Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Prophetic Perspectives

Church was saturated with a prophetic atmosphere on the Sunday after Cross Immersion. The power and significance of the cross of Jesus Christ was fresh and strong in peoples’ minds and hearts. Many had encountered Jesus and the power of His resurrection in a real and personal way at Cross Immersion.

On the back of the Cross Immersion book Pastor Pete shared: “Paul was a pattern for every man and woman in Christ – believers who receive the death and resurrection of Christ by the same flooding experience of grace. This grace is like a mighty River destroying the old man and manifesting the new man in the body and causing believers to continuously bear fruit for God.”

The prophetic words are written out here so you can encounter once again God’s heart and instruction to us as His people in this time. The power of the prophetic words spoken brings transformation shifting us out of the old and into the new. The Lord is changing us from the inside out making us new wine skins to hold the new wine. We will be ones that bear much fruit for His name and His glory.

This prophetic release was on Resurrection Sunday (Listen to the full prophetic release and message on our website

The Lord says I am stirring the waters. I am bringing you out of the old place and into the new, out of the old man and into the new. I am turning the page of your life so move into newness of life. There are new careers, new residences, new revelation, new anointing's, new opportunities. This is a season of transition. There is favor on you to cross over into the new God has for you.

Resurrection is about making old things new. Begin to encounter Jesus in His resurrection life. Allow newness of life to overtake the old. Allow the new to break you out of old mindsets and patterns of destruction. Allow the new to begin to clothe you in His righteousness. Allow the righteousness of God to swell up on the inside of you, filling you with His new life. Receive newness of life in every cell and molecule in your body, even in the core of your being. Receive new resurrection power. This is a new time. It is a time to receive the new. So step into resurrection life for it is My life that is more abundant. I am giving you new life, resurrection life – resurrection power. Receive My breath from heaven for it will fill you with new resurrection life and energize you. It will transform you. Step into My transformation. Step into My glory. Let My presence come into you now and saturate you. Let My new resurrection life fill you and begin to flow out of you. As you offer your thanksgiving and worship to Me it will begin to release the new into you. The old will be taken out and the new will be yours. Receive the breath of Holy Spirit. Let it go deep, as deep calls unto deep. Receive My fullness. Do not pull back. Lift your hands and receive the surge of His glory. Encounter the living word – let it cut off the flesh and rightly divide. Let the river of living water begin to flow.

The prophetic word carries the life of God. Meditate on these words. Hear Holy Spirit speak to you further about resurrection life and the power of the cross of Jesus Christ in you. Allow the truth of what God is saying to sink into your mind and heart bringing transformation.

The prophetic words spoken at Harvest are meant to speak into each one of our lives. God is revealing something specific, giving us knowledge encouragement and strength through what is being spoken. Revelation knowledge allows us to advance, going beyond where we are and where we have been. Revelation knowledge opens our eyes to see in a new way, giving new perspective. Revelation knowledge illuminates the path God has for us to walk.
Prophetic Perspectives
 Here are some of the prophetic words spoken to us during our March 4th Sunday service (you can listen to the full prophetic release and message on our website

Prophetic words spoken to us at Harvest on March 4th
  The Lord says to us:
      I am your reward
      I am your deliverer
      This is your time
      I have given you greater freedom
      There is grace to let go of what holds you in bondage
      Be strong and courageous
      My glory abounds in you
      I am your provision for whatever you need
      Step out of bondage into freedom

Read over these words again, slowly, allowing Holy Spirit to bring revelation knowledge in that area to your heart and mind. Allow the word to work in you and bring to you what God is speaking prophetically over us. As you hear Holy Spirit speak in your heart take hold of what He is saying. Believe it. Confess it out loud.

The prophetic always links us to the new. It takes us BEYOND where we currently are. This is a season for us to GO BEYOND. To “GO BEYOND” is to go into a place that you have not been before. To go beyond breaks the limitations of the last season and the NOW. It is outside of your experience and history. It is a place of stretching and expansion. There are new definitions, new vision and new expectations. Strength, courage and boldness are needed. It is breaking into a new identity not yet known or understood or available before. It is going “deeper still”.

The prophetic words spoken to us on a Sunday during service create an environment for us to step into greater transformation. The Lord says in Jeremiah 29, that He has a purpose and destiny for us, it is to prosper us and bring us into the fullness He has for us. Prophetic words are part of His supply that brings us into the fullness of our destiny. Do not let the prophetic words God speaks to us slip by without receiving their benefit. Prophetic words are given for our benefit.

We are positioned in His presence to hear, absorb and release the prophetic word of the Lord. I declare to you, you WILL hear clearly the word of the Lord. You WILL persevere and break into your God-given identity and purpose for this season going beyond where you have been before.

Part of our prophetic word for 2018 from Dr. David is to be “positioned in prophetic precision”. That means that we are to lean in to hear what is being spoken by the Lord and then position ourselves in agreement, making any necessary shifts or adjustments. This is a time to be aware of how we position ourselves. Another way to say that is: consider what you are agreeing with and what you are speaking. The Lord is saying to speak words of life. We speak life to our city and our nation, life to ourselves and our families, life to our communities and workplaces.

During worship at our February 11 service there was a very strong and clear prophetic word that was released. I have transcribed portions of this prophetic word. As you read it allow your spiritual ears to be open to hear and receive what Holy Spirit is speaking.

“I am your Shepheard. Hear My voice. I am calling you higher and deeper, as deep cries out to deep I am calling you. I am your great reward. Stand. Stand in the authority and promises that I have given you. Stand in stature.”

The Lord asks, ‘How deep do you want to go?’ Open the gates of your heart and allow Me to come in. How deep you will go is up to you. Open up your heart and allow Me to come in and let me reveal Myself. I am filling My church with new wine and forming a new wine skin. You have slowed up; there is a hesitation in some of you. Let Me take you where you have never been before. I am your reward and your recompense as you come deeper. Choose to allow Me to be your reward then there will be no hesitancy. Everyday, choose Me and make me your reward.”

This is a specific word to us at Harvest. Holy Spirit is directing us on what to do and how to do it. The Lord is saying to us that He will take us deeper into Himself. He is saying that the door is open and He is calling us deeper - into deeper relationship. Deeper revelation. Deeper understanding of who He is. Deeper connection. Deeper worship. Increased wisdom and discernment of God will come in the deep. In the deep God reveals His mysteries and gives us supernatural understanding of the times and how to stand. In the deep there is increasing dependence upon the Lord as we lay down our lives and receive His. We shift into greater alignment and become positioned in prophetic precision as we come deeper. Do not hesitate or be afraid. He is our reward.

How do you respond to prophetic words? Paul tells Timothy that the prophetic words spoken over us are to be used to fight the good fight of faith. We do that by believing the prophetic word and speaking it out loud as a prophetic declaration. Declaring what is in the invisible realm until it becomes manifest in us.

Prophetic Declaration:

Lord, I step into deeper relationship with You. You are my great reward. I open my heart and say “yes”. I declare I am in the deep with You and I fully respond to Your call. I receive the new wine skin to contain Your new wine. I let go of hesitation and fear. I choose to believe Your word to me. I do not hesitate. I align myself in prophetic precision - to be accurately positioned for the NOW and the future.

Be expecting. Expect to encounter God in new ways. Expect to see signs that confirm what God is speaking to you. Look in the sky as you go about your day for many times God confirms His word with signs in the sky. Stop and thank the Lord when He gives you signs of confirmation. Acknowledge what you see. If possible, take a picture and keep it as an encouragement. This is how we advance in a practical way from the prophetic word being spoken to the prophetic word becoming real in our lives.

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