Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Prophetic Perspectives



In the prophetic words below God confirms that these are days of confrontation.  Even days of intense confrontation!  But the Lord says that He is with us and in us.  DO NOT FEAR!  No weapon formed against us will prosper.  But when the accuser comes to call you names and intimidate you scripture says that you can refute that accusation.  It is our heritage to say "NO" to the devil's accusations.

We are the redeemed and we say so!  We are covered by the blood of Jesus and made righteous by His blood.  There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!

These are not days to cower and hide because they are days of confrontation.  Absolutely NOT!  No, God is saying I have put My word in your heart and in your mouth.  Speak up!  Declare what is right according to God's word.  Pull God's kingdom into the earth.  We do this by the authority we have in the name of Jesus.  Sin does not have a hold on us – we have been crucified with Christ and no longer live by the leading of the flesh but by the leading of Holy Spirit!  These are the days of His power!  Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world!  That is saying live through the Spirit of God that in you; be Spirit led.  Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all else will follow.

Peter tells us that we have been given EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness – it has been deposited in us by His divine power!  We have been given magnificent promises so that through them we might be partakers of His divine nature, escaping the corruption in the world.  We have been made a royal priesthood and a holy nation belonging to God!  We are not captive to the world systems.  But we are to bring God’s kingdom into the world to bring blessing to all.

Psalm 24 continues to be a strong word from our Father in heaven.  He is saying to open the gates and let the King of Glory come in.  Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord mighty in battle!

Proverbs 19.25 says, "…if you correct a wise man, he will grow even wiser."  This is also a time Holy Spirit is correcting our ways of thinking and how we respond.  Receive that correction and become wiser and more discerning than ever before.  Do not let the narratives of media determine your mindset but bring every thought captive and allow your mind to be renewed by Holy Spirit leading you into truth.

I share this exhortation of scripture above to give context to the times we are living in and to these prophetic words below.

Prophetic Words given at Harvest:

For this is a season of intense confrontation – but know that I have given you Holy Spirit in order that you might be a voice to this generation.  You are well fitted at this time.  Not only have I given you a voice, but I have given you an anointing that breaks every yoke.  For there is no longer a middle ground.  As in the days of Elijah when he called and said if God is God then serve Him.  If the Baals are god then serve them. 

You want the release of the supernatural – the supernatural will be released in the midst of confrontation.  This is a day to be strong and confident.  Be courageous and bold.  Let your voice be loosed to declare My glory and My government.  These are the days of His power!  These are the days of His power!!

My sons and daughters, this is the hour!  It is a time of confrontation.  I am confronting everything that has infiltrated My church that is not of Me.  I am confronting everything that you have allowed to come into your midst that is not of Me.  For I am coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle.  As I begin to raise up a new generation of people of confrontation – you who know their God will be strong and do exploits.  And with the confrontation will come uncomfortableness, but boldness and courage will be upon you My sons and daughters.  A fresh level of boldness and courage as you allow My work in you.  Receive boldness and courage right now!  It is a time to be very bold and courageous.  Step out in a fresh and new way.

For there is an intensity that has arisen in you.  It is an unction of My Spirit.  For My Spirit is unto your spirit.  For My glory has arisen this day – so arise and shine and give God the glory for My destiny will be fulfilled in you.  For My glory shines and leads the way – no darkness or shadows, no resistance shall stand.  For I am the Lord your God in the midst of you.  I am mighty.  Know that this unction is Mine and not of this world.  For there is no surety, for I am the surety.  I am the Light.  I am the Standard.  I am the One who stands within the standard.  For you are chosen this day, so arise and shine for My glory has risen upon you. 

Apostle Ellis Smith prophesied over all of the people at Harvest:  You release apostolic grace in this region.  You are a people who are unique in every sense of the word.  Understand the stature God has given you for this hour to carry out the kingdom mandate.  Get back up on top – something has brought you down.  It has you thinking like people in the world.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  It is in you.  It speaks to the context of our lives.  The flood of the Spirit will force you to higher ground.  Get ready for the flood!  For out of your belly will flow rivers of living waters.  Get ready for the flood!  The flood of glory.  The flood of power.  The flood of anointing.  The flood of deliverance.  The flood of reconciliation.  The flood of redemption.  Let the waters flow – let the waters flow!  Like a mighty river.


In my heart this morning I heard Holy Spirit say that we are privileged by the blood of Jesus. Privilege is a special right or advantage that is only given to a specific group.

His blood speaks for us. And this makes us VERY PRIVILEGED. His blood covers us. Protects us. Gives us power and authority over the works of the devil. His blood is atonement for our sin. We are reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus washes away our sin every time we repent for our unrighteousness. In fact it is through repentance that keeps us positioned to receive the maximum benefit of this privileged life. The blood of Jesus qualifies us to be known as sons and daughters of Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Prophetic-Perspectives-2020-09The blood of Jesus sets us apart and makes us privileged. We receive unparalleled benefits compared to any other so-called privileged group. We are so very privileged that we are transferred out of the domain of darkness into God's kingdom of light. Healing and deliverance come to us, as privileged ones, through the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus shields and protects us from harm. Angels respond to us because of this privilege. The love and goodness of God pour into our lives blessing us again and again.

This privilege none other can compare with!! Unlimited hope fills our heart and we are called living stones belonging to God Himself. We are privileged to be part of the body of Christ – a very exclusive group. Unfathomable favor surrounds us. This favor is an amazing connection that opens doors of opportunity and causes men to like us. This results in being the one chosen to get the job, or the promotion at work, or a raise when the company is not giving raises. All kinds of provision and supply come through this place of privilege. It is amazing!

I love my privileged life. God calls it ZOE life, abundant life. We didn’t earn it or do anything to deserve it. It is given to us because of our privilege. It is an exclusive group that can only be entered into through believing in Jesus Christ and taking Him as Lord of your life. The invitation is open to all to be part of this privileged life. But there is only one access, and that is through Jesus Christ – He is the way, the truth and the life.

In this privileged place God gives you many magnificent promises. One of these promises is a personal mentor called Holy Spirit who comes to teach you and lead you into the fullness of this privileged life. Through the Spirit of God prophecy is released. This is an exceptional privilege because it entitles you to have insight and understanding on what is to come. This allows you to be positioned in the most advantageous way to be blessed in the future!!

Part of Christian privilege - Here are some current prophetic words that will add to your understanding.

Lana Vawser:
Listen past the noise of the pressure the enemy has been placing upon you and HEAR THE SOUND OF THE PROMISE. Hear the sound of the NEW LIFE coming forth. This is the hour! This is the day! This is the moment where that specific promise which the Lord has told you is for now is going to MANIFEST; it is IMMINENT and it symbolizes WAY more than you realize. This promise is a TRUMPET heralding a NEW ERA upon you in your relationship and walk with the Lord, unlocking of a new realm of your destiny...for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

Jane Hamon:
The God of Peace Is Rising Over Chaos! I heard the Lord clearly say these words during a time of prayer: “The God of Peace is rising over chaos!” Isaiah 9:6 declares Christ to be the Prince of Peace. This may evoke a tranquil, happy, calm picture in your mind; however, I believe a more accurate translation of this name, based on the Hebrew word for prince, would be “The Warring Prince of Peace.” He brings peace – shalom – through His strength. A Hebrew scholar said the deeper meaning of shalom is “peace comes when you destroy the authority of chaos!” Wow! Chaos wants to hit us at a personal level financially, in our families, in our health and circumstances. It also wants to hit at a regional or national level to overthrow cities and nations. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the demonic spirits of chaos that are pushing an antichrist agenda, knowing a massive revival is on God's schedule. Romans 16:20 encourages us that “...the God of peace will swiftly pound satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you.” Yes, the God of Peace is rising in this hour, so do not be afraid but engage and contend in prayer, in praise, by prophesying and making decrees. Partner with God in this great victory!

Nothing surprised Jesus

He was prepared and equipped through the prophetic words spoken to Him by the Spirit of God. Jesus knew when to say “yes” and when to say “no”. He was led by the Spirit of God. If Jesus would have ignored the prophetic, He would not have been in sync with the timing and move of God. Through deep intimacy and worship with Father God, Jesus was able to be in the right place at the right time.

We are moving into a new era – everything is unknown. It can be un-nerving, or it can be an opportunity to lay down our lives in surrender to our God. As we yield to Him, He will make our path visible and our walk secure.

Be intentional in what you do, how you spend your time and what you think on. Set your mind on things above – not on the fake news of the day. We are to be purposeful in our actions and reactions. By the Spirit of God, we can be self-controlled, setting right boundaries. We are in a spiritual war. It is time to “gird up your loins” and be ready to run!

From the beginning the Lord has been the possessor of the heavens and the earth, and as we enter this new era, He still possesses the heavens and the earth! Know that He alone is God from the beginning of time!

Prophetic words from July 2020:

For I am the Way and I am the Truth and I am the Life! I have not left you, nor have I forsaken you. For even as My word has said to you: I have a future for you, and I have a hope for you. For I have written books in heaven with your name upon them. So, I say, follow after Me and not the sound of man. Follow after My heart and I will take you into your expected future. I have a future for you that is prosperous. I have a future for you that is glorious and magnificent. Do not believe the lies of the enemy – take your eyes off of circumstances. Take your eyes off of objections. Take your eyes off of the arguments of the world and put your eyes upon Me. You will hear My voice with clarity. And you will know that you know that I am your God and you are My people!

I have made a way for you says the Lord. I have made a way for you and you will not get lost. You will not stumble, and you will not fall down. The Lord says My hand is upon you and I will lead you by My spirit. So, trust in Me! Put your trust in Me. Put your hope in Me. Keep your eyes upon Me. For I am your future. I am who I am. I will prevail says the Lord. So, choose Me! Choose this day whom you will serve. Choose Me!

I have given you My spirit to live within you. Have I not told you that My Spirit will show you things to come? The things that are to come are the books that are written in heaven about you. And you can read the books if you follow hard after My Spirit.

Father open the books of where we are going. Not of where we have been, but where we are going. We step into the future right now – Your future that You have for us. We receive our destinies and supernatural clarity for our future.

Have I not said that I will have a church without spot or wrinkle? Have I not said that you are My church? Even as David faced the lion and he faced Goliath, he said who are you to come against the Lord Jesus Christ! So, I say this is a day that My church is going to arise! I say to you: “Arise!” You may see a lion; you may see a giant; but know that I am greater! For I am the King of kings and Lord of lords. It is time to arise My church. It is time to arise My bride and take back what the enemy has taken from you. For the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Arise! Victory is yours!

Over and over again I have said to you in My word: “Do not fear.” Because I am with you. I am for you and not against you. Again I say, “Do not fear.” Do not fear what others say. Do not fear what others see. Do not fear the circumstance. Because I am with you – I am with you.

I am taking you to a higher place. I am taking you above – not in the midst – but above the circumstances. In Me you rise up. In Me you have authority. In Me you have a place of knowledge and understanding. I am the One who will guide you and lead you into all truth. This is not a day to be dismayed. This is not a day to be confused. This is not a day to be undone by what is around you. But instead, be undone by your awe of Me. My presence is with you and My Spirit is in you. Let this be a day that is not about fear or pain but instead be in awe. Awe and amazement as you watch what I do.

This day I say to you that I chose you – you are My people. I am sending you forth. I go before you and with you and in you. My will, will be accomplished! Heaven is coming and invading earth. My purposes will be achieved. What pleases Me will be accomplished and you are the ones I have chosen. As you walk with Me see my salvation and My deliverance. Fear and pain must go! I am with you.

We are crossing over into a new era. You make us brave Lord! You are the One who has put courage in our hearts. It is not a natural courage but a courage that comes from within.

Be strong! Be strong in the power of the Lord! Receive My strength! Receive My courage! You are about ready to cross over. You don’t know where you are going, but I will lead you. Be strong and very courageous! This is a time to cross over and begin to possess your inheritance. This is a time to receive the blessing of the Lord. To press in and not back down.


The Lord wants ALL of our heart

He is pouring His grace upon on us that we might have whole hearts.  God says, fasten me upon your heart as a seal of fire that will seal you in My love.  Yield everything to the fiery love of God.  God’s love never fails.  The cutting edge of the prophetic is the fiery passionate love of His heart.  Enter and receive God’s love like never before.  In the midst of His love you will find the empowering grace for all that comes in 2020.  Let His love saturate and fill you and let it fill your mouth with His words of life.  Here are some excerpts from our December 29th Sunday service that released prophetic perspective for 2020.

See to it that you do not refuse Him who is speaking (Hebrews 12.25).  This will be a year of cleansing and purifying of hearts.

  • The Lord is going to detox our hearts by going to the very core of our hearts.
  • The Lord is desiring truth in our inner most being (Psalm 51).
  • The pure in heart will see the Lord (Psalm 24).
  • All of the issues of life flow from the heart; hearts needed to be guarded (Proverbs 4).
  • This year focus your eyes on Jesus, for this year we are going to get rid of all the things that encumber us.
The Lord says, "Don’t be focused on all of the tension in the world, be focused on the tension God is stirring in your heart.  As you allow Him to establish you on the firm foundation of Jesus, you will overcome the tension on the outside.  For this is a time you will be either hot or cold, you cannot straddle the fence any longer.  Yes, there is gross darkness in the world but do not lose focus because of the natural things.  The glory of the Lord is rising in you."

Above are some excerpts from our December 29 Sunday service that released prophetic perspective for 2020.  Here we are in July.  The prophetic word released on December 29 was accurate.

Lana Vawser prophesied on May 19, "One of the greatest prayers that you can pray right now is 'Lord tenderize my heart.'  The Lord showed me that in this season the body of Christ will either sit in two positions.  The position of embracing the move of the Lord to bring tenderizing in deeper ways to the hearts of His people, or they will stand in the place of stubbornness before the Lord. I heard the Lord say, 'I am going to shock My people into alignment.'"

Tender hearted means:

  • Soft toward God
  • Pliable in God's hands
  • Responsive to Holy Spirit
  • Desiring righteousness
  • Rightly aligned to the fear of the Lord
  • Able to receive
  • Able to give
  • Able to hear rightly
  • Gentle
  • Kind
  • Able to love
  • Able to hope
  • Able to be filled with the fullness of God

John 14.1, Jesus tells His disciples and He is telling you and me right now: "Do not let your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me."

From Lana Vawser:

I heard the Lord say "I am DEFINING and REDEFINING the season"

The Lord has been speaking for years about Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  We are in this place now where God is doing a new thing, we are in a new era.

In the defining and redefining by the Spirit of God taking place right now, it requires a yielding, the yielding of the flesh, the yielding of mindsets, opinions, agendas, but I saw in this defining and redefining taking place there is such a weightiness of His presence, there is such life that will be found in allowing HIM to shape the season.

Don’t fight against the season by attempting to cling to what was, or what is comfortable because of fear or insecurity.  Take the hand of the Lord and trust Him, for those that yield, embrace and obey, there is a glorious new day rising.  The fruitfulness and anointing on this time of defining and redefining when embraced by His yielded people, will truly be like no other we have experienced.

Things are changing and things are changing rapidly and the Lord is calling His people near, close, into that place of humility and surrender to hear what the Spirit is saying in the DEFINING and REDEFINING.

He is shifting things and changing things in a way that is so significant, so deep, and so unexpected in some ways, but those who hear, those who obey, those who embrace the defining and redefining are going to see a move of God that is unprecedented.

The new wineskins are upon us and the new wine is glorious.  It requires the embracing of the unexpected, walking in deep union and obedience to His specifications and watch His glory manifest.



We have never seen anything like what is happening today.

God defines our future.  He sets times and seasons.  We were made for such a time as this.  His favor is upon us.  He has poured out His grace enabling us to do the impossible.  Take the limits off, says the Lord.  Be strong and very courageous.  Do not grow weary.  Put your confidence in Me says the Lord.  Stay buoyant in your heart.  Circumstances are temporary.  Set your eyes on things above.  See above the circumstances.  Speak from being seated high above all powers and principalities for you are seated with Christ.

Here are some excerpts from prophetic words to help you understand the times and what God is speaking to us.  Be encouraged.

  • I have called you victorious and more than conquerors.  When the wind blows the righteous seed goes where the wind takes it.   The Lord says I have a great heart for the nations.  You are willing ones trained by Me and willing to go.
  • The Lord says that with a mighty thrust I am taking the enemy’s sword and causing his destruction.   He is a defeated foe.   Church be strong and courageous in this time.  I am using you as My own sword.  I have put My word in your mouth and that word is My sword.  This is a day of truly overcoming and breaking forth.  You have been created for this.
  • The Lord says that I am adjusting your vision to see victory.   David saw the victory before he ran after Goliath.  See the mountain that is before you – see the enemy already defeated.   I am adjusting your vision and you will run after your enemy like David.  I am causing you to see the victory.   Do not be passive.  Victory is NOW!  Have aggressive faith that says the enemy is defeated.  Your victory is not coming – it is already here through the cross.  Your victory is NOW, so rise up and run.  Declare what I have already done, for I have given you the victory.  You have overcoming faith.  Rise up now!   I am shaking you out of complacency and stagnancy.   No longer wait and see.   Go and possess the land with aggressive faith.  See your victory and run toward your victory.  Run with the eyes of faith – your victory is in the blood; it is in the cross.   Go and enforce the victory that has already been won.   Go in aggressive faith.  Let faith roar and charge forth in victory.  Receive your victory.   It is yours!
  • God says, there is an outpouring of abundance.   New doors have been opened.   The land is green.   A new grace has been released.  The blessing is here.  There is an overflow.  Abundant favor.   It is a new level.  The nations will come to you.  They receive answers from your lips.  Move with the speed of the Holy Ghost.  You are favored.
  • You are being called back into alignment says the Lord.   It won’t be long. I am going to do it at the speed of a freight train.   You will either be on or off.  This is a time of grace to come into a new level.  This is a time of outpouring.   Hear the voice of Holy Spirit and move when He says to move.   You are becoming new wine skins in your consecration.   I am giving you prophetic clarity, opening your eyes of understanding and your heart of faith.

This is a prophetic word from Lana Vawser that is very relevant to understanding where we are and what to do:

The Lord says I am training you in faith in greater ways and in your decree so that you can carry what I am going to release.  Too many people are being led by their soul and not their spirit.  It is time for the ferocious focus of faith.  There is a fire coming within you that is going to raise your faith to an incredible level.  I am imparting a gift of faith to many in this new era.  This will change the whole way you do life.  I am awakening by My Spirit and I am shaking things up.  I am coming as the Lion of Judah to ROAR over your life and to awaken you to who you are and to who I am.  And in that place where you encounter me and the ROAR of My authority you will not be the same.  This fire will come up from within you.  Then you will say, I am not satisfied, and I will not live like this anymore.  I am the One who writes your story.  The script is changing.  The enemy has tried to write your story.  But I am writing your story.  I say this is who you are.  Before you were formed in the womb this is what I wrote about you.  I will give you revelation of what is written in the books of heaven over your life.  I will show you what is to come for your life.  Where the enemy has tried to write your story is going to lose its power.  I am releasing an infusion of faith in your heart to run with Me in ways you have not run before.

An exhortation from me:

Aggressive faith is rooted in the fear of the Lord.  It is an attitude of the heart.  It is a lens we see through.  Aggressive faith is filled with dynamic force that pushes against and overwhelms any resistance.  There is supernatural power in faith that can remove mountains.  This kind of faith cannot be stopped.  Circumstances cannot shut this faith down.  Fierce aggressive faith is filled with courage – strength to advance, to withstand pressure, not overpowered by circumstances and brands you as unstoppable.  Miracles flow out of ferocious faith. Ferocious faith defines the future.  Fierce aggressive faith is intense, strong and powerful.  It is confident and focused.  Fierce aggressive faith has the sound of the Lion of Judah.  Fierce comes from the Latin word “ferus” which means strong, proud, dangerous and ready to ROAR.  This faith has a roaring sound that terrorizes the enemy.  Step into this new dimension of aggressive faith that God is releasing in this new era.  It is a dimension beyond what we have experienced and been part of.  Fierce aggressive faith creates an environment where the enemy cannot exist.  The decrees and declarations that come out of this dimension of faith bring God’s kingdom and His will into a place establishing a new order.


Prophetic Perspectives - 03-2020The prophetic words that God speaks to us are filled with revelation.  God is revealing and communicating knowledge and understanding so we know how to move forward.  Prophetic words and prophetic insight give context to what is going on in the world around us.  The revelation that God imparts in our hearts allows us to see through His eyes.  Strategies come through revelation, illuminating the path to take; which way to turn, how to engage circumstances and where breakthrough is.  Psalm 16 says that God will make known to us the path of life!!  This is a powerful promise!  This means that THERE IS A WAY THROUGH EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE AND SITUATION.  It means that God will bring clarity where there is confusion.  Just like the Bible says in the beloved 23rd Psalm, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…He leads me in the paths of righteousness.  Through the prophetic God will reveal to us the right thing to do in all situations.  He will give us right understanding.  Not understanding that comes through culture or the intellect, but eternal understanding – meaning His perspective.  Through His perspective we will see the path of life and victory.

Read these prophetic words released in the last few weeks and let the power of God’s revelation illuminate His path of life set before you.  David said, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  God’s prophetic revelation is very practical – it gives answers, context and strategies for your real life situations and circumstances.  Don’t read this with some religious mindset that makes prophetic understanding unattainable.  That is not how God works.  God is real, and He communicates to us in language we can understand and apply in our lives.  God sets times and seasons.  He gives us understanding and revelation of how He is moving so we can benefit from moving with Him.

Receive these practical directives that came through the Prophetic Words spoken:

Return to the simplicity of My strategies in this hour.  For if things seem complex it is because that thought has come from your intellect and not from My Spirit.  So, I say to you return to the simplicity of My strategies for the prism of truth to you is to put everything to the light of My presence.  In My presence everything will be sorted out as to whether it is righteous or unrighteous.  I would say to you this day, it is always important to have an ear to hear Me.  I am always streaming live telling you My truth, encouraging your heart – so know Me in the very depths of your heart.  This is a time to be truly led by My Spirit.  Do not be led by your emotions.  Do not be led by your intellect.  Do not be led by your partisanship.  Do not be led by your prejudices.  Do not be led by your flesh.  But be led by My Spirit says the Lord.

The simplicity is He is in your heart.  He says not only will I be with you, but I will be in you.  Open the eyes of your heart that you might see.  Jesus is not only in you, but He is revealing Himself to you.

I have given My presence to you, My life.  You are My sons and My daughters.  You are more than welcome in My presence, so come to Me bold and zealous.  Come to Me hungry and full of desire, thirsting for more of Me, more of Me.  I will renew your heart and your mind.  I will fulfill the calling upon your life and the desires in your heart that I have placed within you.  More of Me is what you have cried – this is your battle cry.  My presence is for you.  My life is for you.  Breathe me in and touch My heart.  See the blood as it covers you and know Me.

I have opened the heavens says the Lord.  And even as I have opened the heavens, I am opening your heart.  Open your hearts to Me and let Me come in.  For many will see My glory and feel My power.  My glory and power will start to flow through you to the nations say the Lord.  I am opening your hearts to fresh revelation of Jesus.  As you open your hearts you will be the manifestation of My glory and a Firstfruit.  I am opening fresh revelation of who I am says the Lord, and what I am about to do so you are not caught off guard.  There is an open heaven of revelation and wisdom.  Receive the abundance of My grace and believe.  The Lord says, cry out to Me, cry out to Me and I will respond to your hunger.  You have allowed Me to put My hunger in your hearts.  Cry out and I will satisfy your hunger.  Ask for more and more againCry out with hunger.

Discern this morning that here has been a different element in your atmosphere.  That element is My presence in a new dimension.  I am pressing My face into your atmosphere and into your heart in a new wayEven as you cry out for the more – lift your head and see Me, for I am coming for a face to face encounter with you.  You are My people of intimacy and great desire.  So do not fearDo not turn backDo not hold backMy presence is coming closer.  I am coming in your midst in a greater dimension and demonstration.  But do not fear.  Do not turn away.  Press your face to Mine.  I will reveal My glory and beauty in a way that will undo you.  I will speak into your heart and reform you for this season and time.  My hand is upon you with My favor and grace – receive.  You have pleased Me as my people.  Do not fear for great change is coming.

These are the encounters you have pressed for – more of Me and less of you.  These are the face to face encounters.  For such a time as this I have placed you upon the earth.  For you are resilient ones, ones that have been fashioned into My image.  My glory shines upon you.  Face to face.  Spirit to spirit.  Heart to heart.  Eye to eye.  See Me as I see you.  Encounter My voice.  Breathe me in.  A fresh anointing has been released upon youYou are strong and courageous in Me.  You are warriors and this is your time.  The King is here.

I am expanding your capacity to receive
.  I am expanding your capacity to receive.  I am enlarging your boundaries to receive My Spirit.  I am expanding your boundaries to receive My fullness.  So, open up your heart to Me – receive, believe.  Open your heart to Me and you will see your capacity is increasing.  Your spirit man is increasing as you open your heart to Me.  I will hold nothing back – believe and receive.

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