Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Christian Adventures - Kevin & Leslie McNulty


Christian Adventures International - Dr Kevin & Leslie McNulty - Russia and the World. Their Moscow based ministry includes Evangelist Training Center, Tent Outreach Evangelists, Global Evangelist Training, book printing and TV Outreach.


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As we enter the home-stretch before our landmark November launch of #TentNation USA - 50 states, 50 tents, 50 teams campaign, we are grateful for our faithful partners! Our Daytona launch is just around the corner and as we march toward November 9-18, the importance of partnership and teamwork cannot be over-emphasized. We are so appreciative of the resources you have planted into the Kingdom through Christian Adventures and we recognize clearly that without the faithfulness of the Lord and faithful partners like you, this vision would be undoubtedly never be fully realized. We have set a high goal for America with 50 states, 50 tents, 50 teams! We see this as a God-birthed vision and not a mammoth undertaking. As we recruit representatives, churches, volunteers, hands, hearts skills and resources from all 50 states, we appreciate you continuing to stand with us and march forward alongside us. Administrative teams leaders and state coordinators with strong administrative leadership skills are being recruited along with ushers, volunteers, logistics manager and practical ministry helpers. As we extend recruitment invitations to a range of group leaders-we expect the Lord to draw in the supply of every need. 


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