Saturday, December 04, 2021
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Prophetic Perspectives


There is a spiritual momentum that builds through the prophetic words as you read them and establish them in your heart.  And there is a spiritual momentum in the heavenly realms.  It is something that you will feel in your heart as you go through these words.  There is a divine shifting and alignment taking place right now that is paving the way for what God is going to do.  Be strengthened and encouraged in your heart by this momentum.  It is a momentum that will increase your faith and enable you to overcome what has been standing against you.  There is breakthrough and break out in these words.  Receive and receive again for the Lord is pouring out His Spirit upon us.  God is giving us insight, understanding and wisdom.  We will not be fooled by the lies of the devil.  These words equip and release us.  There is freedom and there is liberty in Christ!  While the whole world is reacting to the craziness and chaos, the conflicting narratives – we stand confident that the earth belongs to the Lord and His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  The King of Glory and His angel armies are over our families and our nation.  The battle belongs to the Lord.  The enemy has been defeated and disarmed by the work of the cross.  We have been given power and authority in Jesus.  Our eyes are on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.  We see and we respond with eyes of faith and not through the arguments and philosophies of the world or the beast system.

PROPHETIC WORDS that have been released in recent Sunday services:

Where My Spirit is there is liberty.  I am the God that frees you today.  This is the hour of your deliverance; this is your hour of freedom.  The Lord says I have called My surge and My power to come and overtake you.  I know there are many things that are troubling your mind, but I say cast Your cares on Me.  Receive My surge that I am releasing now says the Lord.  This is your hour of freedom.  Do not leave this place without receiving My freedom.  I set you free today!


It is heaven touching earth.  Heart to heart and spirit to spirit.  I am in you and My authority is in you says the Lord.  Heart to heart and grace to grace.  Step into My anointing to be; step into the position that I have called you to be in.  For My anointing is on you to be – so release My grace, release My strength, release My healing, release My word, release My holiness, release My righteousness, release My authority.  For I am in you.  This is the time and the hour.  Step into My anointing and into My glory.  I am in you.


Step into the river of His anointing.  Step in.  And out of your belly will flow rivers of living water and everywhere the river goes it brings life.  Receive and release the anointing.  Receive it now for My Spirit is in you.  Receive.  Step out of the familiar and step into My presence.  Step into the supernatural.  For this is what you are destined for – the anointing that breaks every yoke.  Let the anointing begin to break strongholds.  Fear, doubt and unbelief being exposed and broken.  Receive faith, fullness and victory.  Receive the breaker anointing that is Lord Sabaoth, captain of the angel armies.  There is an open heaven, so step into My open heaven for in it is My breaker anointing to shatter the strongholds of the enemy.  Receive.  Receive.

Are you not mine or are you Mine?  If you were not mine you would not have been created by Me.  I will give you the answers to life.  Live your life with Me.  This is the best choice.  You are Mine forever because I have created you.  You can do anything you believe through Me.  

For surely I am with you today and I have said that I am with you always, My Spirit abides in you and you abide in Me.  We are one – so walk forth this day, I am walking with you.  Walk by faith and not by sight.  Look with your spiritual eyes and hear with your spiritual ears.  You are anointed to preach and speak My word.  This is the acceptable year and the harvest is ripe.  Walk now; I am walking with you.  


Even as you have chosen that I am all that you want, so have I chosen that you are all that I want.  I live inside of you and as you give place to Me you will see fresh new ways that you can give yourself to Me.  I have given to you My word and My Spirit.  I have given to you My kingdom, My righteousness and justice.  As you begin to enforce the righteousness that I have given to you, you will begin to see My kingdom manifest in new ways.  As you enforce what I have done by the blood of Jesus you will live in new levels of victory.  You will live in ways of overcoming.  More, more, more is what I am doing in you.  To whom much is given much is required.  As you give yourself over to Me I will teach you even more.  Do not be led by your emotions or the ways of the world but be led by My Spirit.  The devil has been defeated.  You can overcome everything that has overcome you.


My river is here.  You ask Me what is in this river?  I say, what do you need?  Do you need provision?  Do you need finances?  Do you need wisdom?  Do you need strength?  Do you need healing?  Do you need forgiveness?  Do you need life?  Life is in the river!  Life is in the river!  Life is in the river for you and those you carry in your heart.  


Nothing will come to defeat you, nothing because death is defeated!  No giants can knock you down!


The word says that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  For the battle is not yours but Mine says the Lord.  Be of good courage – I am the lifter of your heart.  I am the renewer of your mind and I am the God that can do all things.  I do not fail.  I am your peace, your portion and your sufficiency.  I am your all in all!  You lack nothing because I am in you.  Rejoice!  Cast all of your cares on Me!  


As My glory is revealed in you, says the Lord, you will have a new knowledge and intimacy of Me that you have never experienced before.  It is the weaving in of a new realm of My glory that I am releasing to you.  The Lord says that you have pleased Me.  There have been many times that you have been displeased.  But the Lord says I am pleased because you did not quit.  I am pleased because you did not give up.  I am pleased because you have stood and keep standing in faith.  The Lord says that I am rewarding you with a new portion of My glory that will reformulate how you think and how you speak, how you process and how you walk.  The Lord says that the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!  And darkness matters not because I am imparting a portion of glory to you today that will take you into a sweeping new dimension of knowing who I am.  You will discover Me in marvelous new ways.  You will encounter Me in indescribable ways.  You will be awestruck by My beauty and My goodness and My holiness.  I have made you for such a time as this.  Do not say that you are not qualified.  I have said you are qualified.  You are qualified by the blood of Jesus.  Today is the day that I am releasing a new dimension of My glory in you and through this church.  This glory is for you to carry and to give away, to release into the city and into your communities.  It is for you to release over the nation.  It is for you to release over your family; and it is for you to dwell in says the Lord.  Make your habitation in the glory of the Lord and your knowledge of Me and My ways will increase and increase.



This is an incredible example of a prophetic word being relevant and powerful in everyday life.  Chuck Pierce writes in his book, God’s Unfolding Battle Plan (written in 2007) on page 81.  Chuck is sharing some prophetic words the Lord gave him regarding the blood war.  Here is a very interesting part of Chuck’s prophetic word.  “The fear of pandemic viruses and biological warfare will continue to increase in the world, but God’s people will have confidence that He can cleanse and filter our blood in new ways.  I believe that God will have people who create filtering processes that can cleanse a person’s blood in less than an hour.  Things such as SARS virus will not create fear worldwide.  Not only will God create natural ways to cleanse blood, but He will supernaturally set a blood barrier for His people so that these viruses cannot enter them.”


WHAT????  Yes!!  Chuck heard God accurately in 2007.  Back when there was no context for that word.  There was no such thing as COVID 19.  Remember that Jesus tells us that Holy Spirit will tell you what is to come.  WOW!!!  What an incredible example!!  Glory to God – His word is true!  His promises are true!  He is faithful and true.  He reveals the future!


Here is the real reason I pointed out this prophetic word.  I want to encourage you to use prophetic words to increase your faith.  Paul tells Timothy regarding prophecies to “fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience.  Some have rejected prophecies and so have shipwrecked their faith.”  When we disregard or don’t pay any attention to prophecy it shipwrecks our faith.  Here is how to fix that!


This is how it looks to fight the good fight of faith with the prophetic words that God speaks.  I am going to use Chuck’s prophecy from 2007 that is VERY RELEVANT to us right now.  We know that COVID 19 is a SARS virus, so this is very applicable.  Here are some declarations of faith that you can make based upon this prophetic word:

  • We declare that God’s people – and that includes me – do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.
  • We declare that fear of a virus will not overtake the world, but those in the world will know that their help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
  • We call forth new inventions – new and natural ways to cleanse and filter blood.  Let witty ideas, wisdom and creative thinking rise up in the hearts of man.  We declare new technology is breaking forth in this area.
  • We declare a supernatural blood barrier around each believer that prevents the SARS/COVID virus from entering their body and blood stream.
  • We declare that our confidence is in the Lord.  The Lord is our Rock, our fortress and shield.  He is our deliverer and healer.

I encourage you to start praying through this prophetic word that targets SARS/COVID.  This is how we war with the promises of God.  As we speak the promises of God and believe God is able, we are fighting the good fight of faith.  Expect change.  Thank God for His faithfulness, His mercy, His provision, His love.  The Lord is good, and His mercies endure forever.


Here are some prophetic words that have been released in recent Sunday services.  Take these promises of God and fight the good fight of faith.


Psalm 18.12-14

12 Out of the brightness of his presence clouds advanced,

    with hailstones and bolts of lightning.

13 The Lord thundered from heaven;

    the voice of the Most High resounded. 

14 He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy,

    with great bolts of lightning he routed them.


The Lord says, I am marching in your sound.  For your sound reflects the sound of heaven.  The angel armies are coming in because the gates have been opened by your praise.  The Lord says, I am invading this land and this nation in a new way with a deeper penetration than has been seen before and I am moving by the sound you are releasing.  Fear not – align with Me!  My angel armies have been fortified today by your sound.


No matter what comes against you, I am protecting you says the Lord.  No one will be able to come and divide you.  No one will be able to divide you – for you are one team.  Nobody can break you up.  No matter how hard the enemy tries, nobody will be able to break you apart.  I will protect My sons and My daughters.  Nothing will be able to separate you.


As you begin to get My revelation in your midst, you will begin to see an aggressiveness and boldness come upon you.  As you begin to do that you will push out all the remnants of darkness that are trying to hold on.  As you get My revelation those who don’t know Me will begin to come in and gather and you will begin to grow.  My dominion that I have deposited in you will begin to manifest.  You will start to talk differently and act differently.  As you renew your mind by the washing of the water of the word you will begin to see beyond what you can ask or think of.  My power will be working in you through revelation.


I am the God of peace – you may say, but we are in a war Lord.  But I say the battle is mine.  Step into My grace and step into My peace, step into My longstanding.  For I am that I am in you, says the Lord.  My glory is upon you and My staff is upon you. So walk in My strength and peace.  Walk in My grace.


Many of you are quenching the fiery darts that I am releasing from heaven.  For you have not discerned rightly.  I am giving you a spirit of discernment even now.  So don’t quench My fiery darts.  Lift up the shield of faith and quench the fiery darts of the evil and wicked one.  There are two darts coming – one from the enemy and one from My throne room.  Mine will reveal the lies of the enemy.  You have a shield of faith – now I am releasing a spirit of discernment.  One of the gifts of the Spirit is discernment, so you will discern which arrows that you are to let into your armor, and which arrows you are to raise your shield of faith to quench.  My arrow is My word.  Let My word come in and then release it back into the atmosphere.  For My arrows are like a boomerang to come back to My throne.  As My word comes back to My throne, I will watch over My word to perform it.  And it will not return empty.  So don’t quench My fiery arrows.  My fiery arrows will pierce your heart.  As you release them with your mouth, they will begin to set the world on fire.  Begin to discern.


1 Corinthians 2 tells us that we have the mind of Christ.  These are the very thought processes Christ used to make decisions – the seat of His emotions, affections, way of thinking and feeling, attitude and moral inclination.  We have not received the spirit of this world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what He has freely given us.  That we can speak in words not taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit.  The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that comes from the Spirit of God.  This is truth for every believer in Christ!


Practically speaking this is relevant to our everyday lives.  The prophetic helps to express how God thinks about us and what He wants us to do.  Below are prophetic words that have been spoken by God over your life.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you personally out of these words revealing who you are in Christ and understanding what you carry through Him.  Be motivated to do those things He says to do.  Step out in faith and step into your future.



Your highest praise will come from the revelation that I am a God that never changes, will never leave you or forsake you.  I am greater than everyone of your circumstances.  All of My promises are true and not subject to circumstances.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness of it.  Sometimes your best moment is when you feel that you have no control over your circumstances.  When you are not enough – I am more than enough, says the Lord.  I will meet all of your needs.  Cry out to Me and allow every circumstance to be an opportunity to yield yourself to Me in a deeper place.  I am a God who loves you.  Do not be defined by how you feel or how you think.  Be led by My Spirit.


I have given you a life that lasts.  I have given you all of My glory.


This is the revelation – choose life.  Choose My destiny, choose life.  Who do you say that I am in you?  Declare My freedom.  You are free indeed.  Release the prosperity that I have placed in you.  Release the joy that has sustained you.  Release the overwhelming power that I have placed in you.  Who do you say that I am in you?  Operate as a healer because I am in you.  Be courageous and speak to the mountains and declare that they will be removed.  Let My authority flow through you.


Let the fire of My word penetrate your mind and penetrate your heart.  I am FIRE and will set you on FIRE.  When you feel weak, I am your strength.  I am your God; there is no other but Me.


The Spirit of God says, I am here today for you.  I choose to rest on you.  I choose to abide in you.  I want to speak forth My mysteries to you and then for you to speak them into the earth.  Speak them forth boldly.  Yield to My Spirit, yield your tongue, yield yourself to Me.  Let Me have freedom to speak through you over the land and over your city.  Even those who have been able to flow with Me – today I loose your tongue.  And I am filling you up fresh today so that you might release what I put in you.


Count on Me.  I can take care of anything you need – I can do it!


For you are carriers of My presence.  You are not only carriers of My presence – I want you to be distributors of My presence.  My presence changes atmospheres.  It changes hearts and it brings life and hope into dark places where there is hopelessness.  Be filled, be filled with My presence and seek after My glory and I will fill you with My glory.  My glory will give you deep revelation of My presence.  I have called this house to be a distribution center of My presence and of My glory.  I say to you that I have called you to this house and that you are ones that will take My presence far and wide.  Take My presence into the places that I send you, even in your everyday life.  Be conscious that My presence is in you!  In My presence is the power of life, the power of healing, the power of the miraculous.  You walk in a miraculous dimension says the Lord.  Open your heart to the fullness of what carrying My presence means.  I am filling you with My presence – to take with you wherever you go.  My presence is to carry and distribute.  I am filling you with a deeper dimension of My presence.


Open the gates of heaven and let it come in.


I am revealing Myself to you Spirit to spirit and heart to heart.  The Father is here and His voice is clear.  I am giving you extraordinary revelation.  You are ones that are carriers of My presence.  The ekklesia, the ones who have the spoken word.  Step out in My authority.  Step into My grace.  Be a repairer of the breach.  You are who I say you are.  But who do you say that I am in you?  I am in you.  I ask so that you may know for certain who I am in you.  Now, say who I am to your circumstances.  Say it to your situations.  For no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  For I am that I am in you.  This is a time of war, and you are destined to be.  You are warriors, chosen ones in Me.  You are ones who will proclaim who I am.  Victory is yours.  Victory is yours.  Victory is yours.  So release My glory.  Release My joy.  Release My peace.  Release My healing.  Release My word.  Release My truth.  Know that I am!


You are the church, the Ekklesia.  You do not have to wait – you are fully ready.  The time is now!  What you have – freely give it away!  The kingdom of God is in you!


This a new day and hour.  I am equipping you as part of the end time army.  I am taking off the old and placing on the new.  I am calling you to stand up and walk in what I have ordained for you to be.  Many of you have said that you are Esthers but you have not gone forth.  Many have said you are Davids, but you have kept back.  Today I am awakening what I have given you.  The prophetic word that has been spoken over your life is coming alive today, says the Lord.  New equipment.  New weapons for warfare.  The breaker goes with you and will break forth those areas that have not broken open.  Rise up today.  Rise up and know that your equipping is fresh and new.  Go forth in power and demonstration.


The Lord says, I am releasing a fresh commissioning upon you today.  In this commissioning there is a fresh revelation of who I am.  As you receive this into yourself, into your heart and into your bones – the Lord says you will walk in a new way.  You will speak in a new way.  You will process in a new way.  I have released a revelation of Myself into your being that is bringing you into a new place.  I have opened the door and brought you into a new revelation.  In the revelation is a fresh new commissioning that is coming upon you.  Go and impact your world.  Go and release the gospel.  Go and lay hands on the sick.  Go and do the works of the kingdom.  Today is a new day.  Go in My favor and in My grace knowing that you are equipped.  This house carries this new commissioning.  You carry this together and individually.



There has been a great increase in the intensity of My Spirit and the intensity of the confrontation that I am orchestrating says the Lord.  Do not step back but step up into the place that I have given you and made you for.  Keep your eyes on Me and you will not be overwhelmed.  See My chariots of fire and My angel armies are at work.  Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.


God says the earth is Mine and the times are Mine.  Trust Me and do not lean on your own reasoning or the arguments of this world.  My word is TRUTH!  There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  Live by the law of the Spirit of life that I have given you.



Do not just acknowledge My continual presence – live there, live in My presence.  Live, move and have your being in Me.  Be sure that your anchor holds.  Know who you are in Me.  Persevere.  Be immovable.  


You have said that I have all your attention.  Indeed, I want all your attention.  Not just on Sunday mornings, not just when the sun is shining and when all is going well – I want your attention in the hard places and the difficult places.  Look to Me.  I am the author and finisher of your faith.  I started a good work in you, and I will complete it.  Let Me have ALL your attention.  When distractions come – look to Me.  I will give you strategies and wisdom.  Give Me all your attention not just today and right now but give Me all your attention everyday and I will move in your life in a miraculous way.  


Do not be stubborn in the things of God and what I have said for you to do.  I hold the keys to the doors of what needs to be opened.  I will bless you for your obedience.


The Lord says, prove Me.  The things that I have said will be, will be.  Test your relationship in Me, I am more than enough.  I am Jehovah Jireh your provider.  I am the substance that is in you and through you and surrounds you.  My grace is upon you.  Know this: that I am that I am in you.  May this be fluid on your lips.  May the majesty of My voice bring clarity to this world.  I am your Lord and God and in the midst of things I am mighty.  There is no restraint and no limitations on Me.  I am that I am in you.  Release the joy I have given you.  Release the strength I put in you.  Release the grace that is upon you.  


You are mine and no others.


As you begin to lean into Me I ask where am I at?  Do not be looking for Me up above; I am in you.  As you rely on what I am doing on the inside of you, you will be able to handle what is going on in this world.  There are things coming that you have not heard of before.  And I am ready to do things you have not heard of before.  God says I am living on the inside of you – learn to rely on Me.  As you wait on Me you will be stronger.  Do not look for help on the outside – look on the inside, that is where I am.  You will live on the offensive as you rely on Me on the inside.  On the inside of you is where I am working.  Yield and give yourself to Me.  


I have said that if anyone thirsts to come to Me and drink.  Seek My face, look into My eyes and drink.  Drink in My life.  Drink in My glory.  I have deposited My Spirit within you.  When you need strength – drink!  I am the God of more than enough.  There is more for you.  You have made the right choice by calling upon Me and upon My name.  All who call upon My name will be saved.  I am present in your heart, in your mind and in this house.  You are the temple of the Living God.  Drink of Me and I will give you fullness.  I will give you all that you need and more.


For there is portal open in this house today.  There is a portal that is open over you, and there is a corresponding portal that is open in your heart.  As you lean into Me and press into Me and step into the greater measure that I have opened for you – I am wooing you and drawing you by My Spirit to enter in.  There is victory that you have not seen or tasted.  I will open your eyes to see who I am in My might and in My power.  I will open your eyes to see the muscle that I have.  You have nothing to fear.  Nothing should daunt you or cause you to quiver or shake.  I am greater.  I am greater.  Look to Me.  I am greater.  I have opened a portal for you to see the Greater One on the inside of you.  As you come into this place, I will activate new dimensions of what I have already put inside of you.  This is an equipping and preparation and an empowering and a releasing.  As you go out you will carry dimensions of Me that will cause the gates of brass and the bars of iron to be broken open.  I have put a dimension in you where wickedness cannot stand against you.  The portal is open!


You say that you trust Me.  Trust the Christ in you.  What you see in Me what you hear in Me is from Me.  I am a jealous God and I want you to be jealous for Me – wanting Me.  Trust that what I have said to you is true.


I have called My church to be a victorious church.  You cannot have the victory without stepping into the war.  For I have already won the victory for you.  Harvest Christian Church I have called you to be a people of war.  From the beginning I have given you a foundation of warriors and warring.  This day that foundation is being refreshed in you.  Receive.  Receive.  I have called you to this place and time to be My warriors.  You carry in you the fullness of My word.  You carry in you the fullness of My Spirit and by My word and My Spirit you will prevail!  The enemy will not be able to overcome what I have said will prevail.  Know this says God.  Know it and know it and know it!!  I am the Victor, and you walk in My victory!!


Seek Me with reckless abandon like never before.  Enter into earnest prayer and intercession like never before.


Let a new sound in intercession and warfare burst out of your belly.  Pray in the Holy Spirit.  This is not a time of being passive, but it is a time of aggressive prayer.  I am bringing you into a place where your going to experience the intensity of My presence.  This is a time I will have you engage the enemy and not run from him.  As you run toward the enemy you will cause fear in the enemy.  It will be like those who heard the crashing of glass in Gideon’s day.  You will dismantle the enemy with your aggressive prayer and declarations by My Spirit.  Release the aggression of My spirit and My word into the earth.


There is a strong impartation of the power of God and His hope in these prophetic words.  Receive a renewing in your heart as you read and reread these words – even read them out loud so your ears can hear what the Lord is speaking.  Let the prophetic word build you up in faith and strength and resilience.


Hebrews 4.12

For the word of God is alive and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints, and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


Romans 10.8

…The word is near you, it is in your mouth and in your heart, that is the message concerning faith that we proclaim.




I am resting upon you and releasing a fresh wind.  I AM that I AM, and I am more than enough.


I am resting upon you today to bring you into My timing.  For the enemies of God have tried to change the times.  I am resting upon you to bring your cadence in alignment to Mine.  I am resetting your DNA, your bones and your blood to align with My timing.  The Lord says, now My river will come through the courts of the Lord, and you will hear the edicts of the Lord ring out throughout the nations.  Where the enemy has brought wrong time, I am reestablishing My timing through My governing word.  This anointing is upon you, so do not think small of yourself.  I will put My words in your mouth as you live your everyday life.  I will cause My river to flow from your belly and that will bring the edicts of the court of the Lord into this city and region.  This is a marked day because I am putting My timing in you.  This will cause you to align to Me and walk in a new way.  Everywhere your foot treads that you are willing to open your mouth and speak the words that I give you will see an alignment of time.


This is the day of healing.  God has opened the floodgates of heaven.  He is calling us to step into our inheritance.  We receive that inheritance in fullness, not just in a measure.  God says, come and see who I am and who I have made you to be.  Do not hesitate and do not wait any longer for I am the God of miracles.  I am who I say I am.


Many have said is this reality.  Is this real?  Who do you say that I am in you?  What is My reality in you?  I am in your heart.  I am the breath that you breathe.  I am life to you.  I have created you.  You are warriors and worshippers to Me.  I call you My glorious ones; so, put your trust in Me.  Step into My grace.  Step into My power.  Step into will.  My grace is abundant in you.  You are the chosen ones that I have declared to be for such a time as this.  This is your reality.  This is grace that I have placed in you.  This is the now.  This is the hour – so progress in Me.  Worship Me.  Honor Me.  Uphold Me.  I AM that I AM is in you!


The Lord says the heaven is open over you and I am ready to pour out My signs, wonders and miracles.  Ask of Me, says the Lord.  Begin to reach up and receive what I am pouring out.  There is an open heaven, so reach up and begin to ask Me and you shall receive.


I am doing new wonders among you.  For you are My chosen generation; a royal priesthood and a holy nation.  Abide in Me as I am in you.  Speak My words.  Declare My voice.  What I speak will come to pass.  Let the suddenlies arise.  Let My grace abound in you; you are ones that are strong and courageous in Me.  You are My children – My loved ones.  Go forth in My authority, in My grace, in My well-being.  Do not be distraught or deterred or held back for the time is now.  There is an open heaven over you.  This is a time of new release and new joy.  Speak My release and speak My joy.  Declare My voice for this is the word of the Lord.


Even as you have come here today, I have come says the Lord.  I have come like never before.  I am in the house with you.  You have come here today for a purpose – My purpose.  The purpose of light in the darkness.  I am speaking My words straight from My throne.  Speaking to you, each one of you.  This is the day that I have made and this is the hour to go forth.  Do not let anything stop you.  I abide in you.  The spirit of anti-Christ is defeated in Me and by My mighty name.


The Lord says, I am power!!  I am power and My power is in you – let My power pulsate through you!  Move out of your comfort zone.  Move out of your head and into the Holy Spirit.  Do not analyze or scrutinize or consider that things must be done a certain way.  My power is an explosive power!  My power is going to blow you out of the old place and into the new.  There is a new dimension and realm of My power that you hear this morning – step in.  You are free to move – you are free to move in My power!


I release you.  Release, release!  I release you today – this is not like any other day.  You are released to go forward.  Be free!  My power and My might are changing you every day.  Each day a little bit more.  Release.  Release yourself.  Release your faith.  Release the life I have given you.


Even as you have been growing little by little, now is the time of acceleration.  Now is the time to see an explosion of My power.  You have been standing firm and fast.  But now I am turning up My power and turning up My fire.  I am turning up who I am on the inside of you.  You are in the midst of a great acceleration.  Receive My acceleration.  This is the power of My might.  And from that you can be strong in Me and as you are strong in Me you will resist the powers of darkness.  You will even begin to push back the powers of darkness in your realm.  You will begin to see the captives set free.  Yes!  The Spirit of the Lord is upon you and He is anointing you right now with a fresh baptism of fire.  Receive My acceleration.  Receive My presence and let it accelerate on the inside.


Everyday you are standing strong!!


I am your hope; so put your hope in Me.  There are many things that you are hoping for in your heart – I say, put your hope in Me I will not disappoint you.  I can do miraculous wonderous things that are beyond what you can think, what you can plan, what you can imagine.  So put your hope in Me.  I will cause those things to come through when there seem to be no way.  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  I am your hope, and I am your way.  I am the truth, and I am your life.  Lay hold of your hope and place it purposefully in Me.  Stir your faith and put your hope in Me.


Is it possible?  Yes, there is an acceleration once again.  Do not fear – God has prepared you for this time and you have what it takes because Christ is in you.  Receive strength, encouragement and impartation through the following prophetic words that were released in the last few weeks.  Rise up in courage wherever you are and see the victory that we have in Christ.  Victory means conquest!  The enemy has been defeated!  We have gained superiority in power and authority by the name and blood of Jesus!  This is real and it is NOW!  Trust the Lord in everything.  Keep your eyes on Him and your ears tuned to His voice.  He never lies!  Jesus is the answer that you are looking for.


TODAY, receive My peace, receive My peace.  You say, but I have Your peace.  I am taking you deeper into Me.  My peace will sustain you and through My peace I will bring forth more joy.  Joy that is unspeakable.  Maintain My peace on the inside of you.  Go deeper into My peace.

Do not be impatient, but wait on Me.  I will not disappoint you.

Who do you say that I am in you?  This is a demonstration of the heart and the mind and the will.  My fullness is in you, so be My demonstration.  Be love.  Be joy.  Be warmth.  Be hope.  Be healing.  Be all that I am in you.  Strength to strength and heart to heart.  Step into My grace and strength.  Step into obedience.

I am the God of more than enough.  You want more?  I have more for you.  I will give you rest and I will give you more than enough.

My word says that My people perish for lack of knowledge.  You lack the knowledge of the completeness of My victory.  When I died on the cross and rose on the third day, I was not resting in those 3 days – I had a work to do.  In those 3 days I descended into the depths of hell.  I defeated satan and his demons.  After those 3 days I showed Myself to satan and he had nothing on Me.  I overcame satan and defeated him.  I have showed you the victory that I won before I ascended into heaven.  I have taken My place at the right hand of Father in heaven.  And I an making intercession for you.  Understand the completeness of My victory.  Comprehend the details of My victory, then take those details and go forth in a mighty way.  My victory is complete.

I sit in the heavens and I laugh at all of the plans of the enemy.  He is defeated.  It is over by the cross.  Put the devil under your feet.  He is under your feet.  Know that the joy of the Lord is your strength.  I release the joy of the Lord upon you.  So rise up and dance and praise because the devil is under your feet – dance upon his head.

Know that in this day deliverance is taking place in your life.  You have been set free from where you have felt limited.  Free from the bondage of time, of finances, of an identity that tried to hold to a small place.  Culture does not define you.  I define you.  I say to you this day that your identity is as a child of God.  The God who created the heavens and the earth.  You are My people, and you are bound to Me.  Do not look at natural things.  It is not about the color of your skin or the finances in your pocket.  It is not about the natural things – what you have achieved or not achieved.  Your identity is in Me.  You are yet to discover how amazing you are because I am an amazing God.  You are stepping into a realm of revelation knowledge that you have not known before.  You are free to be like Me and move like I move.

Your praises have reached Me says the Lord.  This is your finest hour; move forward as you praise.  The enemy backs away as you praise.

This is a time when dry bones in the church are being rattled.  It may look like nothing is happening, but I am rattling the church from the inside out.  Begin to hear and see the dry bones rattling.  The church is rising out of its grave and is coming forth in power and might and strength.  This is a time that I am shaking everything that can be shaken.  I am putting the dry bones together.  My body is rising up in the earth.  It will not be weak, but it will be a strong body by My power.  This is the day and hour of the church and this is the time I have chosen for you to rise up.  So rise up and breathe the fresh breath of Holy Spirit into yourself.  This is a new season for My church!

God is always with us!

My grace is sufficient and My victory at Calvary is complete.  Do not look to your self but look to Me.  See My victory.  I have sent the Comforter to you.  He is the Spirit of Truth and will lead you into all truth.  You will know the truth and walk in the truth.  Come to Me.  Walk in the gifts I have given you.

You are ready.  Stop playing games.  You are ready.  Do not hesitate to do what God has spoken for you to do.

Come to Me.  I am your source.  Do not fall back – but come forward and move forward with Me.  Lift up your eyes and see Me.  This is a time of battle.

Deeper, deeper still.  Deeper, deeper still.  The Lord says go deeper, deeper still.

I am the God of eternal hope that breathes on the dry bones and gives hope.  Today is the day of salvation.

My heart has been reproduced in you.  You say, I see the power and the Lord says there is more.  There is new fire.  A release of new fire.  I am that I am.  Your release is in Me.  Step into My grace and anointing and be.

Come into alignment so you can flow freely.  The Lord says, I want your thoughts to align with My thoughts.  I want to align your mouth and your words to what I speak.  I want to align your heart to My heart.  And I want to align your feet to go where I go.  Yield to Me so I can bring you into My alignment.

I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.  I will blow upon your dry situations and your situations will come alive.  Your situation is not hopeless.  There is life in My breath.  You are My great and exceeding army in these days.  You do not know how much power you have in you.  When you lay hands on the sick, they shall recover because of My breath that is in you.  If you have any dry places, let My breath come into those places.


God is on the move and change is here.  There is change all around us; redefinition surrounds us.  Our loving Father God gives us the Spirit of Revelation through the Holy Spirit to interpret the times we are living in and how to thrive during change.  God’s word assures us that He is speaking, AND we can hear His voice.  We can hear His voice in the midst of many competing voices and narratives.  We have been enabled to hear our Shepherd’s voice as He calls out to us.

The Spirit of Revelation moves us beyond current restrictions, even the restrictions of time!  Whoa!!  How does that work?  When the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of your heart to revelation, you are seeing in the supernatural realm.  The supernatural realm is not confined to time as we are in the natural realm of the earth.  To God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.  In a practical way revelation allows you to pull the future into the now.  What you see in the supernatural realm by revelation you can lay hold of that by faith and release it into current time.  That is speaking those things that are not as though they are.  Speaking revelation (prophetic words) brings a tangible manifestation of what was revealed!  This is one of the ways to bring God’s kingdom into the earth.  Jesus said to pray like this: Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Do not let your mind gloss over this and move on.  Revelation releases a RADICAL dynamic that you enter through the Spirit of God.  Revelation is a game-changer!  Through revelation you can see and discern, giving insight so that you know what to do.

Revelation discloses something that you previously did not know.  Revelation BREAKS OPEN what was concealed but needs to be revealed to advance.  Paul prayed for the Ephesians to receive the Spirit of Revelation.  Revelation changes perspective and unlocks a new dimension of understanding.

Here is wise counsel from the Book of Proverbs for how to live right now, with all that is going on in the world.  The devil wants to bring fear and intimidation.  But God speaks very clearly on how to thrive in these tumultuous times.

I prophesy these words from the Book of Proverbs over you:

With fixed purpose look straight ahead, ignore life’s distractions!  Watch where you are going!  Stick to the path of truth, and the road will be safe and smooth before you.  Fill your thoughts with My words until they penetrate deep into your spirit.  Above all, guard the affections of your heart for they affect all that you are.  Avoid dishonest speech and pretentious words.  Never forget My words.  If you do everything that I teach you, you will reign in life.  Your progress will have no limits when you come along with Me, and you will never stumble as you walk along the WAY.  Let discernment enter your heart.  Guard your life with My revelation-truth.  Do not let your passions get out of hand.  Wisdom pours into you when you begin to hate every form of evil in your life.  For nothing will bring you more joy than following My ways.  Hear a word for every day.  Be rich in righteousness.  A life lived loving God bears lasting fruit.  Truthful words will stand the test of time, but one day every lie will be seen for what it is.  To worship God in wonder and awe opens a fountain of life within you, empowering you to escape death’s domain.  Everything seems to go wrong when you feel weak and depressed.  A cheerful heart puts a smile on your face.  Put your trust totally in God and not in yourself.

Here are excerpts from prophetic words over the last month – receive them, review them, be blessed by them.  The prophetic word is unbelievably valuable and filled with revelation!

The Lord says: Christ is your sufficiency.  Take off your grave clothes – you are wearing the garments of righteousness in Christ.  You cannot wear the old garments and the new garments at the same time.  I make all things new.  Follow Me forward.

I belong to you and you belong to Me.  Together we will go where you have never been.  You will have what you have never had before – together we will establish new territory.  Through you and with you I will do all things.  I will continue to work through you, with you and in you.  As you grab hold of Me by trusting Me, together we will take territory.

You want more of My presence?  I want more of your presence!  I want more of your presence so much that I have put you at My right hand.  As you begin to live from that place you will not draw back from Me.  I take no pleasure in those who draw back.  Many in this last season have drawn back.  Press in by My Spirit and the grace I have given you and you can come closer to Me.  Linger in My presence.  Do not be in a hurry to leave.  See My face and hear My voice.  Yield yourself to Me.  Holy Spirit will form Christ in you.

Give Me your whole heart for I am in you.  Heart to heart, eye to eye, spirit to spirit.  My love is in you.  I am near and I am with you.  Even though you may walk through the valley I am with you.  I have prepared a table before you, My son and My daughter.  I have prepared the way.

The future is now!  Now is the time to fulfill your destiny.  Do not look to the left or the right – this is not a competition.  I have given you gifts.  You are uniquely fitted for this time.  Ask the Lord and He will reveal Himself to you.

For not only am I giving you an ear to hear the sound of the rain coming down, but this is also a time of the former and later rain.  I am giving you eye salve and anointing your eyes.  You will not only hear a sound coming from heaven, but you will see the revival that is coming down – and it is a double portion.  This is a time to allow Me to anoint your eyes and ears.  My rain is coming down and it will saturate and out of it will spring up living waters.  There is a new sound coming.  See revival falling.

I want you to have Me as your first love.  Procrastination leads to deception.  Procrastination is the evidence of not putting Me first in your life.  Do not delay obedience.  Live, move and have your being in Me.  You cannot live in former obedience – live in the obedience that is needed for now.  Give the enemy no place.

As the rain pours down, I have poured out My love upon you.  I am drawing you to Me.  I am enabling you to come to Me.  I am pouring forth great grace.  Receive My love and My grace.  Let your heart be open to My goodness and empower you to obey.

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