not hesitate or be afraid. He is our reward.

How do you respond to prophetic words? Paul tells Timothy that the prophetic words spoken over us are to be used to fight the good fight of faith. We do that by believing the prophetic word and speaking it out loud as a prophetic declaration. Declaring what is in the invisible realm until it becomes manifest in us.

Prophetic Declaration:

Lord, I step into deeper relationship with You. You are my great reward. I open my heart and say “yes”. I declare I am in the deep with You and I fully respond to Your call. I receive the new wine skin to contain Your new wine. I let go of hesitation and fear. I choose to believe Your word to me. I do not hesitate. I align myself in prophetic precision - to be accurately positioned for the NOW and the future.

Be expecting. Expect to encounter God in new ways. Expect to see signs that confirm what God is speaking to you. Look in the sky as you go about your day for many times God confirms His word with signs in the sky. Stop and thank the Lord when He gives you signs of confirmation. Acknowledge what you see. If possible, take a picture and keep it as an encouragement. This is how we advance in a practical way from the prophetic word being spoken to the prophetic word becoming real in our lives.
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