Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Feed The Hungry - Stefan Radelich


Feed The Hungry - Stefan Radelich - the World. Founded by missionary statesman Dr. Lester Sumrall (1913–1996) in 1987 to respond to God’s challenge, “That my church in the third world does not die of hunger before I return.” This ministry is three fold: emergency food for hungry believers around the world, encouraging pastors worldwide to build and strengthen the local church, and evangelistic campaigns. The sick healed and the oppressed set free in the Name of Jesus!


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Pray for Feed the Hungry to feed and minister to 250,000 children by the end of the year. This means we'll need to welcome 70,000 more boys and girls into the Every Child, Every Day feeding program in the months ahead. We also want to step up sustainable farming programs to increase their yields. This leads to improved health and development for previously malnourished families and better educational attendance and achievement for their children. Your support will also help increase outreach programs and provide evangelism training and resources for Feed the Hungry. 


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