Tuesday, August 09, 2022
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Prophetic Perspectives


Many of the prophetic words released over the last month at Harvest are God reiterating what He has already put inside of you.  These words are an encouragement that God has given you what you need for this time.  Do not let circumstances or challenges bring discouragement because God is clearly saying that victory is already there!  


Lana Vawser, a prophet in Australia recently shared this prophetic insight that echoes what God is speaking at Harvest.  "The weight of His glory and presence is increasing, and there is a call to 'linger' with Him, eliminating any rush.  His glory is coming in such a way that it will cause His people to fall face down as His brilliance comes crashing in like never before.  It is the Ezekiel 44.4 place: "Then He brought me by the way of the north gate to the front of the house; and I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD FILLED the house of the LORD, and I fell face downward.”  He is releasing deeper encounters with His heart and deeper revelations from His heart."



For there is a point of demonstration – know this, truly you are a reflection of Me; ones who have the Father's heart.  For your lips are as mine – full of passion, full of power, full of desire.  Grace is bestowed upon you for you are children of the Holy One.  You are warriors in My camp.  Come together in life.  Live your life more abundantly in Me.  You are as one, chosen ones of the Most High.  Strength to strength.  Heart to heart.  Life to life.  Destroy the works of the enemy, hold back the dimensions that shall not bend.  For you are conquerors, you are warriors, you are life-changers.  Release the passion that is in you.  Release the healing that is upon you.  Declare My voice for this is new.  This is a new day, a new hour.  Release.  Release.  Release.


Yes, release says the Lord, for the fire I send is not a fire of destruction.  Fear not.  It is a fire of healing.  It is a fire of restoration.  It is a fire of wholeness.  I saw a man set ablaze and he was running all over the altar area.  Everyone he touched they were set ablaze.  The Lord says I activate you because the power is within you.  This activation is going to bring salvations, wholeness and soundness.  Start to be activated!  I'm activating in your family.  I'm doing something in this country, says the Lord.  I'm going to go from nation to nation for this is the power of My Spirit.  That is why I sent My wind.  Be activated!


This is a point in time – we are moving forward as one.  You are moving forward as you are in awe of Me.  In your awe and wonder of Me I will provide you with wisdom.  I will provide you with guidance.  I will give you all provision.  From this point we move forward as one.  


The Lord says, you reside in My victory.  My victory is with you at all times.  My victory is not something you have to press into, you don't have to look for breakthrough because My victory is in you because I am in you.  So the Lord says, step into the reality of your victory for Jesus Christ broke open any resistance that would stand against you.  Any resistance that you sense or feel is an illusion because My victory is in you.  So step in.  Step into the realm and the reality of what I have given you.  


Step into boldness because My provision is already in front of you.  Only step out.  I have already placed all of what you need on the inside of you.  Only release it.  I hear the Lord say, step out into boldness and do not be afraid.  You have what you need.  


Do not move back – but move forward.  Keep making choices that are right.  You get to make the decision, do you want to make good choices or bad ones?  One will take you down the good road the other will take you down the road of evil.  


I have made a way, and I will continue to make a way.  I am the WAY, and I am in you.  So the way is in you.  As you put your trust in Me and what I am doing in you, your confidence will grow.  And as your confidence grows, your courage will grow.  As your confidence and courage grow you will overcome all the things that are trying to overcome you.  You are victorious and the victory is inside of you.  Give yourself to what I am doing on the inside of you, and you will overcome all things that are trying to hinder you.  I have put My Spirit in you.  I have put you in Me, and I have put Me in you.  We are one.  You will begin to hear in a way you have not heard Me, you will begin to see Me like you have never seen Me before.  I will do exceedingly above what you think.  As My power works in you you will begin to see new things.  My wisdom will begin to flow.  


In this time of abundant grace I have also given you the fire of My word.  Every word that you speak, every place that you go you are carrying Me.  And you will defeat the enemy.  Be encouraged – this is the time of abundant grace.  The words that you speak are living words.

This is the point of desperation.  A declaration of provision in you.  Spirit to spirit.  Heart to heart.  Will to will.  Strength to strength.  This is how the Father speaks.  Grace abounds in you.  Strength arises in you.  The glory of God is in you.  You are chosen ones.  The heart of the Father is in you.  There is destiny that precedes you.  Step into My grace and My abundance.  Step into My will and My calling.  Step into My ordinances and My wisdom.  I am that I am in you.  The heart of the Father draws forth all that you need.  Step into all that I have for you.  This is My will and My glory – this is My destiny for you.  


When I say to you to go forth – go forth boldly.  I am sending you into dark places.  I am sending you to ones that do not know what you know.  You carry My voice – My majestic voice.  It will come forth through your voice.  So go forth with boldness.  There is an anointing upon you this day, an equipping upon you.  This day there is an increased boldness upon you.  I fill you with boldness.  Go forth in My name. 


When you are standing in the midst of your trial and circumstances do not be passive.  Standing is not just a passive act.  Let your standing be in awe of Him.  His greatness and the fullness of who He is.  Mark 11, say unto that mountain BE REMOVED!  When you have done all that you know how to do – stand in awe of God.



Let the prophetic word bring you encouragement and clarity in your heart.  Let your thinking and expectation be aligned to the heart of God.  The devil is a liar and the father of lies who comes to steal, kill and destroy through words and accusations, offense and hopelessness.


But God!.  But our God is GREATER!  Our God is STRONGER!  He is the WAYMAKER and He never stops working!  He is for us and not against us.  He never leaves us.  He watches after His Word to perform it.


Isaiah 41.10-11 NIV

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

11 “All who rage against you
    will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
those who oppose you
    will be as nothing and perish.



Christ in you the hope of glory.  For if you have Christ in you, you are prepared for the glory.  I have said in My Word that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of My glory.


The key is through Me.  The victory is through Me.  Did I not say you are more than a conqueror through Me?  Did I not say that you can do all things through Me who gives you strength?  Did I not say greater is He, which is Me, in you than he that is in the world?  Know My children that you have the victory because you are in Me and I am in you.  There is no separation of the two.


Yes, My children you are in Me and I am in you.  Even as it was said, Christ in you the hope of glory.  Let My glory fall upon you.  I release it says, the Spirit of the Lord.  My fire in your heart – I release My fire in your spirit says the Lord.  I release My fire in your body to bring forth healing says the Lord.  Christ in you the hope of glory.  For you are My glory carriers.  For you are the temple of the Holy Ghost filled with power.  You are My glory carriers.  Go and affect this world with My glory.  You are My change agents.


For as I have penetrated the earth, My destiny in you causes unrestraint.  This is what causes the rise up.  As My life in you circumvents the circumstances in the earth, this is what causes the rise up.  So rise up in Me.  This is the destiny before you.  Do not resist this path.  You are free to release, free to uphold, free to declare, free to say I am that I am in you.  No longer will you stand along the way.  No longer will you hold back.  Your destiny is now.  Overcoming is here.  Release the joy.  Release peace.  Release healing.  And know that I am.


All of My love is going down into the earth.  I have released the river of life.  Once you drink from it you will not be thirsty again.


Believe on Me.  Do not be frustrated with the processes that I am taking you through in this troubled time.  Let patience have its perfect work in you.  For this is a time that I am working patience in you.  The fruit of which you will mature, you will lack nothing, and you will be prepared for the end time.  Trust My process.  The enemy wants you to be angry and frustrated and offended in this time with the world and the condition of the world.  But I say let patience have her perfect work in you.


Even as you have read in scripture, on the day of Pentecost there was a wind – the wind of My Spirit that came and filled the upper room.  The Lord says that My wind is among you.  My breath is among you.  The Lord says, My fire is in you – My fire is in you!  By My breath and by My fire I am bringing you into a new dimension and a new realm.  The door has opened, and you have risen up and now I am taking you into a new dimension and a new realm of victory.  The Lord says, use your eyes of faith and use your ears of faith and use your voice of faith because My Spirit is alive in you!


For you seek to find stability in a world that is being shaken in every dimension and institution.  Let me remind you that it is not about your stability.  Remember that I am a Rock!  I am THE Rock!  And I am your anchor.  You magnify whatever you look at.  You will be in despair if you look at circumstances.  You are filled with hope if you look at My promises.  This day I tell you, I am the Rock that cannot be shaken and the anchor that cannot be uprooted.  Stay in Me.


God is our protection against the devil and all evil.  Evil is no match for the power of God.


This is a day that I am taking you higher, and I am revealing Myself to you in a fresh and new way.  I am putting new armor upon you says the Lord.  I am taking you higher so that you might quench all of the fiery darts of the evil and wicked one.  I am your shield and your protector.  I am your rock and your deliverer.  Receive My supply into yourself now.  Christ is in you the hope of glory.  Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I am giving you the victory.  I have gone before you and I am your rearguard.  Look forward – not behind.  See your victory with eyes of faith.


I am the voice of Truth!  Even as you search for truth, turn your eyes inward to the Spirit of God that is on the inside of you.  I have put My Word within you.  My Word is near you and around you.  My Word saturates you on the inside.  And My Word is the Word of Truth!  I will fill your mouth with My Word.  My Word will be like a fire in your mouth and as you speak My Word into this atmosphere and the atmospheres around you, into situations and circumstances My Word will consume that which the enemy desires to do.  My Word will overtake and bring restoration in this hour.  My Word is in you!


And there is a river of life flowing from My throne – it is constantly flowing.  It is a river of life and abundant supply.  My resources are unending and always available to My children, to you My loved ones.  My river is flowing -- you can tap into it anytime.  Tap into My river, into My endless supply.  There is no supply chain shortage.  You are My supply chain.  My river comes with abundance and My glory.


Pursue Me for this is the heart of the Father.  Come after Me.  I am full of life, full of abundance and full of glory.  I am in you.  Pursue Me with the depths of your heart.  Pursue Me with a new passion.  Be desperate for Me.  Release My anointing.  Release My strength and abundance.  Release My healing.  Stand in My strength For My voice is strong in you.  You are change-makers.  You are the ones the world is in need of.  My heart is in you.



Let the voice of the LORD resonate in your heart and let your mind be renewed as you read this. I speak clarity and understanding over you.  Let god’s love wrap around you and His joy fill you.  He is with you and will not leave you.


As Paul prayed, so I pray these scriptures over you and over us as a church. Ephesians 1, “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe….”  And Colossians 2, “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.  See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.


This first prophetic word was released through Glory of Zion Ministries. It is a strong word and a directive that applies to now. Be strengthened and encouraged by this word, take it in to the core of your being. 

Excerpt from the prophetic word – Prophet Rose Sambrook from Ireland: 

Why are you overwhelmed says GOD?  It is because you are not living in the correct realm. Let go and come up higher. Don’t stand in the corridors of confusion anymore. I see you looking at doors. Go through the door marked “freedom”. Believe and trust Me. Listen for the sounds of the angels marching. They are coming with messages from My throne room – of deliverance, of hope, strategies for the battles. The war is raging – choose to ascend. Operate in your kingdom authority no longer bound to this realm. Let go of fear, resentment and anger – come up higher. The blood of Jesus is enough.”



The Lord says that My sound is in your midst and My sound is even in your belly. So let My sound arise up and out of you. Let My sound fill your heart and your soul. This is a time that My sound and My frequency will lead you into your future. My sound will break open the way, and you will see My supply is there for you. The enemy comes to try and cover up My supply, but My sound will blast the facade of the enemy and you will see there is no substance to it.

Stay in the center of My sound. Allow My sound to rise up out of you. Not just today and in this moment but allow My sound to continually flow from you. My frequency that is in you will lead you and advance you into your future.


I have heard your cry. I am pouring out My Spirit upon you today. All of your praises have gone up and you are asking for a baptism of Holy Spirit. I am baptizing you now wherever My people are gathered together. I am burning away all things that are not of Me. I will purify you as My vessels in the earth. You will be carriers of My word – broadcasters. It will be a system never seen in the earth before. It is here. I have created it. Each one of you will be My messenger. Each one will be a broadcaster of My word. Broadcasting the way, the truth and the life of My Son Jesus. Enter into My word and speak it – You are My broadcast system. God says that as you open your mouth, I will fill it and I will watch over My word, and it will not return empty. It will accomplish what I sent it to accomplish.


For this is the appointed time, the now season. Step into My grace. Step into My mercy. You are a warring people. You are My sons and My daughters. You are My chosen ones. Step into My abundance. Step into My wisdom. Step into My authority. I am that I am in you. You may say, Lord how do I pursue you? How do I come after you? The Lord says, pursue Me with all of your heart. Come to Me as you are. For this is the now season and time. My word is in you. So, apprehend and take hold of and release My word. Step into who you are. My kingdom is within you.


Come up, for the door to more is open. I am pouring out the more of My abundance into your heart. I am pouring out My abundance into your family and spheres of influence. The Lord says, I am not holding back! But I am giving you increase upon increase. In strength. In courage. In revelation and demonstration of who I am. The door is open so come up, come up higher and walk in the place I have opened up for you. In this place you will hear My voice and I will direct your steps. And in this place you will release My kingdom into those realms of your influence. This is the day to come up and rule and reign with Me says God. This is your destiny and purpose and call. Come up the door is open.


The Lord is releasing into us the very blood flow of His heart. And there is a sound that goes with that. It is the cadence of God. It is the cadence of the rhythm of His heart. There is so much railing against it – against His heart. But His heart overwhelms and overtakes and supersedes all of it. You are My people says God. He says line it up. Line up your heart, line it up. Trust is the key. Trust Me. Let trust come down on you and unlock something new. See what God can do for you today. The Lord says I am releasing a sound and it is shaking your region. It is shifting and shaking the region. It is penetrating deep into the ground of this region. And it is releasing My kingdom’s blood flow into the very earth. It is a redeeming, a forgiving and a healing sound. It is a liberating cleansing victorious sound. It is the sound of the very heartbeat of the King and His Kingdom. It’s the sound of the blood redeeming a people and a territory. It is the sound of forgiveness and love. It is a deep and strong sound. It is overwhelming yet calming. God says I am love. And God says I am releasing the sound of My song and My love over you. To heal you and to heal your region. To bring you through to the new that I have for you. You can’t do it for yourself. I am doing it for you. Your part is to make yourself available to receive and to trust Me. Humble yourself and yield so you will bear fruit in the new that I have for you. My sound is bringing up kingdom seeds that were planted in this region long ago. They are words from My heart. It will usher in an end time harvest like never seen before. Understand this is what I am doing now. I am raising up a people that are unified and will move with My plans and purposes and My heart.


Rise up. Rise up with joy – My joy that is unspeakable and full of glory. You will with joy draw waters out of the well of salvation. For the joy of the Lord is your strength. The Lord says I give joy that is full and joy that will remain. So rejoice and again I say rejoice.


In October 1992 Prophet Jim Stevens prophesied a very strong and defining word over Harvest Christian Church.  I have included the prophetic word in its entirety for you to read.  This prophetic word contains strong identity characteristics as to who God made us to be as Harvest Christian Church, how He has gifted us corporately, what we carry for the region and what that looks like.


In the 1990’s many prophetic words were released over individual people identifying who they were and how God had gifted them.  We called that a personal prophetic word.  Jim and Judy Stevens, prophets from Ohio and connected to Christian International, came to Harvest multiple times to minister prophetically over our church.  Many people in the congregation were given personal prophetic words.  God used Jim and Judy Stevens to impart prophetically into this church again and again.  As a congregation we grew stronger during this time – the prophetic words released built us up and helped to define who we were.


As a congregation we sang songs written out of this prophetic word – it was that important.  Also, Apostles Bob and Linda adopted a mission statement out of this prophetic word that we used for many years.  The mission statement: “We are an apostolic prophetic people possessing the land through prayer, praise and power.”


I am giving you all this background, so you see a model of how to take hold of a prophetic word and bring it into your heart in a significant way allowing the word of the Lord to be deposited deep within you.  Also, to see that prophetic words usually work out in stages over a period of time.


As I re-visited this prophetic word Holy Spirit highlighted details that I had never noticed before.  I encourage you that if you have “old” prophetic words read them again and allow Holy Spirit to show you how they apply today.


This time Holy Spirit emphasized the “context” of the prayer, praise and power parts.  I have highlighted the context portions so they will stand out as you read through this.  What you will observe is that the context describes specific things that would be happening in Detroit and the world at large.  These things were NOT happening in the 1990’s or the earlier 2000’s.  BUT they very much describe many things going on right now.  This is a NOW prophetic word to us.


What does this mean to us?  Holy Spirit is saying NOW is the time to step into prayer, praise and the power like never before – the door is open to go beyond where we have been up to now.  The Lord is re-emphasizing that we carry a great anointing in this area to impact the city and our nation.  He is stirring our faith and calling us higher.  The Lord is giving us fresh revelation and knowledge – this translates into courage, boldness, strength, greater resilience.    Hear the voice of God as you read this, allow Holy Spirit to connect you to this incredible word – it is for you; it is for us together.


Prophetic Word over Harvest from Jim Stevens October 1992:

There will start to grow a house that shall not only be built out of prayer and out of the praise and out of power, but it shall be built as a demonstration of My kingdom and the solidness of My kingdom.  For the Lord says all manner of things are going to start to slip and slide away, but the Lord says, My kingdom is here to stay.  And it shall rule and reign in the midst of an upside down world, in the midst of turmoil, in the midst of all kinds of harassments.  My kingdom shall rule and it shall reign, says the Lord.  And the Lord says not only are these three P’s going to be very prevalent within the midst of you, but My Presence is going to bind these three things together and it shall be a habitation for the power and the anointing of God.


And what you thought you had in the days past in the faith, the Lord says this night I increase your faith.  I turn up the heat on your faith.  And I am going to try you and test you, and I am going to make you the people that are called by My Name in this area of the country, says God.  And I am going to allow the pressures to come against you so that you might prove that I am the God that reigns over all circumstances.


And the Lord says you need not worry – you’re not going to be destroyed; you’re not going to fall apart, for I have given you the power, the praise, and the prayer to go together to work on your behalf.  And God says every way the enemy comes against you, if you raise up this standard and bind together and pull together, you will see the strongholds come down.  For God says it’s going to arise within this area and, when everything else seems to slip and slide away, people will come to you because they know the presence of the Lord Almighty dwells in the power and He dwells in your praise and He dwells in your prayers.


And the Lord says I am going to do a fresh thing with this church.  And it’s not only going to be an establishment for many churches to link together, but it will be a demonstration of My praise and My purpose when all other things seem to be shaken.  And the Lord says right now there are already groups in this city that have a good view, but the Lord says their hearts are going to start being revealed.  There’s going to start to be character flaws being revealed and men’s hearts are going to start to fail.  And the Lord says out of the midst of the rubbish, and out of the midst of shambles, the Lord says I am raising up people that are strong in praise, power, and in prayer, and My house shall be called a house of prayer.  And God says don’t be shaken when you see these things start to take place for the Lord says I have established you and I am going to do a fresh thing, a new thing.


And the Lord says even out of the music in this house there’s going to start to come a demonstration and a presence of My Being within the house.  And the Lord says I have put key musicians and key instruments and key people in right places so that they can present a habitation for Me to dwell in.  And the Lord says I am going to do a fresh thing even in this.  And the Lord says there will come times, that there will come visitations to this house during times of prayer and during times of worship.  And the Lord says there will be times when the congregation will find themselves laying on their faces and they will be afraid to look up for the Presence of God will be in your midst.


And the Lord says I am going to do fresh things with you to make you strong and to make you durable says God, for the things are going to try you and test you and My people will be durable and they’ll come back.  And the Lord says these are going to be great days for you because you will see the power and the manifestation of My Presence.  And you have cried out to Me and said to Me, Lord try me, test me, send me here, send me there.  And God says to you He is now answering your prayers.  And God says you will be a people after My heart, a people that is full of My power, a people that is full of My prayers, and a people that is full of My praise, says God.



Lord, Your name is so great and powerful in our hearts and in our lives and in Detroit!  You are moving in power and might – people everywhere see Your splendor.  Your glory streams from the heavens above our neighborhoods filling the atmosphere with the majesty of Your name!  You are the GREAT GOD above all other gods.  Your name is holy.  Your name is righteous.


We as Your people stand firm in faith with bold courage, we find our strength in You.  Fear and intimidation are a trap that hods you back.  But when we place our confidence in the Lord, we rise above the clashing of culture.


Isaiah 41.10, “So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.


Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always.  Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith.  Be courageous; be strong.  The Sovereign Lord is your strength; He makes your feet like the feet of a deer.  He enables you to tread on the heights.  Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.  And after you have done everything to stand – stand firm and watch God do His work of salvation for you.  True authority to rule and reign is built on a foundation of righteousness!



The door is open – right here and right now.  The Lord says, I am calling you to come up higher as a body and congregation.  The Lord says, I have prepared the way.  As you come up higher, I will open your eyes to see Me in ways you have not seen Me before.  And when you see Me in this place you will be changed forever, I am taking you to new heights and you will see like the eagle – with an eye that is far above what is happening below.  You will be able to see situations and circumstances and things that are happening in the earth from a new perspective.  The Lord says, I will release the frequency of heaven through you into the earth and My frequency will bring change.


The Lord says I am testing the motivations of the heart in a time when it is easy to hate those who are speaking things that you do not agree with.  You can be doing the right things with the wrong motivation.  It will not be counted unto you as righteousness.  It is easy to love those who love us, but it is difficult to love those who hate us.  Even in times of testing and trial Jesus loved those who hated Him.  The Lord is asking can you accurately represent Me in this time?


This is the time to rise up and be.  For My glory shines in you.  This is the season that I have ordained.  Arise in Me!  Shine and give Me the glory!  Be strong and courageous in Me for I AM in you.  You have been sanctified and set apart.  And My glory is in you.


Walk in the anointing of knowing Me.  For I am your God.  Be still and KNOW ME.  I have already won the victory and given you the keys of My kingdom.  I am taking you higher and deeper because of My love for you.


I have transplanted into you a new heart activated with My breath of life.  And as My heart beats in you so will My love flow through you.


Christ in you the hope of glory – this is My word in you and for you as I wash you with the water of My word.  You shall do even greater works because Jesus has prepared the way for you to advance I this time.  Press in for I am with you always.


I have given you a gift.  It is the way to love.  Love your enemies and love those who love you.  We can live in peace by defeating the evil one.


This is a time to be unified – to become as one.  This is a time to release one voice and one sound.  Gather as one and the world will see your love.


I am doing a new thing.  Be firm and secure in your identity in Me.  Do not fear the shaking in the world.  You are not serving a president or are you subject to the economies of this world.  You are serving the King of kings.  The blood of Jesus is over you.  Wear this world as a lose garment.  I have given you liberty in the Spirit.  See Me as the Lord of Hosts.  This is a time to take new ground.  Do not look at others as they are or even as they were but see by the eyes of the Spirit.


I am calling you to go where you have not gone before and to see what you have not seen before.  I have put My Spirit within you.  Be filled fresh with My Spirit.  Be obedient to My words.  As you give yourself over to what I am doing on the inside of you every stronghold of the enemy will be pushed out.  Do not wait.  Now is the time.  Do not wait for something to happen.  I am Living Water in you.  Do not hold on to the traditions of men.  I have made you to go from glory to gory and faith to faith.


To rise up is to let go.  For My kingdom is here and My glory is in you.  So, exchange the cares of this world for My destiny for you.  I am your Father, the King of kings and Lord of lords.  I am worthy to be praised, and I am your God.  Receive My destiny and calling this day.  Step into My anointing and know Me.


I know the power that I have deposited in you.  As you give yourself to My power you will begin to see the manifestation of My power in a greater way.


This is your day, this is your time, this is your season – I have made you for this time.  Let celebration rise up in your heart.  Let joy break out in your spirit.  I have raised you above the wiles of the enemy – look from above the fray.  I have made you to see beyond the schemes of the enemy.  This is your day and I have put My glory in you.  This is the time to move forward and advance.  Do not hesitate, do not hold back.  The Lord says I am building.  Even though you see much being dismantled before your eyes – know that I am building, and you are My builders.  Align with Me this is your day and your season.


I am releasing My Spirit over this region, and I release the winds of holy fire.  As the Holy Spirit broods, I release holy fire over this region.  I turn the dry wastelands into a productive and fruitful land.  Those things that have been marked by death; I release the wind of the Spirit.  I am calling things back to life that have been dormant.  I am releasing the turn-around.  I release My holiness and My humility into this region.  Where there have been towers of pride; I say come down low.  I call forth new life.  I speak to the ground, and I say be healed and bring forth the increase.  Grab hold with faith and let hope be restored into your spirit man.  I am bringing change.


Be mighty in battle.  Be mighty with the sword.  I am King.  I am Lord, mighty in battle, mighty in war.  Pick up your shield.  Pick up your sword.  This is the day of deliverance.


God is a God of prophecy.  Every word that He speaks is a word that He saw and ordained for the future.  God speaks what He sees.  God’s incomparable great power works through His word.  1 John 2.27 TPT says, “But the wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than their deception and now lives in you.”  


It is a critical time to discern the word of God, to hear our Father’s instructions and to follow through in obedience. David inquired of the Lord in battles. David inquired, should I even take this enemy on or let it go. And God answered David giving him different battle strategies – to throw a stone at the giant Goliath, to wait until he heard the rustling of leaves in the top of the trees, to pursue overtake and recover all at Ziklag.  Or this not your battle David – so leave this one alone.  


These prophetic words are a blessing from God.  They are infused with power and the favor of God.  Listen for what Holy Spirit is speaking to you personally.  Ask Holy Spirit to give you insight and understanding to what He is highlighting to you.  Let your faith increase as you review these prophetic words.  Receive the encouragement that comes by the Spirit.  Be strengthened in your heart and mind.  


Psalm 146.5 “Blessed is he whose help is from the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”


Proverbs 4.20-21 NIV “ My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to My words.  Do not let them out of your sight, Keep them within your heart.”


Excerpts from recent prophetic words at Harvest:

I am your strength and I am your courage. The Lord says I am in you so do not pull back, do not linger in the past. Come with Me – the door is open wide, and I am bringing you into your future. I am bringing you into your destiny. I am bringing you into what I have planned for you. The Lord says there is a cadence; there is a beat that as you walk with Me you will not miss My blessings and My provision. I am breaking open the WAY, so you have nothing to fear. The BREAKER is in you – His name is Jesus Christ. Keep your eyes on the prize for the prize is Jesus. As you follow after Me I will take you to the top. You will hear My voice and you will be ones that release My voice into this new time and new era. There will be creativity in your voice that will create the pathway. I will fill your mouth and I will fill your heart with the power of Holy Spirit. And the wind of My Spirit will be released and things will move forward says God.  


In this new year will be a new cadence. It will be My advancing army. This will be a year of the drum. There will be prophetic sounds that will come out of the drum throughout the nation. You will march into 2022. You will know Me in this next season as Lord Saboath, Lord of Hosts. You will hear the roar of the Lion of Judah and you will call yourself a soldier in My army. This is a year to be obedient to Me, your Commander in Chief. Your obedience will be time sensitive, and the mountain of procrastination will come down. There will be urgency in your heart to respond to what I am saying. Listen and obey.  


And I say that you are that people that I am raising up. I have placed the code of My Spirit on the inside of you. You will break the code in the natural. Rise up and take your place. I have given you a new city. That city is the city of My Spirit. I am putting the code of My Spirit on the inside of you. You will be filled again and again. I have given you the language of that code. As you pray in the Spirit listen for the code – listen for the code to break the powers of darkness and release the glory of God. Receive. Receive My Spirit. A new nation is rising up and coming to light. It is the nation of Almighty God. It is the Great I Am that is revealing the codes of heaven. Lift up My name and praise. 


These prophetic words come from national prophets:

Chuck Pierce

I can part what is unpartable. I can cause that which would not let go to now come apart so you can pass through. This is a time of showing. I plan on showing you what you are looking for. Do not back up, for the show is ready to begin! The show is ready to begin! Therefore, find your seat in Me and get ready to watch the manifestation that you have been asking Me about. Your seat and your position have already been prepared for you. Come up! Through your worship, rise up and be seated with Me. Together we will decree into your atmosphere and change your condition. Come up, be seated and watch that area around you in the earth realm be filled with My presence. Come into a new place with Me. Join Me in a new way. I have blessings of which you know not that I long to pour out over you. 


Hank Kunnneman

Begin to move your feet, because as you move your feet, you are moving in congruency with the order of Heaven and God’s feet that are moving at this time along with the hosts. God says, “Can you move with Me? Can your feet become part of My feet as the Body of Christ? Because My feet shall firmly be planted upon the earth’s soil, and therefore it shall shake. Watch the earth shake,” says the Lord! “But it shall not just be the earth that shakes, but men shall shake, governments shall shake.” And God says, “those who know that they have done wrong shall shake. For this purpose hell is shaking because they hear something that many, because of the spirit of fear keeps them from hearing; it is the hearing and the moving of My feet.


Tom Hamon of Christian International

An unholy, antichrist agenda has been loosed on the earth at this time in an unprecedented way. However, I believe that if we are facing unprecedented times of battle, then we can believe for unprecedented breakthroughs! The Lord spoke to me (when the pandemic was first breaking out) that the real virus was not a physical virus but a spiritual virus that wants to get into our system, like a computer virus that wants to produce malware, ransomware, Trojans, corrupted files and more. It wants to clog and confuse our systems and ultimately shut us down. The Lord said that the real ‘virus’ was composed of three main things: fear, fatigue, and fatalism. These three attacks want to invade our systems physically, spiritually, and socially, causing us to shut down or become susceptible to the enemy’s ‘antichrist agenda’ plans. Fear is sent to control us and is more contagious than a natural virus. Fatigue is sent to wear us down and take us out. And fatalism is sent to make us believe that things are hopeless and fated to happen. But the ‘Christ’ anointing is greater than any antichrist agenda, and His anointing is the best anti-virus that the world has ever seen.

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