Monday, April 12, 2021
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Prophetic Perspectives


Prophetic Perspectives - 03-2020

In February Chuck Pierce spoke at a prophetic conference in Ohio. He released strong prophetic insight into 2021. I am sharing excerpts below. Read and be equipped with understanding and insight.

Headed into a wild and wonderful time – 2021.
 • Learn to cause the enemy to be afraid.
 • The giants will become our food.
 • Stir up expectation (do not let the enemy have your expectation).
 • If you lose your expectation, you will lose the shiny shield God is trying to interlock.
 • Think BEYOND where you need to get to.
 • Be willing to walk in places you have never been.

Emotions are the war we will be going through this year.
 • Desire is the main function of emotions.
 • God is dealing with our emotions.

Where we are going in 2021?
 • See around the corner before you go around the corner.
 • Do not run ahead of God this season.
 • God is forcing us into a time frame.
 • We are now coming up out of the swamp.
 • We are going to the land of the giants.
    o Giants were in the promised land.
    o They had to be faced down.
    o A lot of economic rearranging is going on this year.
 • Anticipate by Holy Spirit.
 • Outwit the enemy.
 • Wear the enemy down.
 • Choose your mindset.

God is moving as the Lion of Judah.
He is ROARING from the third heaven down into the earth. The sound of His roar carries the blast of His wind. It is blowing down through the 3 heavens and impacting all 3 atmospheres.His breath is blowing the enemies in the second heaven down into our realm.

This year we are returning to the root – this where a season ends and the next begins.
 • Already in a new era.
 • Herod forced Mary and Joseph into a new position – we are being forced into a new position.
 • Political realm will force us into a position to fulfill prophecy.
    o God is sorting out – determining friends and foes.
    o God looking at nations – nations in the valley of decision.
    o If USA shifts wrong way all nations will go down like dominoes for a season.
• The breath of God that is blowing is filled with fire.
    o What is in me that is being refired?
    o Heb 4.12, the word of God is going into our bone marrow – it will be fire in our bones like Jeremiah.
    o We will have fiery shields locked together – the dragon and the bull are working against us this year.
    o We will see:
          • Economic ramifications.
          • Ramifications to what God is doing new.
          • Rev 12 sums up this year – the dragon has risen because there has been a birth.
          • The intercessory movement has birthed something.
          • We are up against a dragon force.
          • If USA keeps shifting into awakening, we will be able to move around the dragon.
          • If America doesn’t move into awakening, we will look like China by 2026.
          • Be shrewd in moving forward (new birth brings a new war – in the war we will produce a new testimony that overcomes and takes us into a new place of authority. The enemy is trying to muddle our testimony. We will know by the end of April.

God is giving us grace to fight.
Go beyond your grace level, meaning ask and receive grace to go beyond where you have been in battle before.
Return to the root, new fruit will come.

We are coming into a great economic awakening we have not seen. Do not be fearful. Last year God said to tighten your belt. I am going to teach you to do exploits.

Key for this year:
 • Keep the window of revelation open.
 • Move forward as God leads.
 • A divine fall is coming by the end of April.
 • Be positioned for divine multiplication and launching.
 • By the end of this year you will frighten the enemy!


Prophetic Words from January 3, 2021 Sunday Service as we enter the new year:

Go back to Bible kind of faith. Faith is not faith in an outcome but in a person, Have faith in God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for – it is not the outcome. Faith is a person. Faith without works is dead. Test your self to see if you are in faith. Receive the Roar of the Lion of Judah and roar with Him.

Muscle. Muscle’s primary function is to exert power. Build yourself up in Me in a way that you never have before. Build your spiritual muscle. For even as the fiber of your spiritual muscle increases says the Lord, I will increase the power that I move and release through you. You will be ones that bring My kingdom into the earth an cause a reversal and a change in situations. I will cause you to bring in the new, even those things that have not been before that are new – that are the substance of the new in this NEW ERA. So build the muscle in your spirit. I am going to release miracles through you. Look to Me and as you see Me your spiritual muscle will increase. And as you release through Me your spiritual muscle will increase. As you believe, your spiritual muscle will increase. As you lift the weight of the press of My Holy Spirit the fibrous material of your spiritual muscle will increase. My power will move through you in unusual and unexpected ways. You will be ready for this release because I am making you ready.

I have released a new sound – the Lion’s Roar to come forth from heaven releasing every portal in this earth. Releasing you to come forth, come forth. Move with Holy Spirit. The boom of the roar of the Lion is mighty and going through the whole earth. It is going through the earth. Be ready! Receive everything that I am giving You – be activated. My boom is a powerful boom that is opening every portal for My glory.

Walk in extreme humility to Me says the Lord for this year you will pass through the eye of the needle. The path of righteousness is narrow. Rid yourself of all that is not righteous. For I will create in you a clean heart and a renewed spirit as you humble yourself before Me. For persecution will come to this nation. I will cause My body to be filled with outrageous faith. You will go forth in a remarkable way.

This is the time, this is the year I am breaking you out of fear. This is a time I am showing you the power of the unity of faith in your gathering. You are not to live by yourself but in the body. In the body you will be edified and empowered to go forth.

Yield to the Christ in you. I have supplied you with all you need. This is a New Year. This is the year I will reign and rule through My body. I will reign and rule – believe My word, it shall take you through. You have been born for this day. I will rise within you in great strength and power. The same power that brought Christ out of the grave. The Holy Spirit is in you. My word is all powerful. My Son Jesus Christ is name above all names. The sons of God manifest in this year.

This is My year says the Lord. I will rise up and be seen and known. As Paul said, I consider those things that are past as manure. Manure is evidence that life was there. Evidence that things were taking place. Consider those things that you have seen in the past as evidence. Now step into what is new. Be willing to be a martyr for the Lord. Be willing to let die those things that must die in your self and even around you. What was considered normal is not the new. Step into the new. I am taking you into truth in its purity and strength. Truth will prevail. There has been darkness, fraud, corruption in this nation. I say it must be exposed and brought down for My truth shall prevail. My truth shall prevail. My intentions, My will shall prevail. Align your will to My will as My body. Know what I am saying. Hear the prophetic voices and know what I am saying. Trust My voice even if it seems contrary to your desires. Be bold. Lay down everything for Me. Be a martyr for My truth. My truth is prevailing in you – do not be deceived. My truth is prevailing in you that you might not be deceived. My truth will enable you to overcome and step into the fullness that I have for you.

I put before you two examples – Mary and Martha. Martha was one that was distracted. She heard everything, she was moving this way and that way – distracted. She was anxious about many different things. She came to Me and wanted Me to change the situation. And I, the Lord, said “No”. Look at Mary. Mary chose the better part. I say to you today, choose the better part. Sit at My feet and hear My voice. I have many revelations, many dreams and many new understandings that My church, My ekklesia, must go forth in. If you are a Martha you will not hear clearly. Sit at My feet – Mary sat at My feet. Be My ekklesia. Choose the better part. Sit at My feet, hear My words, receive My revelation and you will see a new day released in the nation and the world.

There is a fullness in this hour that you can step into. As you come into this place and choose Me as your dwelling place; as you choose Me no matter what things look like in the natural. Come into the place of intimacy with me and I will give you vision – an ability to see that will take this body, this nation, your family, your situation into the future. You will step over what opposes you. For I have made you a divine partaker of My nature. You do not have to stand and take those things that you took in the old season. I am teaching you to live in a new way and to walk in a new way. This only comes by by coming deeper in Me. In this new era there is a dependence upon Me that will cause you to soar. I will be the air under your wings – you will fly above and see from that perspective in a way that you have not seen before. The Lord says, consider your dwelling place, look around and see where you are dwelling. Choose Me as you dwelling place, for those who dwell in Me will soar!

Come, come I say come – you were never meant to dwell alone. You were never meant to be alone. Come. Come. I say come. For My presence will reside in you. You will be a carrier of truth. Come. Come to Me and come together. Come and be My ekklesia. I say come. Come to Me. Come together in unity and I will pour out a blessing that you can’t contain. Come. Come together.

This year there will be darkness – gross darkness will cover the hearts of the people. But I have called you to be a light. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not let it be hidden. Let your light shine to the world! The world today needs My light. I have My light inside of you. Go forth and let My light shine in boldness and I will be with you. When you open your mouth I will speak through you. People will be touched by My light. The light will spread from one person to another and darkness shall run in terror. You are the light of the world. This is the year to come forth as My light. Darkness will be exposed.


God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This is our prayer and declaration as the body of Christ.  To release His kingdom purpose, His kingdom dominion, His kingdom authority, His kingdom provision and His kingdom blessing.  All of this being part of God’s kingdom government.  Releasing right rule and reign into Detroit, into Michigan and into our nation.

This is an important time to discern and speak the heart of God.  Through media and other sourced narratives we are hearing much double mindedness, shifting of messages, falses accusations and confusion.

I am thankful that Harvest is a church that values the prophetic word of the Lord.  We are a church that makes place for the prophetic word to be heard and sent out.  The prophetic is very helpful in discerning the times and knowing what to do.  The prophetic word comes from the firm foundation of the Lord – which is stable and enduring.

Let me encourage each of you to spend time with the Lord on a regular basis.  Be renewed and refilled with Holy Spirit.  Allow the government God to increase in you.  Worship the Lord giving Him glory in honor.  One translation of the Bible says, to ascribe glory to the Lord and to His name.  Ascribe means to give to Him what He alone deserves.

God is saying, will you surrender your will to My will so My glory can come and fill the earth?  The Lord is saying, stay with Me.  Do not get weary in well-doing, do not back up.  Keep your eyes on Me.  Surrender to Me.  The race right now is to bring God’s kingdom into the earth.  Break out of lukewarmness.  Break into My glory.  The Lord says, I am taking you to a new level.  I am taking you higher.  Keep your eyes fixed on Me.  I am Truth.  The blood of the Lamb is carrying the fire of My glory and it has been released for you.

I am God alone.  I am above and I am in your midst.  And the Lord says that I am sovereign.  I am holy.  I am righteous.  And My name is I Am.  Put your trust in Me and Me alone.  Put your hope in Me and Me alone.  For I am God alone.  I share My glory with no other.  So keep your eyes upon Me.  For I am God alone and I am doing a work in the earth today.  And you will only see what I am doing by keeping your eyes upon Me.  You will not be able to see through any other form or any other fashion or any other outlet.  Keep your eyes on Me and you will see.  For I am God alone.

Lift your hands and worship Him.  Give Him glory.  Be still and worship Him.  Be in awe of who He is.  He is sovereign.  He is I AM.  We stand in awe of the Lord as we worship Him.  Let the sound of worship begin to rise up from your belly.  Let the new song rise up and the new sound bring you to a new level.  We lift up the sound of worship, giving You glory, honor and blessing.  Open our ears to hear the sound of Your glory – the majestic sound.  Let the sound rise up.  Let the sound of worship fill you and let it flow out.  For out of your belly flows rivers of living water.  Let the river flow.  Let it flood wherever you are.  Let it fill your natural house.  We release the gory of the Lord.  A sound that can go where we can’t go with our natural feet.  Let the river of God flow.

I am the God of love.  I am the God of love.  I am the God of love.  Nothing can stand against My love.  My love conquerors all.  My love never fails.  So who do you look to in this hour and this time?  Do you not know that I sit upon the throne?  I am the God of love.  I am the God of all power.  My love never fails – I said My love never fails.  So look to Me.  Keep your eyes fixed on Me and watch Me move.  Follow after Me.  Receive My baptism of fire and of love.

This is new song that Marvalinn Stull just wrote that was a significant part of the prophetic flow.  Here are the words.  Speak it out prophetically:

No eye has seen, nor ear has heard
The vastness of Your precious words
It’s amazing to these who simply believe
No earthly king can measure up
To what you give freely to us
Our lives You’ve restored, You’re our great reward
You’re more than enough, You’re more than enough to me
You are the word unbroken, every breath You’ve spoken is done
You’re the firm foundation, You can’t be shaken, The war is won

Be not disquieted in your spirit.  For I am in the eye of the storm and I am a sovereign God.  I have all authority in heaven and in the earth.  For the earth is Mine and everything in it.  Put on My mind says the Lord.  I am not confused.  I am not nervous.  I am not perplexed.  I am not concerned.  I am not overwhelmed.  I am not depressed.  I am not oppressed.  Put on My mind!  Have the mind that I have.  Place your affections on things above and not things below.  For I say to you, just as I shook the temple in Jerusalem and the veil was rent, I am shaking every idolatrous temple in America and bringing it down.  This is a day of shake, rattle and roll.  Be prepared.  Everyday trust Me.  Live one day at a time.  Put on My mind and rejoice.  The joy of the Lord is your strength.

God's kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Time continues to accelerate! So many things happening in our nation, in our state and in our lives. It almost seems as if a day is like a thousand years in impact!! It is essential to trust God with all of our hearts and not to look to our own understanding to figure things out. These are pioneering times as new pathways are being made for this new era.

Prophetic Prospectives - 11-20Through prophetic words the Lord continues to assure us of who we are. As the world is redefining many things, our identity is under assault. God is saying rest in the reality that our identity is secure in Him. We are who God says that we are! Our strength and courage and ability to overcome is found in Christ. James 1.21 says, "…with a sensitive spirit we absorb God’s Word, which has been implanted within our nature, for the Word of Life has power to continually deliver us." What comfort and encouragement to know that God is continually speaking to us through Holy Spirit – He speaks words of life that are filled with POWER! The word of God delivers us into a victorious overcoming life filled with freedom to be who God made us to be. No shame is involved! No condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God. The world does not know Him or is able to discern Him. But we can! We are here to bring and release blessing. Do not let the intensity of these days steal the joy of giving and living. Yes, we really can live and move and have our being in Him. Yes, we can have peace, carry peace and release peace in the midst of turmoil. We are the redeemed and we say so. We testify to who Jesus is, bringing hope to others.

Prophetic words at Harvest. These words speak into our personal lives giving context to these times we are in.
I have called you to be My reigning remnant. Live in the ascended place [this is living in His presence]. No longer can you live at ground level where all of the noise, all the strife, all the confusion is. If you want to hear My voice clearly in these days – you must ascend to hear with clarity and certainty to know what I saying. For I am streaming live 24/7. I am a God that is not silent in this hour. I say to you, go to the high place, ascend. I will show you the deeper things. And stay ascended as the reigning remnant I have called you to be.

We respond as the warriors of God, no more passivity! All lukewarmness broken off! There is fire in our bones! This is only the beginning. You, Father, are raising up a people movement. Every member is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we open our mouth we release a "thus says the Lord". You watch over Your word to perform it according to Your purpose and timing. We, as Your body, are awed by You. By who You are and Your great love.

Prophetic word for the upcoming elections and prophetic insight on where America is and what God is saying. From Dr Jonathan David, Malaysia: The day has come for God to speak clearly so that Christians will know what to do. For the Lord has spoken and said He has given Cyrus an anointing. There is a Cyrus anointing upon President Trump at this time. And his government has been challenged. He is like Cyrus; President Trump has received God's mandate and mission for the next term. I believe that the Spirit of God wants to use him. There are very few that will speak for America and the needs of America. God wants to bring America back in strength and to its destiny. Their heritage and spiritual wealth has been stolen. President Trump will facilitate that return. By his connections, value system and the people joining him, the hearts of people will change and see what he sees and hear what he hears. President Trump has figured out that God has an assignment on his life. And the church must know that. The church cannot do what he needs to do. President Trump will gather the right people. The Cyrus anointing is upon him. I pray for the people of America to discern that he is the right man. More and more people are going to openly voice their support for him. They have seen how America's families and communities have been destroyed. But God is going to do an amazing work. More people will choose President Trump and there will be less character assassination. God bless America in a special way. God wants you to discern that he is God's man and put your support behind him. Each person is different in their personality. Elijah was clear and strong. Elisha was softer in his temperament, but he got a double portion of the Spirit. In the days to come the church will be behind God's man. One of the most amazing things in this 2nd term will be the spirit of death will be stopped at his feet. He will save a whole generation. This man will bring this to a place of victory. God will give him partnership and strategic people to complete his assignment. God will start something new and fresh in this coming election. Even his enemies will praise him. Prayer will be returned back. God is making America into a kingdom nation. In his next term the spirit of lawlessness and spiritual decline will be brought down. Lies that have been driven by evil spirits will be exposed. All of the evil will bring forth the church to bring forth the kingdom of God. The American people have been on a false pattern for a long time. Only in the time of trouble have they been looking for God. God is merciful and will give the president wise counselors who know the way of the Lord. As far as I can see, God has His hand upon President Donald Trump who will move from trump to triumph. This man is going to make things happen because God has already given him an agenda for the next term. The American people are going to change; they won't be controlled by the media but by the message. If you don't speak nothing happens. This is going to be America's day of pride. Pray that the American people will discern that Donald Trump is God's man. Pray that he is able to finish strong in his assignment. There will be opposition because some will not want anything to do with the man, but I am telling you he is God's man. Those who reject him will see failure in your own lives because this is a time that the grace of God is being extended to President Donald Trump. You will see a new president in the 2nd term because the Holy Spirit is touching his life. God raised Donald Trump up for a reason. He will unlock things that the church cannot unlock and do things that the church cannot do. He will open up a passageway for the Spirit of God to come forth after the next election. We pray that America will rise again. President Trump will be a voice for the church.


In the prophetic words below God confirms that these are days of confrontation.  Even days of intense confrontation!  But the Lord says that He is with us and in us.  DO NOT FEAR!  No weapon formed against us will prosper.  But when the accuser comes to call you names and intimidate you scripture says that you can refute that accusation.  It is our heritage to say "NO" to the devil's accusations.

We are the redeemed and we say so!  We are covered by the blood of Jesus and made righteous by His blood.  There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!

These are not days to cower and hide because they are days of confrontation.  Absolutely NOT!  No, God is saying I have put My word in your heart and in your mouth.  Speak up!  Declare what is right according to God's word.  Pull God's kingdom into the earth.  We do this by the authority we have in the name of Jesus.  Sin does not have a hold on us – we have been crucified with Christ and no longer live by the leading of the flesh but by the leading of Holy Spirit!  These are the days of His power!  Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world!  That is saying live through the Spirit of God that in you; be Spirit led.  Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all else will follow.

Peter tells us that we have been given EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness – it has been deposited in us by His divine power!  We have been given magnificent promises so that through them we might be partakers of His divine nature, escaping the corruption in the world.  We have been made a royal priesthood and a holy nation belonging to God!  We are not captive to the world systems.  But we are to bring God’s kingdom into the world to bring blessing to all.

Psalm 24 continues to be a strong word from our Father in heaven.  He is saying to open the gates and let the King of Glory come in.  Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord mighty in battle!

Proverbs 19.25 says, "…if you correct a wise man, he will grow even wiser."  This is also a time Holy Spirit is correcting our ways of thinking and how we respond.  Receive that correction and become wiser and more discerning than ever before.  Do not let the narratives of media determine your mindset but bring every thought captive and allow your mind to be renewed by Holy Spirit leading you into truth.

I share this exhortation of scripture above to give context to the times we are living in and to these prophetic words below.

Prophetic Words given at Harvest:

For this is a season of intense confrontation – but know that I have given you Holy Spirit in order that you might be a voice to this generation.  You are well fitted at this time.  Not only have I given you a voice, but I have given you an anointing that breaks every yoke.  For there is no longer a middle ground.  As in the days of Elijah when he called and said if God is God then serve Him.  If the Baals are god then serve them. 

You want the release of the supernatural – the supernatural will be released in the midst of confrontation.  This is a day to be strong and confident.  Be courageous and bold.  Let your voice be loosed to declare My glory and My government.  These are the days of His power!  These are the days of His power!!

My sons and daughters, this is the hour!  It is a time of confrontation.  I am confronting everything that has infiltrated My church that is not of Me.  I am confronting everything that you have allowed to come into your midst that is not of Me.  For I am coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle.  As I begin to raise up a new generation of people of confrontation – you who know their God will be strong and do exploits.  And with the confrontation will come uncomfortableness, but boldness and courage will be upon you My sons and daughters.  A fresh level of boldness and courage as you allow My work in you.  Receive boldness and courage right now!  It is a time to be very bold and courageous.  Step out in a fresh and new way.

For there is an intensity that has arisen in you.  It is an unction of My Spirit.  For My Spirit is unto your spirit.  For My glory has arisen this day – so arise and shine and give God the glory for My destiny will be fulfilled in you.  For My glory shines and leads the way – no darkness or shadows, no resistance shall stand.  For I am the Lord your God in the midst of you.  I am mighty.  Know that this unction is Mine and not of this world.  For there is no surety, for I am the surety.  I am the Light.  I am the Standard.  I am the One who stands within the standard.  For you are chosen this day, so arise and shine for My glory has risen upon you. 

Apostle Ellis Smith prophesied over all of the people at Harvest:  You release apostolic grace in this region.  You are a people who are unique in every sense of the word.  Understand the stature God has given you for this hour to carry out the kingdom mandate.  Get back up on top – something has brought you down.  It has you thinking like people in the world.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  It is in you.  It speaks to the context of our lives.  The flood of the Spirit will force you to higher ground.  Get ready for the flood!  For out of your belly will flow rivers of living waters.  Get ready for the flood!  The flood of glory.  The flood of power.  The flood of anointing.  The flood of deliverance.  The flood of reconciliation.  The flood of redemption.  Let the waters flow – let the waters flow!  Like a mighty river.


In my heart this morning I heard Holy Spirit say that we are privileged by the blood of Jesus. Privilege is a special right or advantage that is only given to a specific group.

His blood speaks for us. And this makes us VERY PRIVILEGED. His blood covers us. Protects us. Gives us power and authority over the works of the devil. His blood is atonement for our sin. We are reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus washes away our sin every time we repent for our unrighteousness. In fact it is through repentance that keeps us positioned to receive the maximum benefit of this privileged life. The blood of Jesus qualifies us to be known as sons and daughters of Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Prophetic-Perspectives-2020-09The blood of Jesus sets us apart and makes us privileged. We receive unparalleled benefits compared to any other so-called privileged group. We are so very privileged that we are transferred out of the domain of darkness into God's kingdom of light. Healing and deliverance come to us, as privileged ones, through the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus shields and protects us from harm. Angels respond to us because of this privilege. The love and goodness of God pour into our lives blessing us again and again.

This privilege none other can compare with!! Unlimited hope fills our heart and we are called living stones belonging to God Himself. We are privileged to be part of the body of Christ – a very exclusive group. Unfathomable favor surrounds us. This favor is an amazing connection that opens doors of opportunity and causes men to like us. This results in being the one chosen to get the job, or the promotion at work, or a raise when the company is not giving raises. All kinds of provision and supply come through this place of privilege. It is amazing!

I love my privileged life. God calls it ZOE life, abundant life. We didn’t earn it or do anything to deserve it. It is given to us because of our privilege. It is an exclusive group that can only be entered into through believing in Jesus Christ and taking Him as Lord of your life. The invitation is open to all to be part of this privileged life. But there is only one access, and that is through Jesus Christ – He is the way, the truth and the life.

In this privileged place God gives you many magnificent promises. One of these promises is a personal mentor called Holy Spirit who comes to teach you and lead you into the fullness of this privileged life. Through the Spirit of God prophecy is released. This is an exceptional privilege because it entitles you to have insight and understanding on what is to come. This allows you to be positioned in the most advantageous way to be blessed in the future!!

Part of Christian privilege - Here are some current prophetic words that will add to your understanding.

Lana Vawser:
Listen past the noise of the pressure the enemy has been placing upon you and HEAR THE SOUND OF THE PROMISE. Hear the sound of the NEW LIFE coming forth. This is the hour! This is the day! This is the moment where that specific promise which the Lord has told you is for now is going to MANIFEST; it is IMMINENT and it symbolizes WAY more than you realize. This promise is a TRUMPET heralding a NEW ERA upon you in your relationship and walk with the Lord, unlocking of a new realm of your destiny...for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

Jane Hamon:
The God of Peace Is Rising Over Chaos! I heard the Lord clearly say these words during a time of prayer: “The God of Peace is rising over chaos!” Isaiah 9:6 declares Christ to be the Prince of Peace. This may evoke a tranquil, happy, calm picture in your mind; however, I believe a more accurate translation of this name, based on the Hebrew word for prince, would be “The Warring Prince of Peace.” He brings peace – shalom – through His strength. A Hebrew scholar said the deeper meaning of shalom is “peace comes when you destroy the authority of chaos!” Wow! Chaos wants to hit us at a personal level financially, in our families, in our health and circumstances. It also wants to hit at a regional or national level to overthrow cities and nations. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the demonic spirits of chaos that are pushing an antichrist agenda, knowing a massive revival is on God's schedule. Romans 16:20 encourages us that “...the God of peace will swiftly pound satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you.” Yes, the God of Peace is rising in this hour, so do not be afraid but engage and contend in prayer, in praise, by prophesying and making decrees. Partner with God in this great victory!

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